Sunday, 30 June 2013

What's In My Handbag?

The wonderful people over at (here) are curious to find out what the average person has in their handbag and how much it is worth. MoneySupermarket actually estimate that the average ladies handbag (including the bag itself and the contents within it) is worth over £850. Therefore, they are running a competition where us bloggers show them what's in our handbag, how much it all amounts up to and in return we could win a luxury prize from Mulberry consisting of a Bayswater handbag, a purse and a phone cover in the colour of our choice! Six lucky runner-ups will also win a £25 ASOS voucher! If you would like to enter this competition, full details about how to enter and the prize can be found here

One of my weaknesses in life is designer handbags. I just love them and I can waste a fair amount of time watching designer handbag unboxings and what's in my bag videos on YouTube. When I found out about this amazing competition that's being held by MoneySupermarket, it's safe to say that I got a little lot excited! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will probably know that I am actually thinking about getting a Mulberry Bayswater so this competiton is perfect for me! It only made sense that I entered!!

I have never shown you all what I carry around with me on a day to day basis so this generous competition has given me the perfect excuse to do so. I am currently carrying around my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in Monogram and I absolutely love it! This bag is most definitely my baby, I've had it for just over a year now and it's staring to Patina nicely.

Louis Vuitton Speedy's only have one pocket inside them. Therefore, the main part of the bag is just a wide open space that can fit a lot inside it! A lot of Louis Vuitton fans refer to the inside of a Speedy as being like a 'black hole' because it's so wide and open and this is what often puts people off the bag. I don't mind the way that the bags designed, personally, I really like it.

Inside the main section of the bag...

- Radley Key ring attached the D ring located inside bag (pictured above): Around £20.00
- Louis Vuitton Speedy 35: £520.00 (current retail price)
- Louis Vuitton Small personalised Lugage Tag: Around £40.00 (current retail price)
- Purple Base Shaper: Came inside a free Vera Wang perfume GWP bag
- Silver Heart Oyster Card Holder: Primark £1.50 with £10 on Oyster
- Carex Hand Gel: £1.45
- Pink Umbrella: M&S around £10.00 (actually my auntie's, not mine)
- Black Tigger Umbrella: Disney Store £18 (price based on the current selling price, as this was bought years ago)
- Dolce & Gabbana glasses: Purchased last year for £190
- Blue inhaler for Asthma: £7.85 (current charge for a prescription in the UK)
- Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses: £120.00
- Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses: £190.00
- Purple Harrods Purse: £20 with £40 cash inside
- iPhone 5 headphones and white iPhone 5 (not pictured as this it what I used to take the pictures): £529.00

Inside the one and only pocket that's inside the Speedy...

- Strawberry Carmex: Primark £2.00
- YSL Sheer Candy No4: Debenhams £24.50
- Random bus tickets and receipts
- 1 Ibuprofen and 1 Zantac tablet
- Strip of Ibuprofen (given to me by my mum)
- Strip of Rennies (from a pack of 72): £5.29
- Small sterling Silver pill box: £20
- Memory stick: Around £10 (only a small memory one)
Loose change: £1.07

SUB TOTAL (including bag) = £1772.81

I do have the receipts, an extra umbrella and an extra pair of sunglasses in my bag that I don't actually need. However, this is a true representation of what's actually in my bag. I didn't clear it out before I took these pictures. I hate it when people do that because it's not actually showing what's in their bag! I am quite a tidy person when it comes to my bag because I like to look after my Louis! Although I am a beauty blogger, I don't carry around a makeup bag with me. This may be surprising to you considering I love makeup, but I just cannot be bothered carrying around spare makeup and touching up my face during the day. I just wear makeup that lasts!
I hope that you have enjoyed having a nosey at what's inside my bag! If anyone has any questions about anything that's inside it or would like me to do a review of my Speedy 35 please leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

A big thank you to for giving a lucky blogger the chance
to win three amazing Mulberry prizes and good luck to everyone else
who has entered!!

Twitter: @PurpleElll
Instagram: Elysia_JW

Don't forget that if you want to enter this competition, your entry must be emailed to them by midnight on Monday 1st July 2013. Full details about the competition and where to send the email too can be found here.


  1. Great post - love your bag and sunnies :)

  2. SO jealous of your bag! Its shocking to see the price of our contents sometimes because I'm so care free with mine. Although, I have a collection of lipsticks evolving! xx - beauty - fashion

    1. I had no idea the contents of my bag would add up to so much! It's insane to think I'm carrying around just under £2,000 on my arm! I've always been really careful with my bags and been aware that people purposely pick pocket and steal handbags. I never really understand why they would do such a thing but I guess I do now ... Handbags are so valuable, whether they're designer or high street! xx

  3. Wow, you have expensive contents in your handbag, LOL! Now I understand what a handbag insurance is for, LOL! Keep up the good posts!

    1. Haha, it's surprising what us women carry around in our handbags! T be honest, before doing this post inspired by Mkney Supermarket, I didn't know a handbag insurance existed!! Glad you're enjoying the posts, thank you :)