Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Summer Loving - Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

With tomorrow set to be the hottest day of the year, I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to share with you my favourite sunglasses. England has been receiving some glorious sunshine for the past few weeks and tomorrow it's set to get hotter. If you know me then you will know that I absolutely love my designers and sunglasses are no exception! Every time we hit summer, it's the perfect opportunity to get a new pair of stunning shades! I was fortunate to receive these back in April as a congratulations present for getting a new job (you can see a haul post featuring them here) and I have been wearing them ever since. To me they're absolutely perfect and just the style of glasses that I wanted for Summer 2013.

The packaging of these sunglasses is really nice and I love that they came inside a case that was within a box. When you are paying for higher end products, it's nice to have that extra touch. The box and sunglasses case itself are good quality and the case is really sturdy. This case is on is on the larger side of cases (for instance, it's bigger than my Ray Ban case) but this doesn't bother me. It isn't really an issue for me because I carry pretty large handbags (mainly a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 and a Mulberry Bayswater) but if you prefer to carry a small handbag this case may take up too much room. However, within the Dolce & Gabanna box (pictured above), there is a small black pouch provided that could be used to store your glasses in...but if you're anything like me, you will want them to be well protected inside a hard case. Also, within the sunglasses case itself there is the authenticity card, information and the warranty for the glasses.

I find that these sunglasses are to die for. As soon as I seen them I fell in love and couldn't believe it when I was bought them as a gift. I have wanted to try cat eye shaped sunglasses for so long but worried that they wouldn't suit my face shape. I was over the moon when I tried them on. I find this shape to be very flattering on my face and I feel nice wearing these because they're not extremely cat eye shaped; they're rather subtle. Although the sunglasses have animal print on the sides, they are definitely not hard to wear. I find their black and white design looks super chic and enables you to wear these with absolutely anything. They also remind me of Kourtney Kardashian as she is a big fan of cat eye sunglasses and I love her! These glasses are very Kourtney.

Like most sunglasses, these are made from plastic but do not feel flimsy. The plastic is good quality, thick and does not move or bend in anyway shape or form. These glasses are completely sturdy but of course they should be because they weren't cheap! Although my face isn't huge, it is pretty big and so I don't tend to suit small sunglasses. Luckily for me, these have a large lens and suit my face perfectly. However, someone with a small face may find that they do in fact look like a fly when they wear these!

I also suffer from Migraines and often the sun can trigger them so when my head is sore and my eyes are hurting it's vital that I have a pair of sunglasses on that shield my eyes from the suns harsh rays. As you may be able to see from the picture, the lens of these sunglasses is a gradient and the further up it goes the darker it gets. The lens ranges from a light grey at the bottom to being almost black at the top. Also, in the sunshine it's extremely important that you are wearing a pair of sunglasses than can protect you not only from the light thrown off by the sun but from harmful the rays it gives off. You only get one pair of eyes and should therefore protect them! This pair of sunglasses was listed as being a category 3 which means that it protects from and blocks out everything! Should I want to, whilst wearing these, I can look into the sunlight and I don't have to squint.

I have worn these sunglasses a lot over the past few months and they always look great. I am seriously impressed with Dolce & Gabbana eye wear and I actually own a pair of ordinary glasses from the brand which are also of amazing quality (both glasses and sunglasses were featured in a recent 'Whats in my bag' post here)! These glasses were quite pricey but you definitely get what you pay for. We are planning a family holiday abroad next year and of course that means a new pair of sunglasses! I don't know which ones I will go for yet as summer 2014 is quite a way away but I know I will be taking these with me!

What has been your most worn pair of sunglasses this summer?

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Sleek Face Form Palette - Review

We are having some amazing weather here in England so I thought this was the perfect time to review an amazing palette that will give you healthy looking sun kissed skin in an instant. It seems that we have all been loving the weather and spending hours in our gardens soaking up the sun. I love it when it's sunny because everyone seems to be in a good mood and the birth of the Royal Baby seems to have added to the good mood that the nation seems to be in recently... Speaking of the royal baby, how cute is Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge?! (or Baby Cambridge as he has became affectionately known by us Brits). I was absolutely hooked to the TV watching all of the media coverage and although I'm not a huge fan of the Royals I absolutely love Prince William and Kate. I think they're marvellous, along with Prince Harry! I just hope that now the media storm surrounding the birth of Prince George will die down and the couple can enjoy raising their first child privately and without feeling as though they're living in a fish bowl!

Anyway, enough of me gushing over how cute the Royal Baby is and back to the actual purpose of this blog post; a review of the Sleek Face Form palette!

Sleek Face Form Palette in Light 373 - £9.99


I'm not going to lie, I have been absolutely loving bronzer recently and the thought of having three face products in the one palette was appealing to me! I am forever having to squish my makeup bag to fit it into my suitcase when travelling to and from London so anything compact is much appreciated by me!

Bronzer: The number one thing a bronzer should be is matte (no one wants a glittery contour going on do they!?) and this Sleek bronzer is in fact matte! When you look at it in the palette it does look a little too dark to be 'light' but it sheers out when it is applied and blended onto the skin. If you're familiar with Hoola by Benefit, this bronzer is just a touch darker than that. Hoola is a rather dark bronzer anyway but pale girls don't worry about using this! A small amount of product, light handed application and lots of blending leave you looking like a contoured sun kissed goddess! 

Highlighter: Again, highlighter is another thing that I have really been getting into these past few months and I think it totally transforms a persons face. I'm becoming such a fan of contouring and this highlighter is lovely. It can be applied in a subtle way or really built up to give a lovely 'glow'. Sometimes, highlighters can contain a little too much glitter or be chunky but this one is wonderful and is rather fine. I really like the effect it gives and I quite like the highlighted look. 

Blusher: There is absolutely nothing wrong with this blusher what so ever; I just don't like the colour! I'm not really into the whole peach/coral blush hype so I most probably won't be using this product (I could have just bought the Sleek Contour Kit that contains only the bronzer and the highlighter but I was looking for that and Superdrug didn't have one as they'd sold out. That's how I ended up noticing this one and buying it!). I'm not 100% sure whether or not the photo is showing this but there are slight gold glitter undertones to this blusher (don't worry these don't know when applied onto the skin it just gives that glowly effect).

All of these three products are lovely to work with and are super blend able. They're pigmented and last well on the skin! They're contained with a small palette that can fit in the palm of your hand and therefore will easily slot into your makeup bag. I love the matte black packaging and it does remind me of the NARS packaging slightly. I don't think this is heavy duty packaging though as I dropped it and it broke so the lid doesn't open and close as it usually would. Also, when I was tapping excess product off of my bronzer brush the blush shattered and a large section of it came away ... Although this is probably my own fault because I was butter fingers and dropped the palette!!

Have you tried the Sleek Face Form palette?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Balmi Lip Balm - Review

I have been wanting to try one of these lip balms forever and when I noticed a fellow beauty blogger (I cant remember who it was) post something saying that they were available in Tesco I made a mental note that I had to look out for them next time I was shopping. I know that many people say Balmi and EOS lip balms are similar but unfortunately I've never tried anything from EOS so I can't compare them. I know that EOS is readily available in the USA and that we can purchase their products in the Harvey Nichols Beauty Mart but I have never visited; despite living in London.

I was so excited to pick one of these up and although my Tesco only had the Strawberry one available, I wasn't disappointed because this is the flavour I wanted. I am forever buying lip products because I always have sore lips. They're often flaky, sore and sometimes they split. It was only a few months ago that my doctor told me that I actually suffer from eczema on my lips (although it sounds a little weird, yes, it is possible to have eczema there). I asked of there was anything he could prescribe or recommend and he said Vaseline is the best thing to use. I wasn't impressed to say the least, I'm not the biggest fan of Vaseline...

The packaging of the product is really cute and I love the fact that it's a little cube (this is the new packaging, the old packaging was round like the EOS ones). The top screws off (as shown in the picture below) and it's perfect for on the go application. The cube shaped packaging doesn't make the product at all bulky and it's perfect for popping inside your makeup bag, handbag or in a pocket. There is also a small black chord attached to the product that means you can attach your lip balm to your phone, keys or maybe even handbag.

The balm itself feels really nice on the lips and doesn't feel greasy at all. I like to apply a good layer of this before I go to bed so it has all night to soak into my lips. I always wake up with lips that feel super soft. Applying the balm is really easy as it's shaped like a pyramid and glides on perfectly

This Balmi balm cost £4.99 from Tesco and I don't think it's a bad price. I have been using this balm and applying a good layer of it since I bought it in April and it still hasn't ran out. Fair enough, the product is no longer the pyramid shape and is just flat but there's still a lot left. If you divide the price by the amount of times I have used it, this product is great value for money!

Don't get me wrong, this lip balm makes my lips feel nice but I don't think that it's going to become my holy grail lip balm. I most definitely will buy another one when it runs out because it does soften my lips; just not as good as my Carmex does! I think this lip balm would be perfect for someone who likes a long lasting lip balm to use during the day, likes to apply a good layer of something to condition their lips over night, likes cute packaging and doesn't require a medicated lip product for problematic lips. 

What do you think of the Balmi balms? 

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dior Birds of Paradise Collection, Summer 2013

The Dior Birds of Paradise collection was released a few months ago and is the luxury brands makeup collection for Summer 2013. As soon as I seen it, I was in love. The collection consists of beautiful lip colours, blue/green shades of nail varnish, pink and coral bronzer/blush duos and of course a stunning black handled makeup up brush with bright pink natural fibre bristles - oh my!

As soon as I seen the brush, I was sold. The price was a little extremely off putting as it was quite pricey. I didn't think that I could justify paying the price tag and a lot of you agreed with me. However, whilst I was shopping with family in London a few month ago (you can see what I bought here) I spotted the brush in Boots and I went straight over to it! It was absolutely stunning but I walked away from it. Then again in Selfridges, whilst my auntie was at the Dior counter, I spotted the brush again. I couldn't resist feeling the bristles and commenting on how beautiful it was. Both my mum and auntie told me treat myself to it but I said no although really I as like I want it; I WANT IT!!

I was still going on about the brush when we got home and I had some money left over so thought I'd get myself it. I'm so happy I got it! I ordered the brush from Feel Unique one Sunday afternoon and the following Wednesday my beautiful new brush arrived; along with 3 sample products. Thank you Feel Unique! 

Isn't it stunning!

Of course, the main thing that attracted me to this brush was the bright pink bristles. They're made of natural hair and therefore are best used with powder products rather than cream ones. Dior market this brush as being a blusher brush but personally I think it's a little too big for use with blusher, bronzer or even highlighter. I think this brush is best used as a powder brush and this is what I use it for - I shall explain why, a little further on down

The photo's (above and below) are showing the true colour of the bristles. They're a stunning colour and the brush is unlike anything I've seen before or have in my collection. Considering the brush is made of natural fibres, it is really soft; I love feeling it. I have quite a few MAC brushes that are natural and I definitely prefer the feel of the Dior bristles. The bristles are soft, do not feel scratchy on your face, pick up a nice amount of product, feel amazing quality and of course they are pink! Although some say they are red.

The handle is also absolutely stunning. There is just something about a black handled brush that attracts me. Dior have crafted this brush handle out of wood and it's just beautiful. The black handle combined with the silver ferrule really sets off the colour of the bristles. I have never had a Dior brush before but I am really impressed with this one. I also love that the handle is matte with the silver Dior embossed in the middle. 

This brush is most definitely suited to being a powder brush; the natural bristles splay out slightly and cover a wide surface area. The typical blush brush is smaller in size when compared to this brush and designed to be used for controlled application. This brush wouldn't deliver controlled blush application as it's too big. However, the fact that the bristles are loosely packed together means that the brush is perfect for the light application of powder. This brush works wonderfully with something such as a pressed or a loose powder designed for setting makeup in place. The loosely packed bristles means that the brush creates a flawless light coverage and I love it! 

Of course in typical Dior and high end fashion,
the brush came in it's own velvet pouch.

As I have already said, this brush is expensive (it retails for £43) and therefore is not a must have thing. However, if you're a lover of pink, Dior fan, high end makeup lover or just quite simply a brush magpie; this brush is likely to appeal to you! For me, the charm of this brush only drew me in properly when I seen it in real life and you can just feel it's quality when you use it. I have used this brush a few times now and although I haven't yet washed it I am pleased to report that it hasn't lost any bristles all over my face.

Have you bought anything from the Birds of Paradise collection?

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Friday, 12 July 2013

L'Oreal Super Liner BlackBuster - Review

Over the years I have tried numerous different eyeliners and have tried everything from a Kohl pencil, to liquid liner and then finally to gel liner. I have probably been wearing eyeliner for around 6 years and it is always something I have in my makeup bag. Despite hearing good things about them, I have never tried one of the L'Oreal liquid liners. As you will know if you read my June haul post (here) I picked up this eyeliner in Boots when they had their buy 2 get 3rd half price offer on a while ago.

I'm not really a fan of flicked out eyeliner because I don't think it suits me. Instead I just prefer to have a plain line that follows my natural lash line. Up until around a month ago, I used to wear a line of eyeliner that was slightly thicker but over the past few months I have been suffering with small patches of eczema at the outer corners of my eyes. I know, I probably shouldn't be wearing eyeliner but I just look so young without it and I wanted something that wouldn't be as stubborn to remove as my Maybelline gel liner.

I'm not going to lie, I looked at this eyeliner and dismissed it straight away. It just looks so big that I thought the line it produced would be way too thick for me and how I like to wear my liner. It was actually my auntie would told me to just get it because it would be classed as our third item and would therefore be half price and cost £3 something instead of the usual £6.99. Bargain!

When I first got this liner home and took the lid off, I didn't know how I was going to use it and just put it in my makeup bag. I pulled this out about two weeks ago and I have been wearing it a lot since. The nib of this eyeliner actually really reminds me of a Sharpie marker pen and I find it really easy to use. The nib is nice and wet and I find the liner easy to control. Although the nib is like something you'd expect to see on a marker pen, you can achieve a number of different lines that vary in thickness. The bottom of the nib is more rounded and full which can be used to create a thicker line whereas the top of the nib is more defined and to the point so it perfect at creating much thinner lines.

I have seen a few mixed review of this eyeliner but so far I really like it. I picked it up in Super Black (which I believe is the only colour that is available at the moment) and I find it really easy to apply. On the other side of the packaging, it also says that this liner is a long lasting formula. I haven't had any issues with this eyeliner smudging at the outer corners of my eyes or even smudging to below my lower lash line (a problem a experienced with my Lancome Kohl pencil may years ago) so I have no complaints about how it lasts. Although the liner does have a slight smell it isn't too overpowering and doesn't transfer to the skin. This liner hasn't aggravated my eczema patches and it is much much easier to remove than a gel formula. 

The only slight issue that I have (and the reason for why there are number of negative reviews on this eyeliner) is that the pigmentation isn't wonderful when applied onto the skin. As you can see from the photo above, this liner looks as though it is going to be really black but it isn't. When I first applied it, I was a little disappointed with the colour pay off of this. I like my eyeliner to be a true black and have a glossy finish whereas this provided me with an uneven slightly black colour. However, don't dismiss this eyeliner just yet as I have a solution to this ... Apply a second coat! I find that applying a second coat makes this eyeliner considerably more black and therefore it just looks better close to my lash line. 

Wearing the eyeliner
(apologies for this not being the best picture and for the awful mascara,
my eyelashes weren't doing what I wanted them to and I
took this picture in a rush)

I really like this eyeliner and I find it so much easier to apply when I am in a rush. I find my gel liner takes me ages to apply whereas I just swipe two coats of this and I'm good to go. It lasts all day, it looks nice, it doesn't aggravate my sensitive eyes and it gives a nice colour. I'm glad I picked this up. If you're thinking of picking this up, don't let the size put you off!

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Monday, 8 July 2013

New Bag Reveal - Mulberry Treats

If you know me in person, follow me on Twitter, Instagram or have been reading my blog for a while; you will know that I am a little bit extremely fond of designers and especially handbags. Handbags are what I am drawn to most because I just love them. If I could afford to have a new one every month for a year the rest of my life then I would! I love them!!

On Friday I was absolutely spoilt rotten and was taken into Mulberry. I have had my eye on the bag that I picked up for a while but always worried that it looked a little too 'mumsey' and wouldn't suit me. However, recently this bag has been catching my eye and I have been obsessed with it.  would look on the Mulberry website all the time and around two weeks ago decided that I was finally going to get one!

You might be wondering why I have two Mulberry shopping bags but that is because I was bought two things. I have never had anything from the luxury brand before but have looked on the website and drooled over their leather goods plenty of times! I picked up a Natural Leather Bayswater in Oak and a Glossy Goat iPhone case in the stunning Mulberry Pink colour. It's a gorgeous Fuchsia colour and the bag is out of this world. I'm in love and one very lucky (and extremely thankful) girl.

(The thing bobble you can see in the middle of the bag is the stuffing -
the bag came inside the dust bag and was stuffed with tissue paper
so it kept it's shape. There is no mark there, when the stuffing it taken out)

The girls in the Mulberry store I went to were absolutely lovely and were super helpful. Sometimes, sales assistants in luxury brand stores can be really rather snotty but this wasn't the case with the Mulberry girls. When it came to choosing my bag she brought a selection up for me and that enabled me to choose the one I liked the most. I didn't feel pressured into making the purchase at all, it was a really pleasant experience. I absolutely loved this iPhone case and the fact that it's bright pink means I will be able to find me phone so easily inside my bags. I had to travel back on the train with my presents so asked if they could put my bag in a box for me. Unfortunately, I was told that Mulberry only do boxes at Christmas time which I wasn't too bothered about as they packaged it up really nicely. It still would have been nice to have a box though.

I'm very happy with the things I received and they really were a treat which I am over the moon with. They smell absolutely amazing and I can't stop sniffing them (slightly weird I know but if you own anything Mulberry and have bought it new you will know how good it smells!). Although I don't have to justify myself to anyone about these gifts, I feel as though I should say that I don't get presents like these all of the time. I am eternally grateful for these stunning gifts and I know they will last me a very long time. 

I know that there are not many reviews around of the Bayswater so if anyone would like me to do a review on it in the future or would like to see a review of the phone case I will do that once I have used this bag for a fair amount of time. The same applies for the phone case. If anyone is thinking of getting one of these bags or has any questions about it please feel free to either comment below or tweet me and I will be happy to help :) 
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Saturday, 6 July 2013

June Haul - Part 2: New Jewellery

As I promised in Part one of my June haul (my last blog post) I was going to do another post all about the jewellery my nanna gave me. I really like jewellery and I could look through peoples collections for ages and not get bored. My nanna has such a lovely collection of jewellery that includes pieces that belonged to her mum and dad, pieces people have bought her in the past, gifts from my grandad and gifts from other members of the family. She is a typical woman, she has so much jewellery, she doesn't get chance to wear it all!

She wanted to go through her jewellery and clean a lot of it up as diamonds had lost their sparkle and the bits she was keeping in their boxes had started to look dull; it just needed bringing back to life. I offered to clean it all up for her and she told me that I could have whatever I wanted! I was over the moon as I love jewellery and the fact that she gave it to me is so sentimental and priceless. I like things to have a special meaning to them and these pieces definitely do. There were quite a few pieces that I wasn't allowed to have but that's because they were either super duper expensive or had been bought for her by one of us, my grandad or her sister. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know which pieces I am talking about; they're truly beautiful!!

Before I get into the details of this post, I just want to make it clear that in no way am I trying to brag. My nanna is still only young and we have similar tastes when it comes to jewellery. She knows I am appreciative of my things and that I will look after and wear the things she has given me. I was given these items with her permission as they were either new and have never been worn or have been shoved back into their boxes and stayed there for years. I asked on Twitter if people would like to see the things that she gave me and some of my followers said yes; this is for those of you who want to see it!

Random earrings - crystal...

Valuable earrings - Gold/Diamond/Precious Stone...

Valuable Pendants - Gold/Diamond/Precious Stone...
(some pendants match some of the earrings picture above)

Finally, my nanna said that I could have whatever ring I wanted (there were a few I couldn't have, obviously) and I was a little bit shocked. I didn't think that she would give me a ring, I just thought I would be allowed to look at them and clean them up for her. I didn't take me long to see the ring that I wanted, it's absolutely stunning and unlike nothing else I own. I'm in total awe of it! The only issue we have is that my nanna's fingers are a lot smaller than mine and for the ring to fit me it will need to made considerably bigger. We're unsure as to whether this is actually going to be possible so we need to go and speak to a jeweller about that. I'm crossing everything that this ring can be made to my size because it really is lush.

 As well as the things I have pictured, I was given three fine necklace chains. Only one of the pendants was attched to a chain and the other ones were loose or tangled together in one big knot! I think the reason she gave me so many necklace chains is because I spent around an hour and a half untangling them for her. I have been given a lot of stunning pieces of jewellery and I am definitely going to care for them and wear them. Some of these pieces will look stunning when worn together and the earrings will look lovely worn with a high bun to show them off. I have a really special relationship with my family and my nanna is so wonderful and such an inspiration to me; I'm honoured to have these pieces in my jewellery collection.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the bits and bobs I was given. Although I like jewellery, I'm not really clued up on the different types of stones that there are. I know a lot of the pieces she has given me are Amethyst (my birth stone), diamond and that the ring is Sapphire.

If you would like to know anything about one of the pieces or how I cleaned them up, please leave 
a comment below and I shall get back to you.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June Haul - Part 1: New Things

I feel as though I hardly bought anything last month! Usually, I have bought clothes and goodness knows what else but last month I was pretty good and only really picked up a few small items. Of course, some of these things were bought for me because I'm back home from university and I always end up getting pretty spoilt.

My June haul is actually going to be in two parts. This first blog post will show everything new that I bought last month and second blog post (coming after this one) will show everything that I have been given. I was recently helping my nanna sort out her bedroom and we were sorting through some of her gold and cleaning some old bits up. I'm a total Magpie when it comes to gold and diamonds so I was having a good time helping her! She was really generous to me and gave me lots of unused and unworn things so I shall be featuring them soon. If you like diamonds and gold, keep your eyes peeled for my next haul!


During my summer away from University, I like to chill out and spend time doing nothing! It's nice to have three months where you can relax, hang out with people and not have to worry about exams, work or deadlines. 
I was in Tesco having a look at the books and came across these two. I have heard a lot about Giovanna Fletcher's book 'Billy and Me' and really wanted to read it. I haven't heard of the Victoria Fox one before but the blurb sold the book to me. When the sun decides to come back out and the weather improves, I shall be reading these two in my garden whilst relaxing. 


Whenever I need to stock up on anything beauty related, I go to Boots. The one in my hometown isn't as good as the one I usually go to on Oxford Street but it still stocks everything I needed. Last month Boots had some amazing offers on and this is how I picked all of this stuff up.
I picked up two more of my trusty Lee Stafford Argan Oil's (review here) which was on a buy one get one half price offer, some more of my Lee Stafford heat defence sprays which were on a 3 for 2 offer and two No7 blushers. I had a £3 off voucher so they were slightly cheaper than they usually would have been.
Of course I couldn't go into Boots without looking at the other makeup stands. The makeup was on a buy 2 get the 3rd half price offer. My auntie picked up two things but didn't fancy anything else so bought me the new L'Oreal BlackBuster eyeliner that I was looking at. The nib is really big and it actually reminds me of a Sharpie rather than an eyeliner!
'Soft Damson'
 'Cool Pink'


I'm not really a big sales shopper. If I go into a shop and there is a sale on I will have a look but I don't specifically go into town or to a city for the sales; I can't think of anything worse! We happened to be in town getting some bits and bobs for fathers day and we spent quite a long time in Debenhams.
I managed to pick up a two pack of my favourite Lancome mascara 'Hypnose' for £16. This was an absolute bargain as a double pack is usually priced at £32. A few days later we were again in Debenhams looking at the pyjamas and I noticed that there were some Floozie items in the sale. They immediately caught my eye and again were a bargain. They are in fact Chemise nighties but I'm pretty tall and they would be way too revealing to wear without something underneath. There were a few humid nights last month and these tops were super comfortable to sleep in. They're also uber cute!
Finally, last month I decided to get a YSL Sheer Candy in No3 (first impressions post here) and I absolutely loved it! I was completely sold on the Sheer Candys and went back for another one a few days later. I picked up No9 and within a few days of getting that one I went back and got another one which was No4. I have eczema on my lips and I also don't like wearing lipsticks. These lipsticks are more like a lipbalm and are only really sheer, don't stick to any dry patches on the lips and are perfect for me. I have a few more that I would like to get!
Left - Right: No3, No9 and No4.

As you can tell from this haul, I was really loving blusher and the YSL Sheer Candy's last month. I was genuinely devastated when I found out that YSL were in fact slowly discontinuing the Sheer Candy line and stores were slowly getting rid of the stock they had left. Just as I found a perfect lipstick, it was being taken away. However, the other day the lovely Jaye from Bed In The Kitchen tweeted me with some good news! She informed me that YSL have now gone against their plans of discontuining their Sheer Candy line and it is staying! 

 I hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend and I shall be back soon with my
up cycled jewellery haul.

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