Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dior Birds of Paradise Collection, Summer 2013

The Dior Birds of Paradise collection was released a few months ago and is the luxury brands makeup collection for Summer 2013. As soon as I seen it, I was in love. The collection consists of beautiful lip colours, blue/green shades of nail varnish, pink and coral bronzer/blush duos and of course a stunning black handled makeup up brush with bright pink natural fibre bristles - oh my!

As soon as I seen the brush, I was sold. The price was a little extremely off putting as it was quite pricey. I didn't think that I could justify paying the price tag and a lot of you agreed with me. However, whilst I was shopping with family in London a few month ago (you can see what I bought here) I spotted the brush in Boots and I went straight over to it! It was absolutely stunning but I walked away from it. Then again in Selfridges, whilst my auntie was at the Dior counter, I spotted the brush again. I couldn't resist feeling the bristles and commenting on how beautiful it was. Both my mum and auntie told me treat myself to it but I said no although really I as like I want it; I WANT IT!!

I was still going on about the brush when we got home and I had some money left over so thought I'd get myself it. I'm so happy I got it! I ordered the brush from Feel Unique one Sunday afternoon and the following Wednesday my beautiful new brush arrived; along with 3 sample products. Thank you Feel Unique! 

Isn't it stunning!

Of course, the main thing that attracted me to this brush was the bright pink bristles. They're made of natural hair and therefore are best used with powder products rather than cream ones. Dior market this brush as being a blusher brush but personally I think it's a little too big for use with blusher, bronzer or even highlighter. I think this brush is best used as a powder brush and this is what I use it for - I shall explain why, a little further on down

The photo's (above and below) are showing the true colour of the bristles. They're a stunning colour and the brush is unlike anything I've seen before or have in my collection. Considering the brush is made of natural fibres, it is really soft; I love feeling it. I have quite a few MAC brushes that are natural and I definitely prefer the feel of the Dior bristles. The bristles are soft, do not feel scratchy on your face, pick up a nice amount of product, feel amazing quality and of course they are pink! Although some say they are red.

The handle is also absolutely stunning. There is just something about a black handled brush that attracts me. Dior have crafted this brush handle out of wood and it's just beautiful. The black handle combined with the silver ferrule really sets off the colour of the bristles. I have never had a Dior brush before but I am really impressed with this one. I also love that the handle is matte with the silver Dior embossed in the middle. 

This brush is most definitely suited to being a powder brush; the natural bristles splay out slightly and cover a wide surface area. The typical blush brush is smaller in size when compared to this brush and designed to be used for controlled application. This brush wouldn't deliver controlled blush application as it's too big. However, the fact that the bristles are loosely packed together means that the brush is perfect for the light application of powder. This brush works wonderfully with something such as a pressed or a loose powder designed for setting makeup in place. The loosely packed bristles means that the brush creates a flawless light coverage and I love it! 

Of course in typical Dior and high end fashion,
the brush came in it's own velvet pouch.

As I have already said, this brush is expensive (it retails for £43) and therefore is not a must have thing. However, if you're a lover of pink, Dior fan, high end makeup lover or just quite simply a brush magpie; this brush is likely to appeal to you! For me, the charm of this brush only drew me in properly when I seen it in real life and you can just feel it's quality when you use it. I have used this brush a few times now and although I haven't yet washed it I am pleased to report that it hasn't lost any bristles all over my face.

Have you bought anything from the Birds of Paradise collection?

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  1. ooo sounds like i need to check out this new collection , that brush is sooo pretty.


    1. It's a stunning collection. Although I'm a little late blogging about it, this is still available in most stores :) Id rather blog about something after using it for a while and provide an accurate review, rather than rushing to review something when I don't have a proper opinion on it xx

  2. we haven't bought anything from the collection but it looks amazing! that brush is so cute with its bright bristles!

    1. It's a gorgeous collection. Dior always come out with such beautiful things! I have to admit, the colour of the bristles definitely influenced this purchase; I couldn't resist! xx

  3. Oh wow! I love the bright pink bristles, I might have to splurge on this!
    Lydia Rose

    1. It's the bristles that made me fall for this brush haha!! It's a lovely splurge item, especially if you're a brush or high end makeup collector xx

  4. I don't think I could EVER bring myself to pay that much money for a freaking BRUSH. I think anyone who would is clearly insane....or doesn't know the value of a dollar. Sorry.