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June Haul - Part 2: New Jewellery

As I promised in Part one of my June haul (my last blog post) I was going to do another post all about the jewellery my nanna gave me. I really like jewellery and I could look through peoples collections for ages and not get bored. My nanna has such a lovely collection of jewellery that includes pieces that belonged to her mum and dad, pieces people have bought her in the past, gifts from my grandad and gifts from other members of the family. She is a typical woman, she has so much jewellery, she doesn't get chance to wear it all!

She wanted to go through her jewellery and clean a lot of it up as diamonds had lost their sparkle and the bits she was keeping in their boxes had started to look dull; it just needed bringing back to life. I offered to clean it all up for her and she told me that I could have whatever I wanted! I was over the moon as I love jewellery and the fact that she gave it to me is so sentimental and priceless. I like things to have a special meaning to them and these pieces definitely do. There were quite a few pieces that I wasn't allowed to have but that's because they were either super duper expensive or had been bought for her by one of us, my grandad or her sister. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know which pieces I am talking about; they're truly beautiful!!

Before I get into the details of this post, I just want to make it clear that in no way am I trying to brag. My nanna is still only young and we have similar tastes when it comes to jewellery. She knows I am appreciative of my things and that I will look after and wear the things she has given me. I was given these items with her permission as they were either new and have never been worn or have been shoved back into their boxes and stayed there for years. I asked on Twitter if people would like to see the things that she gave me and some of my followers said yes; this is for those of you who want to see it!

Random earrings - crystal...

Valuable earrings - Gold/Diamond/Precious Stone...

Valuable Pendants - Gold/Diamond/Precious Stone...
(some pendants match some of the earrings picture above)

Finally, my nanna said that I could have whatever ring I wanted (there were a few I couldn't have, obviously) and I was a little bit shocked. I didn't think that she would give me a ring, I just thought I would be allowed to look at them and clean them up for her. I didn't take me long to see the ring that I wanted, it's absolutely stunning and unlike nothing else I own. I'm in total awe of it! The only issue we have is that my nanna's fingers are a lot smaller than mine and for the ring to fit me it will need to made considerably bigger. We're unsure as to whether this is actually going to be possible so we need to go and speak to a jeweller about that. I'm crossing everything that this ring can be made to my size because it really is lush.

 As well as the things I have pictured, I was given three fine necklace chains. Only one of the pendants was attched to a chain and the other ones were loose or tangled together in one big knot! I think the reason she gave me so many necklace chains is because I spent around an hour and a half untangling them for her. I have been given a lot of stunning pieces of jewellery and I am definitely going to care for them and wear them. Some of these pieces will look stunning when worn together and the earrings will look lovely worn with a high bun to show them off. I have a really special relationship with my family and my nanna is so wonderful and such an inspiration to me; I'm honoured to have these pieces in my jewellery collection.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the bits and bobs I was given. Although I like jewellery, I'm not really clued up on the different types of stones that there are. I know a lot of the pieces she has given me are Amethyst (my birth stone), diamond and that the ring is Sapphire.

If you would like to know anything about one of the pieces or how I cleaned them up, please leave 
a comment below and I shall get back to you.

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