Monday, 8 July 2013

New Bag Reveal - Mulberry Treats

If you know me in person, follow me on Twitter, Instagram or have been reading my blog for a while; you will know that I am a little bit extremely fond of designers and especially handbags. Handbags are what I am drawn to most because I just love them. If I could afford to have a new one every month for a year the rest of my life then I would! I love them!!

On Friday I was absolutely spoilt rotten and was taken into Mulberry. I have had my eye on the bag that I picked up for a while but always worried that it looked a little too 'mumsey' and wouldn't suit me. However, recently this bag has been catching my eye and I have been obsessed with it.  would look on the Mulberry website all the time and around two weeks ago decided that I was finally going to get one!

You might be wondering why I have two Mulberry shopping bags but that is because I was bought two things. I have never had anything from the luxury brand before but have looked on the website and drooled over their leather goods plenty of times! I picked up a Natural Leather Bayswater in Oak and a Glossy Goat iPhone case in the stunning Mulberry Pink colour. It's a gorgeous Fuchsia colour and the bag is out of this world. I'm in love and one very lucky (and extremely thankful) girl.

(The thing bobble you can see in the middle of the bag is the stuffing -
the bag came inside the dust bag and was stuffed with tissue paper
so it kept it's shape. There is no mark there, when the stuffing it taken out)

The girls in the Mulberry store I went to were absolutely lovely and were super helpful. Sometimes, sales assistants in luxury brand stores can be really rather snotty but this wasn't the case with the Mulberry girls. When it came to choosing my bag she brought a selection up for me and that enabled me to choose the one I liked the most. I didn't feel pressured into making the purchase at all, it was a really pleasant experience. I absolutely loved this iPhone case and the fact that it's bright pink means I will be able to find me phone so easily inside my bags. I had to travel back on the train with my presents so asked if they could put my bag in a box for me. Unfortunately, I was told that Mulberry only do boxes at Christmas time which I wasn't too bothered about as they packaged it up really nicely. It still would have been nice to have a box though.

I'm very happy with the things I received and they really were a treat which I am over the moon with. They smell absolutely amazing and I can't stop sniffing them (slightly weird I know but if you own anything Mulberry and have bought it new you will know how good it smells!). Although I don't have to justify myself to anyone about these gifts, I feel as though I should say that I don't get presents like these all of the time. I am eternally grateful for these stunning gifts and I know they will last me a very long time. 

I know that there are not many reviews around of the Bayswater so if anyone would like me to do a review on it in the future or would like to see a review of the phone case I will do that once I have used this bag for a fair amount of time. The same applies for the phone case. If anyone is thinking of getting one of these bags or has any questions about it please feel free to either comment below or tweet me and I will be happy to help :) 
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's my first ever Mulberry and I'm in love. Such a classic bag xx

  2. Such a stunning bag - love the colour!

    1. Thank you! I'm in love with it at the moment, I can't stop looking at it xx