Sunday, 11 August 2013

Fragrance Direct Bargains #3 - OPI

Just a quick note to avoid any confusion: the large bottle of Nail Envy that is pictured below IS NOT part of this haul. Fragrance Direct DO NOT sell large bottles of Nail Envy. Unfortunately, other photos that I took of the nail varnishes I purchased were not showing their true colour because there was little natural light. Therefore, I had to use the photos that included the big bottle of Nail Envy. Just to clarify, I DIDN'T get the big Nail Envy from Fragrance Direct for £3.99. The only Nail Envy I got off of the site and what is included in this haul is the one that came as a part of the Miniatures set that is pictured below xx

If there's one thing that us beauty bloggers love, it's a bargain and when you're constantly buying beauty products, you can find that your money dwindles away so quickly. I love looking through bargain fragrance and beauty websites because sometimes you can find some absolute gems and also save a bit of money (which can be put towards buying something else beauty related). One of my favourite websites to look on is Fragrance Direct. Although they sound as though they only sell fragrances they don't and you can find some great beauty, hair care and skincare bargains on there. I particularly love going on and checking out their latest Essie and OPI nail varnishes. Who can resist discounted nail varnishes!? I certainly know that I can't!

I wasn't actually supposed to order as much as I did and nor did I intend to! I only went onto the site with my auntie to have a look and before we knew it we were adding things into the bag like there was no tomorrow. I ended up spending over £40 on nail stuff alone (oops!!) but looking back this is a total bargain and an amazing saving. Everything we bought, should it have been priced at it's actual RRP, would have cost around £120!!

The Colour Of Minnie
Original Nail Envy (not part of this haul)
Elephantastic Pink
I'm All Ears
Diva Of Geneva
If You Moust You Moust
Nothin' Mousie Bout It 

I picked up the OPI minis kit because I just couldn't resist it and it had a saving of over £10! Everything that came in the set was miniature which meant it was perfect for trying out something new or for travelling with. When the set arrived, I was over the moon as I didn't think it would be as nice as it actually is. The main things I picked up were obviously the six OPI nail polishes (pictured above) which again I couldn't resist. Fragrance Direct sell these amazing polishes for £3.99 each which means you make a saving of £8.00. The bottles are all full sized and I was pleased to see that they stocked the four shades that were in the Minnie Mouse collection which was released last year so I snapped them up right away. I probably didn't need them because I have a few way too many pink nail polishes but ... despite what anyone says, you can never have too many pink polishes! I also picked up two dark winter shades as I know that OPI sells out quickly on the site and if I didn't buy them I would just completely miss out. 

I absolutely love nail varnish and I have been loving OPI recently! At £3.99, I think I may have
to buy a few more. I hope Fragrance Direct get some new colours in stock soon!
Have you picked up any bargains off of the site recently?

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  1. Unfortunately they don't so the nail envy at £3.99! I only included e picture of the nail envy because this was the best picture of the nail varnishes that I had. I stated that it wasn't included in the haul but I don't think it was clear enough haha!! The only nail envy I bought was the little one that came in the miniatures set :) xx

  2. I love the shade I'm All Ears, need to get my hands on this!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I love 'Im all ears' - so glad they had the old Minnie Mouse collection in stock! xx

  3. My next fragrance direct haul will definitely be OPI's, you have some great colours particularly Vampsterdam and If You Moust You Moust. Would love for you to check out my new blog and maybe follow :)

    1. I'm planning on making another order as soon as I get paid! They're such a bargain, at £3.99!! I love Vampsterdam - the name is amazing and it's going to be a great autumn/winter colour xx

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

    1. No problem at all :) Thank you for the comment! xx

  5. I love your blog

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoy reading and followed, I really appreciate it. Thank you xx