Thursday, 8 August 2013

Maybelline 'Baby Lips ' are finally in the UK! - First Impressions

You all have no idea how excited I am to be sharing this blog post with you. I know I know, it's sad to get this excited but Maybelline Baby Lips are finally stocked in the UK!! I am a total lip balm junkie, so when I found out that Maybelline were bringing this super hyped up lip product to the UK I was over the moon. For goodness knows how long, I have watched countless YouTube videos and read numerous blog posts featuring these sought after lip balms. I really really wanted one but the only problem was that they weren't available here. As soon as Boots announced that Baby Lips were coming to the UK, they put a waiting list on their website and I signed up to it immediately (yes I admit it, I was on a waiting list for a lip balm! It's rather said, I know!). I wanted to make sure that I was one of the first people to know that Baby Lips were available to buy...

On the 24th of July, Maybelline Baby Lips were available to buy online and in store from Boots and Superdrug. Whilst browsing Twitter the night before, I noticed someone tweet a reminder that Baby Lips would be for sale online at Boots the following morning. I made a mental note and more or less as soon as I woke up, I was online. Unfortunately, signing up to be reminded about Baby Lips being available was useless because I never got my reminder until a few hours after I had made my order.

Since they have been released, I have ordered a grand total of 18 of these super hyped lip balms (They weren't all for me!). I believe that they were originally released by Maybelline in Japan where they went crazy for them, then they were brought to America/Australia and people there also went crazy for them so finally Maybelline decided to bring them to the UK. It's crazy to think that a lip balm has been so coveted but it is. This little £2.99 lip balm has achieved cult status!

As with all of my new purchases, here on the Little Beauty Blogg, I like to do a first impressions post that quickly sums up my thoughts and opinions on a product I have only used a few times. Then after much more use, I like to share with you a full in depth review. To some doing a first impressions post and then a proper review may seem a little pointless or excessive but by doing so I feel as though I can portray my true opinions across about a product - you can clearly see if my thoughts on a product have changed and why!

Although I have only had these babies for around a week, so far I think that they...

- Are priced really well and at only £2.99 these are definitely not going to break the bank and are most probably within everyone's budget.
- Have extremely cute packaging.
- Have got the balance right - 3 tinted and 3 none tinted balms.
- Last well on the lips.
- Will appeal to a range of people.
- Have a bold statement saying that they will inprove your lips in a week and give your lips moisture for up to 8 hours.
-  Have varying smells. I definitely prefer some more than others.
- Are possible dupes for something such as the YSL Sheer Candy's!? A first impressions post on one of these products can be found here.
- Have varying levels of pigmentation - Pink Punch seems to provide the best colour pay off, then Cherry Me and finally Peach Punch.
- Make the lips feel nice and smooth. I especially like Hydration (in the blue/pink packaging).
- Could have included SPF in all 6 of the balms (only the clear ones - Hydration, Mint Fresh and Intense Care include this).
- Provide a nice colour. Pink Punch provides a blue toned pink, Cherry Me provides a red/pink tint (this is kind of a your lips but better shade) and Peach Punch provides a sheer peachy/brown/nude shade.
- Do not feel greasy on the lips.
- Apply smoothly.
- Don't provide too much of a shine, when compared to other tinted balms.
- Can be built up to achieve a tint or a stronger colour.

Have you picked up any of the Maybelline Baby Lips? What do you think
of them so far?

I also just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who follows my blog! Today is my 100th post on the Little Beauty Blogg and blogging wouldn't have been possible without everyone who follows me and makes blogging worthwhile. You're all amazing and I value each and everyone one of you. I never imagined that people would appreciate my blog as much as they do because I just started this as something I thought only I would read!! If I could give everyone who follows and has read my blog over my past 100 posts a big hug to say thank you then I would. I hope that you all continue to enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it and lets hope that there are many many more posts to come! Thank you all so much xxx 
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  1. I've managed to buy 4 of the 6 and I love them! My favourite is probably the mint fresh. The two I'm missing are the other clear ones are they much different from the mint one? Great post!

    Charlie x

    1. To be honest, I think that Mint Fresh is my least favourite out of the 3 clear balms. I much prefer the other two. Intense Care (the yellow and orange one) glides onto your lips really smoothly and leaves them feeling cared for. Hydrate (the blue and pink one) glides into your lips even smoother than Intense Care and this really does leave your lips feeling nice and moisturised. I definitely prefer these two xx

  2. i picked up the 3 tinted ones and i love them! :-)
    so happy they're finally here
    Rosie xo

    1. They're really nice aren't they? I wasn't overly impressed with the pigmentation of Peach Kiss at first but now I'm really happy with it! I love the subtle tint it gives xx

  3. They are such a good price, I didn't realise they were this cheap! I love YSL Sheer Candy so I'll have to go and pick up one! I am not keen on the packaging tho, it is rather bright!!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I'm really impressed its the price as I thought they'd be a little more than £2.99. I love the YSL Sheer Candy line and I have quite a few of them. Although I love the packaging of the YSL, I love the packaging of these Baby Lips too. I love the fact that they're bright - they catch my eye and the fact that they're bright means you can easily find them in a handbag or a makeup bag :) xx

  4. Everyone seems to be really loving these and they don't appeal to me at all! I will have to grab one at some point though and hopefully prove myself wrong! xx

    1. I would definitely say I only went crazy for these because I had seen so many other bloggers and YouTube'rs from other countries raving over these. They are great for £2.99 as they're a nice tinted balm with a decent amount of colour payoff (especially Pink Punch and Cherry Me). They're also a great alternative to something such as the YSL Sheer Candy's and the Revlon Lip Butters as they're significantly cheaper :) xx

  5. Loving your blog, you - am in love with these little lippys simply have to try
    looking forward to the next post !!
    would love if you could have a little look at my blog
    judith xoxo

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy reading! They really are nice lip products :) xx