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OOTD ft. FD Avenue - Maxi, Skulls and a Mulberry

A few weeks ago I was approached by the lovely FD Avenue and was asked if I would like to choose an item of clothing from their website to try. I jumped at the opportunity and started looking through what they had to offer. I have always wanted to try a maxi dress and I finally decided I would give one a go, to the sheer delight of one of my closest friends who loves absolutely everything about this style of dress!

I have to admit, I was a little bit dubious about trying out a maxi dress because I didn't want it to cling to me and look like a second layer of skin! Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with a teeny tiny model body so I ordered a dress that was a few sizes larger than my usual dress size. I didn't want a dress that would be super tight, I wanted it to be loose and flow nicely whilst wearing it in the heat of the summer.

One thing that I absolutely love to do is to mix the inexpensive with the expensive. I am a super casual dresser and a firm believer that a good handbag (it doesn't necessarily have to be designer) and some carefully selected accessories (again, they can be non designer) help to pull any outfit together and make it stand out. When I wear my maxi I like to go for the casual chic look so I opted to accessorise with some designer items to give some added pizazz. Who says you can't wear McQueen and Mulberry with a £13.99 dress!?

Apologies for the awkward hand position, it's harder
to take pictures of yourself than you may think!

Outfit details:Dress - FD Avenue* here.
Scarfs - both Alexander McQueen.
Sandals - Next (about 3 years ago).
Bag - Mulberry NVT Bayswater in Oak.

I really am impressed with the quality of this dress, for something that costs as little as £13.99! I was actually worried that it would be a little see through but I am pleased to report that it is not. The people at FD Avenue are absolutely lovely and their website stocks a vast range of affordable fashion that is available in a number of sizes ranging from a 'Small' to a curvaceous size 26. The dress comes in a variety of different colours that would be perfect for taking away with you on holiday or just for wearing in the warm weather. One great thing about the fabric is that it's nice and thin - not thin enough so you see all the way through it but thin enough so you don't sweat whilst walking around in the sun.
If I were to be super picky, I would say that for me I would have liked the dress to be a little bit longer. In no way is the dress too short for me but it doesn't touch the floor in the way I would have liked it to. Instead, it stops at what would most probably be mid ankle height but that isn't a big issue! This problem is probably caused by myself because I am pretty tall - average height ladies, you will be fine! 

One minor issue I had with the style of a maxi dress was the way in which I felt as though it drew attention to my thigh area. This is nothing to do with the dress from FD Avenue or the quality of it, I'm just self conscious of my legs. However, I found that if I sat down in the dress for a few moments the fabric around the thigh area loosened up and I felt as though it skimmed over the area perfectly. Or maybe that was my brain convincing that that was the case!

I also thought that by pairing a scarf (or two) with a dress of this style makes you feel as though the eye is drawn away from problem areas because the scarf/s conceal them. So ladies, if you're conscious of your hips, feel as though you have a 'muffin top' or can't handle the thought of people looking at the tops of your thighs a scarf will skim over these areas and help to conceal them nicely; probably making you feel much more confident. Also as a little bit of advice, I would recommend you wear some underwear that is not going to give you a VPL. This material is the kind that takes no prisoners and will cling!

Overall, I am really happy with this dress and at £13.99 I definitely think that it is within everyone's budget and is amazing value for money. Whether you plan on wearing this black maxi on a summers day out, a shopping trip, to drinks with friends, on a date or to work; this dress will look amazing, with the right accessories. I know for a fact that I plan on ordering a few of these dresses for a family holiday which I am hopefully going on next year! Oh and if you don't feel comfortable enough wearing one of these dresses out and about...they make great pool cover ups!

How would you have styled this maxi dress? Have you shopped with
FD Avenue before?

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* dress c/o FD Avenue - many thanks x

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