Sunday, 18 August 2013

OPI 'Elephantastic Pink' - NOTD

As you may already know if you read my last post (if you haven't read it, you can read it hereI picked up a fair few OPI nail polishes from Fragrance Direct. On this site, although they predominately sell fragrances, you can pick up cosmetics, hair care, skincare and other various beauty bits and bobs at a great knocked down price. The OPI polishes are sold at £3.99 each and for a salon nail polish this is an absolute steal. I love OPI and the fact that I save £8.00 when I purchase them from this site makes them even more appealing.

When I ordered this shade off of Fragrance Direct, the site was actually showing a coral coloured swatch. One big tip I can give you when you're buying nail varnishes off them is to open a separate page and google image search the shade you're looking for as sometimes they show a completely different coloured swatch to the actual colour of the nail varnish you're buying.  

'Elephantastic Pink' is a gorgeous shade and it's also super summery. I love the fact that it's bright but isn't neon and would therefore be appropriate for wearing to work. I found that this shade of pink went with most things and was a really great colour to be wearing at this time of year - it's so summery! As with most OPI polishes the formula of this shade is super smooth and is relatively quick drying. The brush is a nice size and means that you can paint your whole nail in two strokes. Usually, my nail polishes don't last on my nails very well but recently I have been using OPI's Original Nail Envy and it has been working really well and improving the overall condition and strength of my nails. I have noticed that as my nails have been getting stronger, nail varnishes have been lasting longer. 'Elephantastic Pink' lasted on my nails for around 4/5 days and I was over the moon. Towards the fifth day there was slight chipping on my right hand but the left hand was absolutely perfect. I actually took the photo above as I was sitting down ready to take this shade off and re paint my nails with a different colour. I was seriously impressed with the way this polish lasted on me and it definitely confirms why I love OPI polishes so much. 

The only slightly negative thing that I have to say about 'Elephantastic Pink' is that to achieve the super opaque colour that's photographed above, I had to apply three coats of the varnish. This didn't bother me because I wanted to apply a thick layer so it would last longer and I will definitely be wearing this shade a lot. The nail polish itself provides a glossy finish but to make it even more glossy and to help it stay on my nails a little longer I applied OPI's quick drying top coat. 

What shade nail of nail polish have you been loving this week?

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  1. Arghhh, i ordered this over the weekend! so excited!!!

    1. It's a lovely shade, I hope you love it as much as I do!! xx

  2. This shade looks absolutely gorgeous! I always buy my OPI's off Fragrance Direct, so much cheaper! Great post :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. Fragrance Direct is amazing place for buying discounted products! I love ordering nail varnishes from them and the OPI's are an amazing deal! However, I don't mind paying full price for OPI products as they're such good quality they're worth every penny xx