Wednesday, 11 September 2013

InStyle Magazine - October 2013

I know that you have probably seen a lot of this magazine featured on beauty blogs and I'm sorry if you're sick of the sight of it but I couldn't help but post this quick feature today because there may be beauty fanatics out there who haven't seen this amazing freebie and want to try it!

To be fair, I don't usually go for the fashion magazines as I'm more into my trashy celebrity gossip reads. However, when I see a freebie that is as amazing as this one, I cannot pass up the opportunity to try it. No matter what the magazine is, if the freebie is worth it, I'll buy.

There is one heck of a lot of hype within the beauty community about the Philip Kingsley 'Elasticizer' and many people swear by it as being their holy grail hair product. I have wanted to try it for quite some time now but have never gotten around to picking it up. When I noticed this issue of InStyle magazine whilst out shopping, it's safe to say I got a little bit excited. With the October issue, you get a 40ml sample tube of the super hyped Philip Kingsley 'Elasticizer' that retails for around £8. When you consider that the magazine itself is only £3.90, I think that this is a damn good deal. 

This product is used as a pre-treatment and is applied to the hair and left on for between 10 and 20 minutes. You simply apply it, pop on something to hold your hair in place such as a towel or shower cap, leave it to soak in and then rinse the product off with whatever shampoo you wish to use. Although the back of the tube recommends you use a Philip Kingsley one, you most probably don't have to. 

This pre-treatment is suitable for all hair types and is supposed to give your hair more elasticity, make it more manageable, adds shine and bounce. Sounds pretty good, right? I shall most definitely be reviewing this in the near future and I just hope that it's as amazing as other people say it is.  

Have you picked up Octobers issue of InStyle? What do you think
of the Philip Kingsley 'Elasticizer'?

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  1. Look forward to reading your review of it! That is a bargain :)

    Isabella (@isabellamaria88)

    1. It really is an amazing deal! I can't wait to try it. I just hope it's as amazing as so many other bloggers say it is xx