Monday, 23 September 2013

Liz Earle Skincare offer NOT to be missed - 24 hours ONLY!

Hello my fellow beauty fanatics! Today was my first day back at university and I am now officially a big third year! Hoorah, only one more year to go after this one until I hopefully graduate! For those of you wondering, I'm doing a four year course. I'm not actually feeling 100% today as I just keep getting really warm and generally feeling a bit rubbish so today's post isn't going to be a long one.  

A few hours ago, I received an email from Liz Earle that excited me! Now I don't mean to harp on about the cult classic that is Cleanse and Polish but I couldn't not let you all know about the amazing offer that Liz Earle are having for 24 hours only!

For £9.50, you can get a 100ml bottle of the infamous Cleanse and Polish along with two of Liz's pure muslin cloths. This is an offer not to be missed and is great value for money! The offer is running on their website for all customers and in the Liz Earle stores when you buy your first ever bottle of Cleanse and Polish. It only has to be your first time buying it if you're buying in store. Don't hang around though beauty lovers because this offer is only available until 10am on Tuesday the 24th of September - tomorrow morning!

Photo screen shot'ed from the Liz Earle website here

If you're wanting to try Cleanse and Polish for the first time or are a dedicated C&P fan, this offer is the one for you. This 100ml bottle costs the same as what a 50ml bottle with only one muslin cloth would usually cost you. If you can't decided whether or not to finally try this cult cleanser, I shared my initial thoughts and feelings on the product in my last post here .

I have tweeted and Instagram'ed about this offer and many other beauty lovers
are taking advantage of it. Are you going to make an order? I know I have!

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