Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A very special gift...

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that a few months ago (back in June I think) I was cleaning some unused and unworn jewellery that my nanna has had stashed away in boxes for years and years. I was fortunate enough to be given lots of stunning pieces and I absolutely love them all. It's a well known thing within my family that I love jewellery and that diamonds are my absolute favourite thing. The more they sparkle, the better, I'm a bit of a magpie. You can see what I was originally given here.

Whilst looking through her collection, I was told that I could have whatever ring I wanted. I picked out a stunning ring that had a large black Sapphire in the centre and Diamonds around the outside. It looked like a flower and was such a beautiful design. It had such a wonderful shine; I loved it. Unfortunately, my nanna has fingers that are considerably smaller than mine and when I took the ring to my local jewellers they said re sizing it would be a bit of an issue. Due to having to go up a fair few sizes, the jeweller was not confident that he could resize the ring without disrupting the stones or causing damage to them. He said that if I wanted to take the risk he would do the resizing - but he wasn't confident. I knew that my nanna would be devastated if we got the ring resiszed and then all of the Diamonds fell out. When we arrived home, she asked me if she could have the ring back and I thought nothing of it. If it didn't fit me, she may as well have it back. She may want to wear it at some point. 

I was absolutely gobsmacked when she walked into the room with the diamond heart that I have been in love with ever since she got it. I knew how much she loved it and I really wouldn't accept it from her. It took me absolutely ages to accept the pendant and it really did make me cry. She is so exceptionally sweet to me and is such a cool nanna! I love the fact that my family aren't old because it means we're all super duper close and lots of people can't believe the bond that we have. It really is unique!  

I absolutely love this pendant. The front and the side of the heart is made up of larger and smaller Diamonds. The shine that it gives off is wonderful and twinkles perfectly. The chain that is shown in the picture above is actually a chain that my nanna gave me many years ago and I have treasured it ever since I received it because it was her mums. This necklace and heart it exceptionally special to me because I have my great nannas chain and my nannas heart all in the same piece of jewellery. Can you get anymore sentimental!?

Do you have a favourite piece of sentimental jewellery that has been given to you?

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  1. What an absolutely stunning necklace and story to go with it! How lovely!

    1. Thank you very much! It means the world to me xx