Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - First Impressions

If you read my September Haul (here), you will know that I took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer that Boots were holding and stocked up on some hair care goodies. Something I picked up but had never tried before was the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. If you're a avid reader on beauty blogs, then I'm pretty sure that you're aware of this product as it seems to be everywhere. It's one of those products that's impossible to avoid within the world of beauty - everyone seems to love it!

I have decided that I am simply just going to refer to this product as the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. If any of you use this product you will know that the name of it is ridiculous. It's full name is Lee Stafford Treatment for Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length (longest product name ever! Is there an award for that? This would definitely be a contender). Being the typical female that I am, I am never quite content with the length of my hair and I'm forever striving for it to be longer. Therefore, whenever I see something that contains the words 'hair' and 'growth' within it's name I'm all over it! I'm on it so fast, I'm all over it like a fly on poop!! I have layers in my hair and the shortest ones are below boob length with the rest of my hair resting at mid back length. Basically, my hair is at a pretty good length at the moment but I still would like it to be longer. I'm thinking either hip length or bottom of the spine/bum length would be amazing!?

Anyway, as anyone who is trying to grow their hair will know - keeping it in the best condition will help it to grow quickly. I have quite a strict hair care routine as I've become pretty anal with it and won't do certain things/use certain products on it and I'm pleased to say that's its working. It seems to be working really well and I've gained around 2/3 inches since June which I think it pretty good going!

Unfortunately, I haven't been using this product long enough to experience it as it's full potential but I have been using it long enough to be able to inform you all of my initials thoughts and feelings...

- Let's get things straight - you're not going to use this product, go to bed and then wake up the next morning looking like Rapunzel. It doesn't work like that. What this product is designed to do is to focus on the roots of the hair in a way that both strengthens and nourishes them. This treatment strengthens the roots so your hair won't drop as much and nourishes them so any new hair growth that happens will be healthy hair right away. Basically, this treatment stimulates the roots in a way that should promote healthier and stronger hair growth and when your hair is both strong and healthy it grows quicker. Does that make sense? 

- This treatment can either be used as a quick treatment or can be left on longer to really get to work and nourish your hair.

- Leaves your hair feeling super silky soft and shiny.

- I agree that it helps the hair to anchor to the scalp. I have always been someone who has hair that tends to fall and after using this it doesn't fall at all/if any.

- Super easy to use and there are directions of how to use it printed on the side of the tub - scoop out an egg size amount. massage into the hair from roots to ends, then leave for 5 minutes, rinse out and then use your normal conditioner or the Lee Stafford hair growth one.

- Bright pink packaging which is super girly and perfect to be used in the shower because the product is contained within a plastic tub.

- The product smells really nice. If you use or have ever used the Argan Oil (reviewed here) this treatment smells more or less the same. It is quite a masculine scent but I really like it.

- The product is currently priced at £7.99 for a 200ml tub. Based on the fact that Lee Stafford advises you use an eff sized amount per application, this product can work out to be pretty expensive.

- One of the claims of this product is that is helps to improve the feel of the hair. I most definitely agree with this statement as after using this treatment my hair feels considerably smoother, nourished, stronger and it looks visibly more shiny/like it's in better condition.

- I prefer to use this treatment with a shower cap. I like to wash my hair, apply the product to my hair and pop on a shower cap to hold my hair in place whilst the treatment is getting to work on my hair whilst I'm doing what I need to do in the shower. I also like to use this treatment for around 30 minutes to an hour ocasionally and when I do this I simply wash my hair, apply the product, pop a shower cap on and let the treatment get to work whilst I'm watching tv or something.

- This product does not make your hair greasy at all! When I read that you apply the treatment, wash it out and then use conditioner I thought I would get 'chip pan hair' and it made me worry. I hate greasy hair, like most people. However, I was pleasantly surprised as using the conditioner only made my hair even softer. I have never tried the Lee Stafford Hair Growth conditioner that accompanies this product and it has always worked fine so don't worry if you don't own the whole collection you can use whatever conditioner you like!

- This 200ml tub lasts me around 4 uses. I could probably get 5 out of it but I like to apply a lot and give it a real good nourish; especially if I'm doing a good 30 minutes+ treatment.

- You can use this treatment whenever you want to. The directions on the tub say to use this treatment every wash until your hair improves and then after that you just use it once a week to keep your hair in great condition. I like to either use this treatment twice a week using 5 minute treatments or once a week for when I do a 30 minute+ treatment.

- The only slight problem I have encountered with this treatment is that the first time I ever used it, it irritated a patch of eczema that I have on the back of my head in my hair. However, this patch of eczema was going through a bad time and was spreading quite a lot so I don't think it was the hair treatment alone irritating it - I think it was a mixture of things. The product just made the patch itch a little bit (there was no burning or bleeding caused) and it wasn't bad enough for me to never use this treatment again so that wasn't an issue.

I love this treatment and I started using my 2nd tub the other day so this should last me another 3 weeks. I absolutely love hair treatments and deep conditioners so I shall be using this one for a fair amount of time to come. I know that I will definitely repurchase this Hair Growth Treatment but I am just waiting for when Boots have either have another 3 for 2 offer or their 3 for £12 deal which works out at even better value for money! I shall most definitely persist with the hair treatment and see whether or not it does help to promote better and quicker hair growth! I shall no doubt be back in the future with a Hair Growth Treatment update and full review! 

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  1. I used to use this years ago and it actually worked on me! Great post

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. I had this last year and I find it didnt work for me but I did use the FAST shampoo and conditioner about three years ago and it really did make my hair grow longer. I did actually grow my hair until it was down to my hair but I had 9 inches cut off a couple of months ago x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. ive been looking for a product like this thanks for sharing :)

    stop by my blog :) Legally Brunette

    1. I absolutely love this and definitely recommend! Glad you found the post useful :) xx