Sunday, 6 October 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC - My top picks & swatches!

I have been desperate to get this post up for you all because I have had a few people on Twitter and Instagram asking me what I got. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months, I'm pretty sure you are aware of the hype that has been surrounding the MAC/Rihanna collaboration. First we had the hype surrounding her sell out Riri Woo lipstick and now over the past few weeks every beauty fanatic has become obsessed with what has become known as the 'RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection'.

As you all probably know, the latest RiRi MAC offerings were available to buy in the UK on Thursday 3rd of October at 11am. Although I have been struck down by a killer throat infection and awful virus, I was thankfully well enough to meet up with a friend on Thursday to drag myself to Selfridges and have a look at the collection in the flesh. Although I have been eyeing this collection up online for the past couple of months, I wanted to see it in person before I bought anything.

Sorry about the iPhone reflection!

The first thing that caught my eye with the collection was the packaging, Look at that packaging, look at it! The rose gold, the R and the RiRi <3 MAC handwriting is just perfection. I know that some people dislike this packaging but I really like it. I'm a total sucker when it comes to beauty products having nice packaging so this definitely satisfies my love of perfect packaging. I always keep the boxes that my high end makeup comes in so I will definitely be storing this away somewhere. I know that sounds exceptionally sad but it really is far too pretty to throw away!

As soon as I seen previews of the collection I knew I wanted the two brushes and the two eye shadow quads. I even set aside money for when the collection was released so I could buy it asap. I knew that it would sell out quickly but I didn't think it would sell out quite as quickly as it did! I have heard reports that the collection sold out within minutes which is absolutely crazy! 

In Selfridges I decided that I would choose only one palette and brush. I decided to go for 'Her Cocoa' because I thought it looked more wearable and would look lovely with my blue eyes. I also decided that I would go for the duo fiber 282SE eye shadow brush because again I would get more use out it. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I should have got the other quad and brush so when I looked on the MAC website and noticed that the things I wanted were sold out I knew I had to go back to the beauty hall and snap them up. I honestly couldn't believe how quickly everything sold out!

I believe that the first things to sell out were the two eye shadow quads, the two SE brushes and the two false eyelashes so I am glad that I was able to get to Selfridges and get the bits that I wanted! I absolutely love the eye shadows and the SE brushes are to die for. The eye shadows are super wearable and the brushes are super soft. I love how the tip of them is pink. Despite looking really girly, I think the packaging is also quite rocky. The was the R is placed in the middle and it's font just gives everything an edgy vibe - I love it! 
Left: Her Cocoa.
Right: Smoked Cocoa.
187SE Duo Fiber face brush.
282SE Duo Fibre Eye brush.

Now for the most important part of this post ... the swatches!!

Her Cocoa

Smoked Cocoa 
If you would like to see some more swatches from the collection, the lovely Laura from TeaseFlutterPout has some amazing swatches of the RiRi lipsticks HERE. .

I absolutely love this collection and I am so glad that I was able to get hold of it! Did you pick
anything up or did it sell out before you were able to buy?
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  1. Love the packaging! Would love to know how you get on with the brushes.


    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? I shall do a brush update at some point xx

  2. How did I miss this!! Great palette.


    1. For me the stand out pieces within the collection were definitely the palettes and in particular this one! I think it sold out so quickly because it's so wearable ... something I never thought Rihanna would create makeup wise haha xx

  3. Looks great! You have an amazing beauty blog!

    1. Thank you very much, that's really kind of you xx

  4. I were thinking to get this for a little bit but now I decided that I am going to buy it :) awesome review !! please check out my blog

    1. Fingers crossed you're able to still get hold of it because it's an amazing palette! xx