Saturday, 30 November 2013

L'Occitane 'Original' Dry Skin Hand Cream - Review

Until a few months ago I had never tried any L'Occitane hand creams, despite reeeeally wanting to! Basically, at the beginning of September I was shopping with family in Covent Garden and when I noticed the L'Occitane shop I immediately ran in searching for their Original Hand Cream. To cut a long story short, I went into the shop looking for a tester because I wanted to test the cream before I bought it but I left empty handed. Despite only applying a pea sized amount, I was left with greasy sticky feeling hands and it drove me crazy. My hands not only looked greasy but they felt greasy. Both my mum and auntie commented asking where had I been and what had I done to my hands, it was that bad. I don't know what had happened to the tester but I wasn't impressed and to be honest it put me off wanting to try or even use any L'Occitane hand creams in the future. I was gutted.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed in October that I did a post all about Marie Claire and the awesome L'Occitane freebie they were offering. You can read that post hereFor £3.90 (which is how much the magazine cost to buy) you received a 30ml hand cream that would usually cost you £8 to buy. Despite my bad experience with the L'Occitane tester in Covent Garden I decided that for £3.90 this offer was too good to miss and I decided to pick up all 4 of the available creams.

I have never really been into hand creams but this one has me hooked. I don't really feel the need to use it throughout the day but I use it without fail every single night and I have been doing so for around 2/3 weeks now. I apply a generous pea sized amount to my hands and I even make sure the cream is rubbed into the skin around the edges of my nails. Rather than getting dry hands, the skin around this area tends to get dry and it just looks unsightly.

A picture of L'Occitane Original Dry Skin hand cream

As you can see from the picture above, the cream is thick in consistency, has no colour and looks a little bit like toothpaste - well I think it does anyway. Although the cream is rich it is not overly greasy, contains 20% Shea Butter which helps to nourish, moisturise and soothe. I am one of those people who cannot stand having sticky hands and I am pleased to report to you all that this hand cream leaves no sticky residue. The only minor niggle that some people may have with this hand cream is the smell of it. If you have ever smelt the YSL perfume that's in the cylinder bottle and has blue and black horizontal stripes on it (I don't know what it's called but it doesn't smell good and it's very old school gran smelling) this cream smells exactly like that; just not as strong! At first I have to admit that smelt this cream and wasn't impressed but it's something I have gotten used to. When something is great and really works you don't mind as much about the smell.

A blob of L'Occitane Original Dry Skin hand cream

I absolutely love this hand cream and I am definitely putting my bad experience with the large tube behind me. Although I am left wondering as to why the large tube left my hands like an oil slick and the small tube is the polar opposite? Maybe it was just a confidence? This tube us only 30ml and is therefore perfect for popping in your handbag and using on the go. When I picked up the four hand creams last month I made sure that I bought 2 of the 'Original' formula that's aimed at dry hands so I have a back up editing for me when this tube is finished! I shall also be keeping my eye open during the Christmas/boxing day/new year sales to see whether or not L'Occitane has these handbag friendly tubes in the sale!

What do you think of the Original L'Occitane hand cream, have you ever
used it before? 

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Limited Edition Carmex - The Carmex Crusaders

Last Wednesday I received an email from my mum asking me if I could go to Selfridges and get herself and my auntie some limited edition Carmex and bring it home with me when I go back for Christmas. I was intrigued, to say the least! We all know that every year Vaseline provide us with a limited edition tin and that's advertised pretty well but I hadn't heard of this Carmex offering.

I looked into it a little by doing a Google search and discovered that the limited edition Carmex was exclusive to Selfridges and was super hero/comic themed. It is named the Carmex Crusaders and is only available in store and online in Selfridges! I spent some time talking to the lovely Crusaders that were in the London pop up store selling the tubs and they informed me that this was available from Selfridges and Selfridges only - this isn't going to be available in Boots, Superdrug or a supermarket anytime soon.

The formula inside the limited edition tub is the original tingly Carmex one that we all know and love. Nothing has changed, just the packaging. The Crusaders told me that last Wednesday was their last day in London and that they would be taking their pop up store to Birmingham and then Manchester. They were really nice and I chatted to one of them about my blog and we exchanged web addresses and Instagram names. She gave me an absolutely awesome goodie bag with all of the Carmex's that I bought and they included a comic strip booklet, a comic postcard, some comic stickers and some comic badges! Although, I think that the in store promotions have stopped now, I that this limited edition tub is still available online from Selfridges and costs £3.99.

At the time of writing this feature, I looked on eBay and people were trying to sell one of these tubs for a whopping £8! Talk about day light robbery! If you would like to get your hands on one of these goodie bags and limited edition Carmex Crusaders tubs, keep checking back as there may be a little giveaway coming up!!

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Origins Clear Improvement Mask - First Impressions

Up until a few weeks ago, I felt as though I was in the small minority of beauty bloggers who hadn't experienced the wonders that are Origins face masks. It seems like every beauty fanatic swears by them and I was yet to experience how wonderful they are. This small 7ml tube of Clear Improvement mask was one of the three amazing Origins freebies I received when I ordered my Super Spot Remover.

I am only just breaking into the world of origins but I'm glad I have finally entered it. I like that the products are mostly natural and don't really contain any nasty chemicals. Not to mention, the brand as a whole don't test on animals and instead they test on a panel of willing human beings - perfect!

I have only used this mask a few times and I have finished the little tube off now so I thought it was time I gave you one of my quick first impressions posts! Like with my other posts, I haven't used this product long enough to see any long term benefits but I have been using it long to enough to gain some initial thoughts on the mask...

- The mask contains active charcoal which is designed to clear the pores. Therefore, this mask can either be used as an all over the face kind of mask or can instead be applied to particular areas that are causing problem.

- The mask seems to go along way and can either be applied lightly or more liberally.

- Whenever I use this mask, the day after I can see a huge improvement in my skin and it looks as though it really is glowing.

- The mask, when it is applied, is wet and thick. However, when it is begins to dry the mask begins to get significantly harder and beings to crack.

- I definitely agree with the name of the mask because you most certainly can see a 'Clear Improvement' after you have used it.

- I was always scared of using face masks in case they broke me out but I am pleased to report that so far this mask hasn't done such a thing - result!

- I have tried to apply this mask in two ways - using a foundation brush and using my hands. I have found that using a foundation brush is perfect for when you want a light application of the mask and using the hands provides a thicker heavier coverage.

- The mask tends to go a long way. This small 7ml tube lasted me a total of 4 applications - 3 light all over the fact applications and 1 heavier all over the face application.

- The mask is more expensive than something you can pick up in your local Boots or Superdrug but I personally think it's worth every penny! A 50ml mask costs £10 and a 100ml mask costs £22.

A picture of Origins Clear Improvement mask

I like to remove this mask using one of my Liz Earle muslin cloths. I open my pores with the use of some warm water, apply the mask, leave it to sink into my face until its hard and has begun to crack and then I remove it using warm water and my cloth. I then like to finish off with a splash of clod water to re close my pores. So that the mask doesn't irritate my skin, I like to follow up by applying my toner and some moisturiser; application and removal of the mask is super easy.

What do you think of the Origins Clear Improvement mask? Have you used
it before or do you prefer a different clay one?

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Moroccan Oil - First Impressions

Quick note: Sorry I seem to have been a little MIA recently. I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, don't worry. I have been having a few technical difficulties but they're all sorted now and I shall get back to my usual blogging schedule and let you read all about the wonderful Moroccan Oil... xx

Unless you have been living under a rock for goodness knows how long, I'm pretty sure that you are aware of the hype that is surrounding hair oils. Some would say that using a hair oil is an unnecessary step in a persons hair care routine but I personally beg to differ. I cannot recommend hair oils enough! Whenever a friend mentions or someone Tweets about a hair related issue I'm always there recommending a hair oil. Long gone are my days of fearing to use a hair oil in case I ended up with 'chip pan hair'!

For the longest time ever I have been reading about Moroccan Oil and it's so called amazing'ness. I have always been a little reluctant to try the product out because it is pretty expensive. However, after experiencing first hand the benefits of using a hair oil I snapped up a bottle as soon as I got paid. I picked up this 25ml bottle from FeelUnique and it was priced at £13.45.

I have been using this product for around 3 weeks now and although I haven't been using it long enough to tell you all about the long term benefits I am able to tell you about the ones I have experienced so far...

- This product is fairly expensive. The 25ml bottle that I picked up was £13.45 and a 100ml bottle is priced at £31.85. However, it's going to last you a long time!

- You only need the smallest amount of product to apply to the mid lengths and ends of your hair.

- Moroccan Oil is really rich and can be a little too heavy for some people. If you have very fine hair or feel like the oil is weighing your hair down there is always Moroccan Light Oil which isn't as heavy.

-  The Oil feels very thick and luxurious. When applied to your hair is tames any fly away hairs that you may have and leaves everything looking nourished.

- This Oil makes your hair look wonderfully shiny. You could step out of the shower, dry off, put some clothes on, pop some Moroccan Oil through the ends of your hair and go out. This Oil definitely keeps everything nourished and tamed.

- The bottle is glass and therefore may not be ideal for carrying around with you on the go as if it smashes you're going to be out of pocket and have a thick mess waiting for you to try and clean up.

- Moroccan Oil is the Oil that sparked the hair oil craze - it is the original!

- Despite the packaging not being entirely travel friendly, I think it feels extremely luxurious. Considering this bottle is only 25ml and is therefore fairly small, the glass bottle feels rather heavy and definitely doesn't feel cheap or like it will break easily.

- Moroccan Oil can be used on all hair types and is also formulated without the use of alcohol. It can be used on either wet or dry hair so it is really up to you how you use it.

- This hair oil is most definitely a luxury. Of course, you can get away with using a hair oil that is a lot more affordable (I'd say that both Moroccan Oil is up there with the most expensive hair oils) but if you're looking for a once in a while hair care splurge this is the product to go for!

- Even though this is a tiny bottle, I wish it came with a little pump. I have a love hate relationship with the design of this bottle! On the one hand, I like the fact that there is no pump because it makes the bottle significantly more compact and perfect for travelling. However, I feel as though I waste too much product. When you have a pump you can easily calculate your usage (eg knowing you need 1/2, 1 pump or ever 2 pumps) and I wish I was able to with this bottle.

- The oil itself is an orange/brown colour but this doesn't transfer onto the hair in anyway.

- Another thing I can't quite get over is the way this oil smells. I really don't like the smell of Moroccan Oil and the first time I used it I can quite clearly remember thinking to myself *Oh god, this STINKS!!*. Is the smell enough to put me off of using this oil? NO! You need such a small amount of this oil that it would never make your hair smell really strongly of the scent and I have never been able to smell the scent of the oil on my pillow the morning after going to bed with wet hair so that's a massive plus point! With this oil, I have the let the smell of it slide because it's amazing!

I think it's exceptionally clear that I absolutely love this Moroccan Oil and I am such a fan that I will be
purchasing a much bigger bottle of it when this 25ml one eventually runs out. I can actually remember seeing a bottle somewhere that did in fact come with a pump so I think I will track that bottle down when the time comes. As I said, many people love the smell of Moroccan Oil but I just can't love it at the moment. Maybe once I have been using this product for a little while longer the smell will grow on me. However, since I have been using this oil my hair has felt absolutely amazing! I have heard a few bloggers say that they have experienced hair growth whilst using this oil! I experienced hair growth whilst using my Lee Stafford Argan Oil (Review here) so hopefully I do with this Moroccan Oil!

Which is your most loved hair oil?
Have you ever used Moroccan Oil? 

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Products I Have Used Up #1

This is the first ever 'Products I Have Used Up' post that I done here on the Little Beauty Blogg and to be honest I am quite excited about it! I love reading these kind of posts because they're a great way to see what people within the beauty community have been using, what they think of the product and whether or not they would repurchase. I always think of these kind of posts as being mini reviews - summing up a product in a few sentences and getting down to the bit everyone is desperate to know ... to repurchase or not?

I don't have any used up makeup products to share with you all this month but I do seem to have gathered a good mixture of things. It seems as though I have been using up a lot of shower things and to be perfectly honest I think that this is what I go through the most. I seem to be forever buying shampoo and conditioner but lets face it what girl doesn't? 


Vera Wang 'Princess Night' - First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate this amazing bottle? Purple + glitter = a hell yes from me! The bottle isn't the only thing that makes me love this perfume, however. The fragrance is considerably heavier than the original 'Princess'. This perfume is rather sweet but I think it smells really sexy. One key thing I like a perfume to have is good staying power and this one certainly does. This is the kind of perfume that you can spray onto an item of clothing and still smell it the day later. Wonderful!
would I repurchase? YES and this is on my Christmas list!

Sure Long Lasting Protection 'Radiant' - I am really fussy when it comes to deodorant. I have a few requirements: it doesn't irritate under my arms, it smells all day, it stops me from smelling or feeling sweaty, it doesn't cause any awful white marks and it smells nice. Pretty hefty requirements which I am pleased to say this one fulfils. This is the biggest size available and it lasts a while. The deodorant doesn't cost too much, it lasts all day making me feel confident and it doesn't have that dry powdery typical deodorant smell.
Would I repurchase? YES. I have repurchased this numerous times and it is something I will continue to use.


Liz Earle 'Cleanse & Polish' - This is one of those beauty products that every blogger and beauty junkie alike seem to love. Is it worth the hype? I would say so. It quickly and effectively removes makeup leaving your skin cleansed, clear of all the gunk that may have filled your pores during the day, quickly and effectively breaks makeup down and most importantly is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. First impressions post on Cleanse & Polish can be found here.
Would I Repurchase? YES and I already have done. 

Origins 'Clear Improvement' - This is a clay mask and therefore has the novelty of making your face feel all hard and stiff when it has dried. One thing this product isn't though is a gimmick. After I have used this, I genuinely feel as though my skin looks and feels clean. This mask leaves the skin looking healthy, clean and glowing. As with all Origins products, this mask is not tested on animals and is free from any nasty chemicals.
Would I Repurchase? Yes and I already have done. I love this mask!

Handbag Essentials...

Carex 'Protect + Plus' hand gel - Hand gel is something I have to have in my handbag. This hand gel leaves your hands feeling clean, doesn't have an offensive overly alcoholic smell and doesn't leave the hands feeling sticky or gunky after use. This gel is perfect for on the go use and a little goes a long way. This hand gel also does not feel harsh or drying on the hands and therefore causes no irritation. 
Would I Repurchase? YES, when I am looking for a new hand gel or notice this one on offer somewhere.

Bath & BodyWorks 'Purple Amethyst' Pocket Bac - If you're a B&BW or hand sanitiser fan, you will probably know that these tiny 29ml hand gels come in a wide range of texture and smells. This one is Purple Amethyst and of course was purple in colour. The gel did smell considerably more alcoholic than the previously mentioned Carex gel but I didn't mind too much. Despite smelling slightly alcoholic, the gel smelt of berries which I liked. It also left your hands feeling clean, refreshed and most importantly didn't leave a sticky/gunky residue on the hands. The only slight niggle that some people might have with this product is that it contains small fragments of glitter and when you rub the gel into your hands the glitter disperses around. It doesn't cause any irritation but may annoy some. Personally, I didn't mind it.
Would I Repurchase? YES but not right now. I have a fair few Pocket Bacs so don't need another one at the moment. However, this one is down on my 'like' list and I will buy it again when I need to restock. You can see my other Pocket Bacs here, in a recent Pocket Bac eBay haul I did!

Hair Care/Shower Essentials...

Sanex Zero% Sensitive Skin Shower Gel - Due to suffering from Eczema, I find that a lot of shower gels irritate my skin. I have never been able to use fancy bath/shower products because not only is my skin Eczema prone it's also sensitive. Sanex Zero% is formulated with 0% Fragrance, 0% Parabens, 0% Colourants, 0% Phthalates and 0% Phenoxyethanol. This means that the shower gel contains so nasty chemicals and is kind to sensitive skin meaning it doesn't and won't irritate it. I have used this shower gel for a while and have never experienced any problems. The gel lathers up nicely which means you feel nice and clean, is clear in colour, has little/no smell and doesn't look like a boring sensitive skin product. 
Would I Repurchase? YES and I already have done. 

Lee Stafford 'Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length - Longest hair treatment name ever!? Basically this product is designed to nourish the roots of the hair and keep them in optimum condition which should in turn help your hair to grow healthier and as a result quicker. You won't use this treatment, go to bed and wake up looking like Repunzel but you will be left with hair that feels softer, fluffier, stronger and looks healthier. This product doesn't leave your hair feeling or looking greasy whatsoever, despite having to use a conditioner after washing this treatment out.
Would I Repurchase? YES although I don't need to just yet. I picked up 3 tubs of this treatment when it was on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots so I don't need any just yet but when I run out ... I'll be running for some more!

Toni&Guy 'Cleanse Shampoo' and 'Nourish Conditioner' for damaged hair - As the title suggests this shampoo and conditioner is aimed at those with damaged hair. I bought this almost a year ago when my hair was in need of a serious pick me up and I have used it ever since. The shampoo lathers up well and leaves your hair feeling clean, whilst the conditioner leaves your hair feeling nourished (as the name would suggest), soft and in great condition. The shampoo goes a long way and gives you a really good wash whilst the conditioner is rather thick but doesn't leave your hair looking greasy. Both of these products smell amazing and if you're a fan of hair salons (I mean those fancy ones where you get pampered - not just a quick cut and volla) you will love these. I love being pampered in a hair salon so using this range always makes me (and my hair) very happy. Also, you don't have to have damaged hair to use this range! I prefer to use it because I feel as though it nourishes my hair nicely and leaves it feeling amazing - just what every girl wants!
Would I Repurchase? YES! I always have a back up supply of this shampoo and conditioner. 

Toni&Guy 'Nourish Reconstruction Mask' for damaged hair - Again, this is another amazing product from Toni&Guy's damaged hair range. Like with the shampoo and conditioner, you don't have to have damaged hair to use it! I have used this for nearly a year now and it's wonderful. I always use this in line with a shower cap and I either put some in my hair from roots-ends, pop the shower cap on and leave it on whilst I'm washing myself in the shower or I put some in my hair from roots-ends, pop on the shower cap and leave it on my hair for between 30 minutes to an hour. This mask doesn't leave your hair feeling or looking greasy, it improves the overall look of your hair, leaves your hair feeling soft, more manageable and most importantly nourished. This is why I love using a deep conditioner/treatment/mask aimed at damaged hair - it leaves undamaged hair feeling wonderful and silky soft. When I use this, I see visible results!
Would I Repurchase? YES and I would recommend this to anyone who either has damaged hair or doesn't and is just wanting to give their hair a bit of a pamper and an added boost! Along with my Toni&Guy Shampoo and Conditioner, I always have to have a spare tub of this waiting just in case I run out!  


Boots Multivitamins with Iron - These vitamins aren't anything special, they're just Boots own brand. I was made to take vitamins as a child but as soon as I decided I didn't want to take them anymore I didn't! In January, I unfortunately got Pneumonia and was really poorly for a long time. Family intervened with my non vitamin ways and made me take these ones. They're a Multivitamin so have a bit of everything within them and of course the iron is good for someone who finds they're too tired. Due to containing Iron, they don't smell wonderful but don't worry they don't taste awful. I have issues with swallowing tablets but these are fine because they're coated like Smarties and aren't too big. Like any vitamin they take any vitamin they take a while to get into your body and start working but I honestly believe they're doing some good. 
Would I Repurchase? YES but I don't need any right now because they always seem to be on 3 for 2 offer in Boots so I stocked up before coming back to uni. I think these work so would definitely re buy and I will continue to do so ... Plus, if I stop taking them my mum won't be happy haha!!

Starbucks Sugar-Free Spearmint Flavour Mints - My friend offered me one of these in a tutorial and ever since I have been hooked! I picked up a tin not so long ago and now they have all gone - oops! Don't worry, I didn't eat them all at once! It says on the back of the tin that excessive consupmtion can have a laxitive like affect - awkward These mints taste amazing and are a nice little treat to have in your handbag! The tin is also really nice and the fact that they're sugar free is awesome! They're a really smooth mint, not too Spearmint'y and in general and just amazing; I love them!
Would I Repurchase? YES, next time I can be bothered to go into Starbucks and stock up.

Well that's all of the 'empties' that I have to show you for now ! I would love to know what you all
thought of my first ever post of this kind - whether or not you liked it and would like me to continue
collecting the things I have used up to show you all...

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

October Haul

Usually my monthly hauls are a little bit crazy and they seem to take forever to write up but this month I feel as though I have been a good girl and haven't really bought much. I think because Christmas is on it's way I'm starting to curb my spending habit. If I don't stop buying things, there will be nothing I need, come Christmas. Also, I am starting to get used to being back in London and having amazing shops at my fingertips so the novelty of going shopping is kind of wearing off!

I decided to try some new brands last month, discovered a new awesome place to buy great beauty products from all over the world, splurged on the eagerly anticipated 2nd edition of the MAC/Rihanna collaboration and stocked up on one of my favourite makeup bases that I have loved for many years...


As you may know if you read my post here, I went to Selfridges and picked up some bits and pieces from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection. This collection was released earlier last month and to be honest, it was amazing! I had been after it for a very long time and ever since I laid eyes on the Her Cocoa palette I knew it had to be mine! The things that I picked up amounted to being quite a splurge but I had actually kept money aside a few months ago for when the collection came out so I feel like it was an entirely justified purchase. I knew that the collection was going to be very popular and knew I would have to go and get the things I wanted asap.

The Body Shop

I feel as though I am forever receiving emails from The Body Shop informing me of their sale or providing me with discount codes. Of course, this isn't a bad thing but to be honest if I bought something every time they sent me a code...I'd be over run with products. However, at the beginning of last month I needed to buy a few more of the brands All In One Face Base and replenish my supplies. I can't remember off the top of my head how much I got off of my order but I think it was either 35% or 50%. Due to the discount, I thought that I would take the plunge and try some hair butters from their new RainForest range. I got the small pots that are usually £3 each but due to the discount they were considerably less and therefore a total bargain!
Apologies for taking the picture in the box! The powders packaging
is just like a mirror and I didn't want my face or room in
the photograph haha! 


As you may know from my September haul (here), I entered into the world of Origins! For as long as I can remember, I have heard of this brand all over. Many  YouTube'rs and Bloggers alike love Origins and especially their face masks! I received an amazing freebie with the order I placed in September and that was a sample of their infamous Clear Improvement clay mask; along with a few other things.The sample of Clear Improvement was only a tiny 7ml tube but it provided me with enough uses to convince me that I needed to go out and buy a full size!
I was having a look on the Selfridges website and came across this set of 3 Origins face masks. The set contains 75ml tubes of Clear Improvement, Drink Up and Drink Up Intensive. The set was £25 which I don't think is bad at all! When you consider that big 100ml tubes of these masks are going to set you back over £20. 
This set (which comes in Christmas themed packaging) is the perfect set for someone like myself who is wanting to break into the world of Origins face masks or someone who is a die hard Origins face mask fan looking for a bargain. This set would also make a perfect Christmas!

Beauty Mart/Topshop 

After grabbing some food with a friend and whilst mooching around Oxford Street, we went into Topshop and I got super excited when I realised that the Beauty Mart has now been introduced to the brands flagship Oxford Circus store. The EOS lipbalms caught my eye immediately and I ran over to pick one up. I then came across the DHC things and I have heard a few YouTube'rs mention the brand before (which I think it Japanese? Please, correct me if I'm wrong!). I particularly wanted to try their pure cotton pads which I bought. I also needed some new face wipes and when I noticed the DHC ones I couldn't resist. Their little plastic container definitely caught my eye; it's so cute! 

House of Fraser/Guerlain 

I have never tried anything from Guerlain before but like many fellow beauty obsessives, I have heard a lot about the luxury brand. In particular, I have heard a lot about their Meteorites and about how they smell of Parma Violets! 
I have an awkward name which means that it is not common and I can never get it on anything. The packaging for the Crazy Pearls from the Guerlain 'Crazy Paris' Christmas 2013 has Champs- Elysees written in neon letters on the side of the tin and I was instantly in love. Despite Elysees not actually being my name or sounding particularly like it, the pearls appealed to me. 
However, I didn't just buy this powder for the packaging. I liked the idea of this product being multi functional. It can be: applied lightly and be used as an all over face/setting powder to brighten skin that's looking a little lack luster; be used as a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones and on the other high points on the face or can be used as a blush for those who have a fair skin tone like myself.   

Have you been to the Beauty Mart before? What is your favourite thing you bought
in October?

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