Saturday, 23 November 2013

Limited Edition Carmex - The Carmex Crusaders

Last Wednesday I received an email from my mum asking me if I could go to Selfridges and get herself and my auntie some limited edition Carmex and bring it home with me when I go back for Christmas. I was intrigued, to say the least! We all know that every year Vaseline provide us with a limited edition tin and that's advertised pretty well but I hadn't heard of this Carmex offering.

I looked into it a little by doing a Google search and discovered that the limited edition Carmex was exclusive to Selfridges and was super hero/comic themed. It is named the Carmex Crusaders and is only available in store and online in Selfridges! I spent some time talking to the lovely Crusaders that were in the London pop up store selling the tubs and they informed me that this was available from Selfridges and Selfridges only - this isn't going to be available in Boots, Superdrug or a supermarket anytime soon.

The formula inside the limited edition tub is the original tingly Carmex one that we all know and love. Nothing has changed, just the packaging. The Crusaders told me that last Wednesday was their last day in London and that they would be taking their pop up store to Birmingham and then Manchester. They were really nice and I chatted to one of them about my blog and we exchanged web addresses and Instagram names. She gave me an absolutely awesome goodie bag with all of the Carmex's that I bought and they included a comic strip booklet, a comic postcard, some comic stickers and some comic badges! Although, I think that the in store promotions have stopped now, I that this limited edition tub is still available online from Selfridges and costs £3.99.

At the time of writing this feature, I looked on eBay and people were trying to sell one of these tubs for a whopping £8! Talk about day light robbery! If you would like to get your hands on one of these goodie bags and limited edition Carmex Crusaders tubs, keep checking back as there may be a little giveaway coming up!!

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  1. This is so cool! Will have to see these! x

    1. It's really cool isn't it? I'm glad my mum spotted it! xx

  2. Oooo I am a lip balm collector (not intentionally) and love Carmex. Not sure if/when I will be able to get this tin, but I like the idea behind the packaging.
    Jade x

    1. I'm exactly the same, an accidental lip balm hoarder! xx