Tuesday, 5 November 2013

October Haul

Usually my monthly hauls are a little bit crazy and they seem to take forever to write up but this month I feel as though I have been a good girl and haven't really bought much. I think because Christmas is on it's way I'm starting to curb my spending habit. If I don't stop buying things, there will be nothing I need, come Christmas. Also, I am starting to get used to being back in London and having amazing shops at my fingertips so the novelty of going shopping is kind of wearing off!

I decided to try some new brands last month, discovered a new awesome place to buy great beauty products from all over the world, splurged on the eagerly anticipated 2nd edition of the MAC/Rihanna collaboration and stocked up on one of my favourite makeup bases that I have loved for many years...


As you may know if you read my post here, I went to Selfridges and picked up some bits and pieces from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection. This collection was released earlier last month and to be honest, it was amazing! I had been after it for a very long time and ever since I laid eyes on the Her Cocoa palette I knew it had to be mine! The things that I picked up amounted to being quite a splurge but I had actually kept money aside a few months ago for when the collection came out so I feel like it was an entirely justified purchase. I knew that the collection was going to be very popular and knew I would have to go and get the things I wanted asap.

The Body Shop

I feel as though I am forever receiving emails from The Body Shop informing me of their sale or providing me with discount codes. Of course, this isn't a bad thing but to be honest if I bought something every time they sent me a code...I'd be over run with products. However, at the beginning of last month I needed to buy a few more of the brands All In One Face Base and replenish my supplies. I can't remember off the top of my head how much I got off of my order but I think it was either 35% or 50%. Due to the discount, I thought that I would take the plunge and try some hair butters from their new RainForest range. I got the small pots that are usually £3 each but due to the discount they were considerably less and therefore a total bargain!
Apologies for taking the picture in the box! The powders packaging
is just like a mirror and I didn't want my face or room in
the photograph haha! 


As you may know from my September haul (here), I entered into the world of Origins! For as long as I can remember, I have heard of this brand all over. Many  YouTube'rs and Bloggers alike love Origins and especially their face masks! I received an amazing freebie with the order I placed in September and that was a sample of their infamous Clear Improvement clay mask; along with a few other things.The sample of Clear Improvement was only a tiny 7ml tube but it provided me with enough uses to convince me that I needed to go out and buy a full size!
I was having a look on the Selfridges website and came across this set of 3 Origins face masks. The set contains 75ml tubes of Clear Improvement, Drink Up and Drink Up Intensive. The set was £25 which I don't think is bad at all! When you consider that big 100ml tubes of these masks are going to set you back over £20. 
This set (which comes in Christmas themed packaging) is the perfect set for someone like myself who is wanting to break into the world of Origins face masks or someone who is a die hard Origins face mask fan looking for a bargain. This set would also make a perfect Christmas!

Beauty Mart/Topshop 

After grabbing some food with a friend and whilst mooching around Oxford Street, we went into Topshop and I got super excited when I realised that the Beauty Mart has now been introduced to the brands flagship Oxford Circus store. The EOS lipbalms caught my eye immediately and I ran over to pick one up. I then came across the DHC things and I have heard a few YouTube'rs mention the brand before (which I think it Japanese? Please, correct me if I'm wrong!). I particularly wanted to try their pure cotton pads which I bought. I also needed some new face wipes and when I noticed the DHC ones I couldn't resist. Their little plastic container definitely caught my eye; it's so cute! 

House of Fraser/Guerlain 

I have never tried anything from Guerlain before but like many fellow beauty obsessives, I have heard a lot about the luxury brand. In particular, I have heard a lot about their Meteorites and about how they smell of Parma Violets! 
I have an awkward name which means that it is not common and I can never get it on anything. The packaging for the Crazy Pearls from the Guerlain 'Crazy Paris' Christmas 2013 has Champs- Elysees written in neon letters on the side of the tin and I was instantly in love. Despite Elysees not actually being my name or sounding particularly like it, the pearls appealed to me. 
However, I didn't just buy this powder for the packaging. I liked the idea of this product being multi functional. It can be: applied lightly and be used as an all over face/setting powder to brighten skin that's looking a little lack luster; be used as a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones and on the other high points on the face or can be used as a blush for those who have a fair skin tone like myself.   

Have you been to the Beauty Mart before? What is your favourite thing you bought
in October?

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  1. you got amazing stuff! i love your MAC things! :)


    1. Thank you :) The MAC stuff is amazing - I loved the collection xx

  2. Oh this is a brillant haul!! I love the crazy coloured pearls!! Would you like to follow eachother? Let me know if you do!! xx