Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Origins Clear Improvement Mask - First Impressions

Up until a few weeks ago, I felt as though I was in the small minority of beauty bloggers who hadn't experienced the wonders that are Origins face masks. It seems like every beauty fanatic swears by them and I was yet to experience how wonderful they are. This small 7ml tube of Clear Improvement mask was one of the three amazing Origins freebies I received when I ordered my Super Spot Remover.

I am only just breaking into the world of origins but I'm glad I have finally entered it. I like that the products are mostly natural and don't really contain any nasty chemicals. Not to mention, the brand as a whole don't test on animals and instead they test on a panel of willing human beings - perfect!

I have only used this mask a few times and I have finished the little tube off now so I thought it was time I gave you one of my quick first impressions posts! Like with my other posts, I haven't used this product long enough to see any long term benefits but I have been using it long to enough to gain some initial thoughts on the mask...

- The mask contains active charcoal which is designed to clear the pores. Therefore, this mask can either be used as an all over the face kind of mask or can instead be applied to particular areas that are causing problem.

- The mask seems to go along way and can either be applied lightly or more liberally.

- Whenever I use this mask, the day after I can see a huge improvement in my skin and it looks as though it really is glowing.

- The mask, when it is applied, is wet and thick. However, when it is begins to dry the mask begins to get significantly harder and beings to crack.

- I definitely agree with the name of the mask because you most certainly can see a 'Clear Improvement' after you have used it.

- I was always scared of using face masks in case they broke me out but I am pleased to report that so far this mask hasn't done such a thing - result!

- I have tried to apply this mask in two ways - using a foundation brush and using my hands. I have found that using a foundation brush is perfect for when you want a light application of the mask and using the hands provides a thicker heavier coverage.

- The mask tends to go a long way. This small 7ml tube lasted me a total of 4 applications - 3 light all over the fact applications and 1 heavier all over the face application.

- The mask is more expensive than something you can pick up in your local Boots or Superdrug but I personally think it's worth every penny! A 50ml mask costs £10 and a 100ml mask costs £22.

A picture of Origins Clear Improvement mask

I like to remove this mask using one of my Liz Earle muslin cloths. I open my pores with the use of some warm water, apply the mask, leave it to sink into my face until its hard and has begun to crack and then I remove it using warm water and my cloth. I then like to finish off with a splash of clod water to re close my pores. So that the mask doesn't irritate my skin, I like to follow up by applying my toner and some moisturiser; application and removal of the mask is super easy.

What do you think of the Origins Clear Improvement mask? Have you used
it before or do you prefer a different clay one?

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  1. I'm really desperate to give this a go, but my student loan isn't quite stretching to it with christmas around the corner! xx

    1. It really is amazing! Maybe you could put some on your Christmas list? A 50ml costs £10 and would definitely last a while xx

  2. This masks looks good really want to try Orgins products!


    1. It's amazing! I'm only new to the brand but I definitely recommend trying their masks - they're great and can be used on all skin types xx

  3. Great review! Your blog is lovely xx

    1. Thank you lovely, I'm glad you enjoy reading xx