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The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes - Review

When I first saw this palette, I'm not going to lie, I felt a little intimidated. When it comes to eyeshadow, I'm a neutral girl, through and through. Whoever says you can never have too many neutral eyeshadows was spot on, you can't. I remember looking at this panicking that I had never worn these shades before and wondering whether or not they would compliment and suit my blue eyes. Slight over reaction? Completely! After swatching The Body Shop 'Shimmer Cube Palette' in number 23*, I was in love and couldn't wait to start playing around with the shades. They're perfect - a white, a pink, a deep purple and a deep plum. If you need one eyeshadow quad this party season, I guarantee you it will be this one. The colours are perfect for winter, create a glamour smokey eye and aren't too heavy so that they leave you looking like a drag queen - perfect!

I absolutely love these shades and although they aren't typically 'me' I'm very glad that I received them! My favourite shades definitely have to be the Deep Purple and the Plum tone. The Plum one actually reminds me of the MAC eyeshadow in 'Sketch' and this is a shade I have been wanting to try for a long time but have always worried it wouldn't suit me. The shadow contained in this quad, however, is slightly more metallic and darker. I absolutely love wearing the two dark shades and I love wearing them by putting a light wash of the white shadow all over the lid and applying one of them into the outer corner and blending like there's no tomorrow. This ensures that there isn't as much of a stark contract between the light/dark colours and eliminates any harsh lines so the shadows blend seamlessly into one another.

All four of the eyeshadows in the this quad feel buttery soft, apply well and blend effortlessly. The fact that this shadow is a quad of four colours means that you don't have worry about whether or not they will compliment each other when worn together. The Body Shop have done the hard work for you which means that this quad is perfect for someone who is new to eyeshadows, wants to start experimenting with some colour or just want a go to palette.

Shades: (top - bottom)
01 Orchid Purple
02 Candy Pink
03 Pearly White
04 Velvet Plum

As you can see from the picture above, each eyeshadow comes in it's own little plastic cube which means that if you only want to use one of the shades you can pop it in your makeup bag and you don't have to worry about it getting smashed. The clear packaging is also handy because you can easily see the colours that are inside so if you can quickly grab the shade you want to use instead of faffing around. Another thing that someone may lie about this packaging is that you can completely remove an eyeshadow from its little cube if you want to. I don't quite know why someone would want to do this because it makes the shadow extremely susceptible to smashing but I guess everyone has their own individual preferences... (as shown below). 

Even though they're meant to, the other two shades wouldn't come out.
I didn't want to force them and end up crumbling them!

I think that this quad is perfect for winter and the festive season and for £16* I think that it's great value for money. The shadows are good quality, pigmented and will last a long time; they feel high end without being too expensive. I was actually in The Body Shop this Monday taking full advantage of their 50% off offer and had to refrain myself from picking up some more shimmer cubes! Due to it being so close to Christmas, I'm trying to be good at the moment when it comes to shopping but in the New Year I'd definitely like to add some more Shimmer Cubes to my makeup collection. In typical Elysia style, I have my eye on the neutral one, of course!

I think this palette would create the perfect smokey eye for a glamorous Christmas
Party, what do you think?

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*c/o Talented Talkers
Product provided in consideration for review.

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