Monday, 9 December 2013

The Body Shop 'The Sparkler' - Review

I'm a fan of The Body Shop and whenever they have a new discount code or promotion taking place I either find myself having a mooch online or in store. Speaking of discount, they currently have 50% off online and in store TODAY ONLY (9/12/2013)!! One thing that I came across a long time ago was 'The Sparkler' and ever since it has caught my attention. It reminds me of an old perfume bottle, with the sleek class packaging and the fabric atomiser. I love the packaging, it has a real old school glamour feel about it and would look great sat on a dressing table.

The 'Sparkler'* does look a little daunting to be honest and I have always wondered how no earth you'd use it without showering yourself and your surroundings. However, it really isn't that difficult. The Sparkler* is described as being an all over shimmer and this shade is '02 Enchanting Gold'.

The product is designed to disperse a fine yellow toned, fragranced glitter over the body to enhance and dazzle. You can use the super soft finely milled dust on the body (shoulders, collarbones, legs), face or hair and I guess if you're wanting to look super shimmery you could even spritz some on your clothes - we are in the Christmas party season, after all!

This product is best used when you hold it between 5-10 cm away from you, hold it above the spot where you want the shimmer to go, hold it at a slight angle and press the atomiser gently so it disperses the product as you need it. If you press it too hard, it will all fire out and land in one spot. With this product, slow and steady is key.

If you're a fan of glitter and would like some added pizazz to your skin, then this is likely to be the product for you. The powder is fine, the fragrance isn't so strong that it interferes with everyday perfume and the dispersed glitter lasts on the skin for a few hours. If you're wanting it to last a little longer, you could always moisturise and then spritz this all over you as your drying off. Although I like this product, I do think it's limited in when you would actually use it. This doesn't strike me as something that you can use everyday and instead I think it's probably best suited for celebrations (birthdays, weddings, christenings), nights out and Christmas parties. Now that we're in the festive season, I think this would also be great for performers to use to give them some extra sparkle whilst on stage. I have a performance background and for our Christmas dance shows we would always use the aerosol glitter sprays and it would fill the dressing rooms with that awful heavy smell! It would be choking and the corridors would stink of the spray. If only we had something such as The Sprinkler, it would have been so much easier and much better for my poor asthmatic lungs! 

At £15* this is quite an expensive product but if you're a serious shimmer lover and have space in your collection for something like this; I think you will love it! After all, this is one of the Body Shops best selling products.

Have you ever tried 'The Sparkler'? Are you
a fan of shimmer?

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  1. I spotted this in store and fell in love with the pink version. I really wanted to buy it, especially as The Body Shop are always offering discounts and you wouldn't have to pay £15 for it, but I was honest with myself that I'm not going out anywhere over Christmas to use it so I resisted!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. It does look a little bit intimidating but after a little trial and error you soon get to grips with it! I totally agree with why you resisted this - I feel it's perfect for the Christmas period but limited to this season. I definitely wouldn't be wearing this every day xx