Saturday, 13 December 2014

Moon Cats - Checked Scarf

If there is one accessory that I love, other than a nice handbang, it has to be a scarf. Whether you're wanting to add a little extra something to an outfit or wrap up against the bitter cold of winter, you can achieve this with a scarf; they're such a practical thing to have in your wardrobe.

Moon Cats are an American company that are based in the Fashion District of New York and who specialise in a vast range of scarfs. Whether your're wanting a light weight cover up or a nice winter chunky knit, Moon Cats are sure to have something for you. With a vast range of affordable high quality scarves available in different patterns and styles, Moon Cats is the perfect website to browse if you're looking to add something new to your collection this winter.

As I have been loving Checks this season, the scarf that I chose is Checked Square which is priced at $39.95 with free delivery being offered within the USA. As soon as I noticed this scarf on the website it grabbed my attention as it is unlike anything else that I own. I either have plain scarves, Alexander McQueen skull ones or my massive navy and green Checked/Tartan one that I got last year from Zara - you know the one that every blogger had and is literally the size of a picnic blanket!

I chose this scarf as it's very autumnal and I thought that it would be lovely to wear on those days where despite it being absolutely freezing, the sky is blue and the sun is out; proving a point that it is still there and can show it's face, despite the usual grey gloomy winter sky we become accustomed to seeing.

First of all the packaging that this scarf came in was lovely and considering it came all the way from America it was within me within a week which is seriously impressive! My scarf came in a box and it was wrapped in red tissue paper with a big white Moon Cats sticker sealing it closed. Packaging and presentation is everything so I serious props to Moon Cats for sending something that was simplistically yet beautifully - sometimes, it's those small details that make a drastic difference!

My Checked Square scarf is very large and that's what I love about it - it's measurements are 56" by 56"! Due to it being longer and larger than some scarves, you can easily achieve a range of different styles with it. Whether you want to bundle it up and wrap up warm underneath it or drape it around your neck to allow it to fall down onto your thighs, this scarf looks great! Due to the colours being quite neutral. it's extremely versatile and the fact that it is made from a nice soft material means that it does not feel itchy or scratchy against your skin when it's around your neck!

Moon Cats 'Checked Square'

I have been wearing this scarf a lot over the past week as the weather here in the UK hasn't been the best and I have needed to wrap up a little more than usual. Personally, I find that this scarf goes best with dark colours and I absolutely love wearing it with my big navy blue chunky cable knitted cardigan - the colours match perfectly!

If you would like to treat yourself to a scarf from the Moon Cats website, they have kindly provided 
me with a discount code for all of my blog followers and readers! To save 20% OFF ALL of the Moon Cats scarves until the 22nd of December, you can use the code BEAUTYBLOG20OFF to grab yourself a pre Christmas treat!

Have a great weekend!

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*Product sent my Moon Cats in consideration for a review.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Irresistible Me - Hair Extensions Review

Hair extensions are one of those things that people either love or they hate. You can look at someone wearing them and have virtually no idea that their super voluminous and perfectly styled hair has been achieved with the use of hair extensions or you can see clips galore, mismatched extensions and someone trying to use hair significantly longer than their own. I've always been afraid of the latter; the hair extension disaster!

Up until this summer I had never owned or even tried a set of hair extensions in my hair and to be completely honest I was absolutely clueless about colour matching. Getting a pair that matched perfectly with my natural hair colour was top of my priorities, as I have one of those funny shades of hair that has a few different undertones in different lights. Thankfully when it came to choosing my extensions off of the Irresistible Me website, there was an extremely helpful video showing the different colour options they have available and the difference between each of them.  

Irresistible Me* are an American hair extensions company that specialise in two different types of hair. Their 'Silky Touch' hair extensions are available in 13 different shades, comes in three different weight options and ranges in length from 14 to 24 inches. The 'Silky Touch' hair made from natural human Remy Hair and with prices starting at $69 this is Irresistible Me's more affordable range of hair extensions. 

The hair extensions that I chose were from the second range of hair extensions that the brand specialises in - 'Royal Remy Hair'. This range of hair extensions is Irresistible Me's 'premium' range of extensions and is again available in 13 different shades, comes with three different weight options and is ranges in length from 14 to 24 inches. In order to feel like European hair, the extensions in this range are of the highest quality and are made from 100% natural, extra soft and fine hair. These hair extensions are also the most versatile 'hair' offered by Irresistible Me as you can straighten, curl and even set these extensions in rollers. Starting at $129 and increasing upwards to $299 depending upon which length and weight you choose means they're pricier than the other range but this is definitely reflected in the quality! 

The way in which these hair extensions come packaged really impressed me. Their sleek black presentation box with silver writing embossed on the front was really stylish. The box is also nice and substantial as it even survived the postal journey from America to the UK - and we all know how little care couriers can take with our parcels! 

The hair extensions themselves come packaged in a long rectangular pouch that is divided into two sections. One of the sections contains most of the hair and the other section is a much smaller square and contains 2 wefts of hair. The great thing about this little right hand section is that Irresistible Me actually allow you to be able to check the length, weight and colour of the extensions against your own hair and as long as you have only opened this section (and not the larger one) you can send your them back if they're not suitable. When you are happy with your 'new hair' you can then open the larger section on the left. 

I opted to go for the colour 'Royal Medium Brown' #4 in 20 inches with 200g of hair in the Royal Remy Hair. I absolutely love my extensions and they are the perfect colour match for me. #4 Medium Brown is a mid tone brown shade and has slightly more of a red undertone to it when compared to 'Royal Chocolate Brown #2' which is a little darker. I was actually surprised how well the extensions matched with my natural hair as when they arrived I thought that they were possibly going to be a little off colour. However, the fact that I went for hair extensions that were only around 4 inches longer than my natural hair is when it is straight means that I was able to achieve a much more blended and natural look. My hair is long and of medium thickness but it is no where near as thick as it used to be so these extensions added so much more volume and 'oomph' to my hair. The volume and length they provide makes them are perfect for a night out, a special occasion or for when you need a little more hair in order to create a glamorous ponytail or a voluminous bun. They really are versatile, due to the type of hair they are made from. 

Although I have never tried hair extensions before, I did have a rough idea of how you apply them to your hair so I wasn't completely dumbfounded; although I was still a total novice. I have seen a few friends on Facebook over the years talking (or should I say moaning?) about hair extensions and the fact that the clips are either completely useless and just break or are not already attached to the extensions when you purchase them. However, I had no such issues with the Irresistible Me clips. The extensions come with the clips already attached to the wefts of hair and they are sewn on really well. Plus you also receive 3 spares in your box just in case you ever need them. The clips themselves snap close and are stiff in a way that enables them to be able to grip to your hair and hold the extension securely in place without being impossible to get out again. In order for the extensions to stay in my hair, I simply placed the extension where I wanted it, teased my hair a little bit with the clip and snapped it shut. Taking the extensions out was also super easy because the teeth of the clip are just like a comb so when they are undone/unpopped it just slides out of your hair. I have always been worried about hair extensions causing your own hair to fall out or pulling chunks of your own hair out when you remove them but thankfully I didn't experience this as these hair extensions are extremely good quality!

Due to choosing my hair extensions to be 20inches, I received 200g of hair which is a lot and extremely good value for money! Within my pack, I received 10 wefts of hair ranging in size and included a large 4 clip piece, two 3 clip pieces, five 2 clip pieces and two 1 clip pieces, The 4 piece clip is really thick and if you are using the hair extensions purely to add some thickness to your hair rather than length and have chosen a set that's virtually the same length as your natural hair; this piece on it's own would amazing results!

As you can see from my before (left) and after (right) pictures, the hair extensions look natural, match my hair perfectly and are adding a nice amount of length without looking too 'fake' and obvious. The hair extensions in the Royal Remy Hair range from Irresistible Me are amazing quality and I would definitely recommend them to someone who is either thinking about trying some hair extensions for the first time or for someone who is looking for a new pair; I couldn't be happier with mine. 
Don't forget to take a look at the Irresistible Me website
where shipping to the UK and many other countries
is available!

Enjoy your weekend, 

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* Product sent by Irresistible Me in consideration for a review

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Remember To Be Happy...

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love blogging and if you follow me you will know that I am always using social media. For some reason, like most young adults and teenagers these days, I forever have my phone stuck to my hand. Whether I am texting someone, chatting on the phone, browsing Twitter and Instagram or even trawling through Facebook reading the latest absurd status someone has posted and thinking 'I really don't care', I am on my phone. Yet the same really doesn't apply to my laptop or to Blogger.

I don't know what has happened over the past few months because I have genuinely not felt the need or the urge to blog. It's funny really because I have been buying things and taking pictures of products to show and review for you all yet the actual act of me writing about what I have been photographing hasn't happened.

When you're a blogger, you get the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and along with this you get to see their blog. More often than not, I find myself thinking 'I wish my blog was like that' because their photos are perfect, their posts always look amazing and so well put together and their whole blog layout is really good. Then I look at my little old blog and whilst I am super duper proud of my little slice of the internet and love every single one of you who has ever left me a lovely comment on here or on social media, I have just been lacking confidence and inspiration lately.

I found myself going through a stage where I lacked inspiration and worried that my blog was becoming a bit too 'samey'. Please don't get me wrong, I absolutely love shopping and reading/watching hauls is probably one of my favourite ways to procrastinate but I didn't want to feel like all I had to my name in the blogging world was shopping. I knew the direction that I wanted to go in but I didn't know how to get there. It was like I needed some form of blogging SatNav to be able to guide me and give me some directional advice but obviously that didn't happen because 1. they don't exist and 2. no one ever made a success of things by being handed it on a plate.

As well as lacking inspiration and having that 'oh my god, my blog isn't good enough, it's crap' freak out that I am sure most bloggers know all too well, I just have not had the time! In the midst of moving back home from London for the summer holidays I had: been away, sat at my laptop trying to overcome blogger/writers block for numerous hours, had a massive 'life doubt/what am I going to do next...' crisis, prepared to move back to London, spent over a month battling skin complaints and infections and all whilst setting up my own online website! Oh and playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 with my mum and auntie. Everything didn't happen in that exact order but I think that you get the idea of how crazy things have been.

In regards to my website, I shall definitely be doing a post on that soon because I never in a million years anticipated that anyone would be interested in anything that I had to offer. I thought that maybe I would have like one order a year and for me that would still have meant as much as having thousands of orders a day would! Of course, I don't receive thousands of orders a day because if I did I wouldn't be sat here right now I would be on some exotic island chilling out or be somewhere fabulous spending all of my new found fortune on some crazy shopping trip. I think the latter sounds more 'me'! However, in between all of the ordering stock, re ordering stock, counting the stock, photographing the stock, making the orders by hand, packing the orders, dispatching the orders, answering numerous emails and running various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; time has most definitely ran away with me lately. I feel as though one minute it was the end of May when I was moving back home and I have suddenly blinked and it's not late September - wow, just wow.

There really is more to life than social media and trying to please people.
Be yourself, don't feel pressured to be someone you're not for 'likes' and
enjoy life whilst you have the chance..

I always knew that I would return back to blogging but I just was never 100% sure of when that would be. Like I said, all summer I have been taking photos which were all intended to accompany blog posts but I just couldn't find the words to write anything. When I signed into blogger and I noticed that people were still coming here to visit the page and that I had almost GFC 400 followers, I was blown away. I never imagined that people would want to read what I was writing about on here anyway so to think that people have been visiting regardless of my lack of activity and have potentially been reading my old posts; I was blown away.

I still don't know exactly which direction I want to take my blog in but I do know that it is still going to be based firmly around beauty as it is something that I am really passionate about. Of course, I will still be posting product reviews and possibly some hauls but I want to be able to share them in a way that doesn't make me look like I am playing some kind of 'who can buy and show the most amount of stuff which they have recently bought' kind of game because that just isn't me. Despite how someone may appear on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even on their blog by way of what they write about and the items they choose to share with their followers and readers, despite what most people think the majority of beauty bloggers that I know are lovely girls who just simply want to share their happiness and new goodies with like minded people.

Thank you all for being so awesome..

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ojon Damage Reverse Thickening Shampoo

Before buying this shampoo, I had never tried anything from Ojon but had always wanted to. I had heard a lot about their infamous hair oil and had asked for an Ojon set for Christmas but unfortunately it had been sold out so I wasn't able to receive that as a gift. Usually I don't bother with really expensive shampoo's and instead just pick something up from Boots because I find myself going through them so quickly; I usually go for something by L'Oreal as that seems to be my favourite drugstore shampoo/conditioner brand but fancied a change.

I go through stages where I just want a nice 'pick me up' and feel as though my hair could do with an extra bit of love and attention. During the winter months and when I am away at university it seems as though the cold and the stress of studying takes its toll on my hair and leaves it - for want of a better word - feeling a bit meh. 

I bought this shampoo back at the end of January and was in my shower for a good 4 months - yes, I really did manage to keep a shampoo for that length of time! I absolutely love it! This shampoo is a sulphate formula and is designed to be used on damaged hair that is lacking thickness. Ojon claim that this shampoo is not only designed to be used on hair that is prone to falling but it also hydrates and boosts the fullness of the hair as it gently cleanses the scalp. I have to dispute Ojon's claims slightly as I don't feel that this shampoo does actually boost the hair in terms of fullness. However, this could be because I didn't use this shampoo consecutively; instead it was used more as an occasional in shower treat. 

If I was somehow able to use some form of technology that allowed you all to be able to smell how glorious this shampoo smells, I would. This shampoo literally smells like a posh hair salon in a bottle - it's so relaxing and is such a pick me up. Sometimes, Sulphate free shampoo can lack lather and I can safely say that this one doesn't lack anything in the lather department. A little drop of this - probably a little bigger than a 50 pence piece - and my hair is a mass of luxurious bubbles. 

I know that some people may think that this is an extortionate price to pay for a shampoo but personally I am happy to pay it. I find that the best time to order from Ojon is when they have a special offer on - and they have them on a lot. I recently bought another bottle of this from them and received 6 free samples. Usually, you receive a 2ml sample of their hair oil in a formula of your choice but this time I received much more. 

If you know someone who loves to pamper themselves or loves to take care of their hair - I guarantee you that something from Ojon is likely to suit them perfectly! Have you ever
used anything from Ojon before?

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Body Shop 'Facial Brush'

Although I am into my skincare, a facial brush is something that I never really considered using. I always though that they would be too harsh and provide too much of an exfoliation for my extremely sensitive skin. To me, they looked like they were a disaster waiting to happen with only one outcome - a sore red face! I have to admit though that for the most part I was wrong. A facial brush can actually be a great companion to use alongside your favorite cleanser or face wash; especially if it is a foaming one.

I always find myself browsing The Body Shop website - but that's probably because they always email me with amazing money off codes and I can't resist having a look to see if anything takes my fancy - and on one occasion I found myself looking at and reading the reviews for a face brush. I resisted the urge of adding a load of stuff to my basket and making an online order and instead popped in store whilst out gallivanting (such a funny word isn't it!?). 

On average, this little face brush had a 5 star rating on The Body Shop website and the reviews that I looked at were all mainly positive. One of the things that I liked about this face brush was the fact that it has a lid. It's perfect for travelling with and for storing in your bathroom. The lid means that you can protect the brushes bristles from excess water and any other nasties that might be floating around in the air that could potentially irritate your skin - think the perfume from air fresheners!

Although the brush is much smaller than it looks on the website and considerably smaller than you imagine it to be, the size isn't really an issue. The fact that the brush is smaller means that it's great for travelling with and it's compact size means it's perfect for using around the nose and chin areas which are most the common areas for spots and blackheads. 

I found that this face brush worked really well with my Lancome foaming cleanser but unfortunately left my skin feeling really sensitive. I didn't use this brush in a heavy handed manner and instead lightly buffed it around my face using circular motions to work the cleanser into my skin. After using this brush, my skin felt amazing and very clean - although the Lancome cleanser is amazing anyway and leaves your skin feeling 'baby bum' soft and glowing - but the following evening my skin felt sore and I wasn't able to use the brush all over my face. I decided that I would only use this brush in the evening and I'm glad that I did because there is no way my face would have been able to handle this twice a day.To the touch, the bristles are not overly hard or scratchy and they have a nice amount of movement which means you can work with it easily around your face but unfortunately they just did not agree with my skin.

I bought my face brush for a little over £2 during one of The Body Shop's promotions but even at full price this will only cost you £4. If you have normal skin and are thinking of trying out a face brush, I definitely recommend giving this one a go! Not only does it work work a number of different products, this would also be amazing for people who suffer with black heads around their nose and chin because with this small brush you really can buff into small areas and give them a thorough clean.

Have you ever tried a face brush? Which is your favourite one? 


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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

PradaSphere at Harrods - May 2014

If you have read my last post or follow me on Instagram, I am sure that you're more than aware of the fact that I recently went to the PradaSphere exhibition that Harrods were having throughout May. The exhibition was absolutely stunning and gave a real insight into the brand not only in terms of the way the brand is created/owned and the ways in which they have helped evolve style over the years but there was also the opportunity to look at some stunning clothes, shoes and handbags. I know this this post is coming to you super late and I do apologise for this but I have been having a girly 2 weeks with my mum and auntie and we have been having so much fun flitting to and fro; I've seriously lost track of time! If you're interested and people want to see a post about the things I have bought or detailing the things we did and the fun we have been getting up to, I am happy to do that! We have just got back from a shopping trip to Manchester this evening and we so tired and currently waiting for our Pizza to be delivered - we literally did shop until we dropped! I know that I've kind of missed the boat with this post but for those who are interested here it is nonetheless...

The exhibition was free to attend and absolutely anybody was welcome to go. It wasn't an invitation only type of thing, it was free, I have no loyalties to Prada. I have already posted a lot of the pictures from the exhibition on my Instagram account and it seems that not everybody appreciated me doing so. I think people often get a bit huffy when someone posts something designer or designer related on their social media account. In no way shape of form does doing so make someone a bad person or a big head - yet I think that this is often the assumption people make. For example, I did not post the Prada pictures and I am not writing this blog post to brag - because what is there to brag about? It was a free exhibition - I am instead posting these pictures for fashion bloggers, fashion fans, Prada lovers or anybody else who may be reading this blog and wanted to attend the exhibition but was not able to get to London to see it.

The exhibition itself was absolutely stunning and comprised of miniature models of buildings, shoes, accessories, handbags, fashion and even cinema. I believe that all of the clothes displayed at the exhibition were designed by Prada exclusively for Harrods and were inspired by the brands collections from the past 100 years. The exhibition was named PradaSphere, was housed on the 4th floor of Harrods and included a cafe - the first ever Prada cafe! Unfortunately we didn't get to go in as it was very busy but it was extremely pretty inside. 

The exhibition was a mixture of glass cabinets housing beautiful pieces of clothing, handbags and shoes as well as an 'Observatory' where you could walk into and sit down to watch a short Prada film. The exhibition was also interactive and there were large Prada books you could look through with stunning fashion illustrations inside. I particularly liked the fact that the whole of the left hand side wall had been turned into a timeline of the brand and showed their past creations and advertising campaigns from the very beginning right up until the present day in 2014. 

You were free to take as many pictures as you wished and as well as being able to walk around the exhibition at your own leisure there were also staff on hand to give a guided your if you wished. They were all extremely polite and kindly provided me and my friend with a programme of the exhibition. The booklet is gorgeous and is something I shall keep forever - it really was a not to be missed event! 

Although there were many items on display, none of them were available to buy and instead it was just simply something to admire. One thing that I have to mention is the carpet - if any of you attended this event, did you comment on how amazing the carpet felt? I wish I could have asked them where they bought it and have some laid in my bedroom because it really was like walking on a cloud. The pile must have been so thick!! Okay so that was a little bit weird right? I bet you never thought you'd be reading my blog and me chatting about how amazing I thought a carpet was!

I apologise for how picture heavy this post was but as you can see the exhibition was gorgeous - too pretty to not photograph. Although the exhibition would have been extremely interesting for Prada enthusiasts, you didn't have to be into your designers to appreciate what was on show. If Harrods ever do something like this again, I will most definitely be attending!

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Shopping at Harrods

I feel like this is a boring opening to a blog post and I know I always say 'before I get into things' but I just wanted to briefly apologise for the lack of blog posts that I have put up recently. For this past week, I have been away on a mini break with my mum and auntie so blogging hasn't been my main priority. I have had so much fun with them and it was great to escape for a few days...even if it was only to the UK where I live anyway! It's amazing how chipper and refreshed you can feel after going and staying in a different area for a while; the sunshine also made an appearance which was glorious as we were staying by the sea! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few photos that I have posted - there weren't many because I was relying on 3G and I wasn't getting the best reception so anything Internet related was quite difficult at times - but I am sure I will mention more about things as time goes on because we have a few more exciting things planned. I am going away shopping next week and I cannot wait!!

When you live in a small town and there are not many shops to choose from, moving to somewhere like London is a whole new world (in more ways than one!) - especially when you come from a family of women who love to shop and it would seem like you have the shopaholic gene running through your veins! Although I guess I shouldn't complain because I am going to be saving a hell of a lot of money haha!!

On the Friday before the last bank holiday weekend we had in May and me moving back home, I celebrated my friends early birthday with her by doing a bit of shopping on Oxford Street, in Louis Vuitton and Harrods. I will be the first person to admit that Harrods is not my favourite place on earth. In the designer sections - those glorious accessories and handbag halls you have to walk through to get into the building - I feel as though you're instantly judged by members of staff looking at you sussing you and your financial situation out as if to say 'can you afford to be here?'. No thank you; I much more prefer the friendlier more laid back ambiance that Selfridges has to offer but regardless of this I can never stop myself falling in love with and photographing just how beautiful Harrods is. 

I don't really know what kind of post this is, because it's not a 'haul'. I guess this is more of a lifestyle post letting you all know what I have been getting up to in my spare time and showing you a few photographs. Personally, I love posts like this because you get to see some lovely photographs of somewhere you may never have been before and of somewhere you cannot visit because you don't live there. If these type of posts are something you would like me to do more often, whenever I have been doing something interesting, then I am more than happy to do so. I seem to be forever documenting things, so if no one appreciates reading this at least when I look back over 2014 in the future I look back on the memories I made - bit of a soppy moment there Elysia?

Those two rings on the left - BEAUTIFUL!

He is so cute!

Delicious cakes - I definitely recommend buying a slice!

 Harrods all decked out in Prada. Even in the rain, this iconic
building looks stunning. 

Someone was a little bit naughty - although they were
presents for someone. 

How can a cake be so pretty?

One word - YUM!

Where is your favourite place to shop in London?

Next: All about the PradaSphere exhibition at Harrods
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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lancome Splurge!

There is no better time to buy makeup than when a brand is offering a free gift with purchase and Lancome sure do know how to offer a wonderful freebie! I picked this little lot up around a month ago when I was home for a few days - I'm home from uni for summer now and it's AWESOME - I went into Debenhams to 'have a look', as I always do and ended up making a purchase. Aside from Superdrug and Boots, Debenhams is the only place to buy 'high end' makeup in my hometown so the range is somewhat sparse. Even in a town where makeup offerings are limited, it seems I can still scope something out!

The free gift I picked up was really good and in general I only ever buy Lancome when they are offering a GWP - the same now goes for Clinique - both brands, in my opinion offer the best freebies!  The one I received this time was worth over £96 and you qualified for it when you bought 2 or more items. With a third purchase, you received a free cleanser and toner but I was able to exercise some self control and resist. I really didn't need anything else they had to offer and the past 3 posts probably demonstrate this point perfectly!

Free Gift: 4ml La Vie Est Belle, Juicy Tube, Hydra Zen, Hydra Zen Nuit, 7ml Genefique, FULL size Bi Facial, Hypnose mascara and Blusher.
Powder Brush 01 £28.00 | Poudre Majure Excellence 01 £30.00

Since I got my Dior Birds of Paradise brush last year, I have used it every day and have been wanting to add another nice brush to my collection for a while. Before I went shopping I was doing my makeup and commented that I would like another one so when I noticed this Lancome one and fell in love with it I made the spur of the moment to buy it; especially when I found out how much it was! The price of this Lancome powder brush actually surprised me and my mum because it is a rather large brush, is made by Lancome and is also made of natural bristles. I was expecting it to be between £38 and £48, within the same price range as my Dior one! 
I picked up this face powder because I have used a Lancome one in the past and have been forever meaning to get another one but just haven't got round to doing so. I decided on this powder because the colour was perfect for me, the formula felt like applying silk onto your skin and it isn't to mattifying. The powder allows some natural dewiness to shine through and I thought this would be the perfect setting powder for my NARS Sheer Glow foundation. 

We are finally at the end of this series of mini 'hauls' and I have really enjoyed writing them in this way!
                  If you have enjoyed this new style, please let me know and I will write them in this way in future

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