Thursday, 30 January 2014

DHC Silky Cotton pads - Review

A few months ago, I was shopping in Topshop Oxford Circus and found myself a little too excited when I came across their Beauty Mart section. The first ever Beauty Mart (a selection of some of the best beauty products from around the world in one space) launched in Harvey Nichols London a little while ago but unfortunately the London store is located in Knightsbridge and isn't what you'd class as being particularly central! If you're in London and find yourself anywhere near Knightsbridge or the Topshop flagship, I recommend visiting the Beauty Mart - it's an amazing concept and because they stock awesome beauty products that otherwise aren't readily available in the UK; you know you're going to find something wonderful. Plus students can get 10% off with their student card which make it even more appealing!

DHC is a Japanese beauty brand and although they have a website for UK residents I have never seen any of their stuff in a shop here. The box of pads costs £4.50 and includes 80 so they're considerably more expensive than the average cotton pad but still they won't break the bank. These cotton pads have an outer layer of fine silk and therefore they feel super super soft. They're also a little more hefty and well made than the standard cotton wool pad so this means that they are perfect for using with liquid products - eye makeup remover, milk cleansers, toners, micellar waters and even nail varnish remover. Due to being thicker, they don't disintegrate when being used which means that you don't actually need to use as many which in turn saves money and probably justifies why they have a slightly higher price tag. They are amazing!

I absolutely love these Silky Cotton pads and they have become a staple in my beauty stash. They are an amazing addition to your skincare routine and make using a liquid product so much easier. They are very soft, don't drag along your skin and hold liquid well. On the back of the cotton pad there is a also a little pocket that you can put your fingers inside and this is really useful. One big plus point when it comes to these pads is that they don't feel like cotton wool traditionally does. Instead, they're smooth and squeak free. You know when you squeeze a cotton wool ball and it makes that noise and the texture of it is just awful? THAT! I have issues with cotton wool, it goes right through me; like nails down a blackboard!

Would you ever consider trying a slightly more luxurious cotton pad?

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Monday, 27 January 2014

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution

If you're a regular reader of beauty blogs, I'm sure that you have heard a lot about the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution. It seems that the beauty world has become obsessed with Micellar water - everyone is using them and every brand is creating them, they're everywhere. The first ever Micellar water I tried was the infamous Bioderma but unfortunately that left little to be desired and caused me to break out so I was a little skeptical of this offering from L'Oreal.

The thing that is super appealing about Micellar solution's is the fact that they make makeup removal easy. These type of products are a lazy girls dream - makeup removal takes under 60 seconds and requires minimal effort. The L'Oreal Micellar solution is a 3 in 1 formula and claims to dissolve makeup, unclog pores/remove impurities and tone/soothe the skin.

Although I don't think that this Micellar solution completely removes all traces of makeup from the skin, it definitely does a good job in doing so. I like to start off my morning and evening skincare regime by using some of this on a cotton pad. In the morning, I use some of this to just refresh my face and in the evening I like to use 2 or 3 pads to remove the makeup that is on the surface of my skin before properly cleansing to remove any left over residue and to clear my skin of impurities. 

When I used this Skin Perfecting Micellar Solution, my skin looks great. I really feel a difference. Although this doesn't have the ability to fight spots on it's own, I definitely feel as though it helps to clear and improve the skin; which is one of L'Oreal's product claims. When I first started using this around 6 weeks ago consecutively day and night for a few days, I noticed a visible improvement. I really do think that this Micellar solution helps to clear impurities, soothe and tone the skin.

I like the packaging of this L'Oreal product and as I said in the review of their eye makeup remover I feel as though they've upped their game in the makeup remover department. This product comes in a plastic bottle which means it's perfect for leaving in your bathroom or taking with you on holiday. For 200ml of solution, this product costs £4.99 but it often on offer for considerably less so keep your eyes peeled for offers! 

For those people wondering whether or not they should try this or Bioderma, I'd have to say to go for this offering from L'Oreal. Bioderma is at least triple the price of this and I really disliked it - it didn't live up to the hype at all. Whereas Bioderma aggravated my skin and caused it to break out, this does nothing of the type. My skin really likes this Micellar solution and I'm glad I took the plunge and decided to try it. When you apply it to your face, I feel as though it cools the skin and leaves it feeling soothed and refreshed; it's just like applying some water to your face. 

On average, I find that this 200ml bottle lasts me between 4 and 6 weeks which is amazing considering I usually use it twice a day; you don't need a lot. If you're wondering whether to try a product such as this one, I would say go for it! Although skincare is an incredibly subjective thing, if you prefer to remove your daily makeup with wipes I'd advise you to ditch them and use this - it's just as quick but I guarantee you, you'll see far better results!

Have you tried this Micellar Solution? What do you think of it?
I will definitely continue to repurchase this - I love it. 

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Monday, 20 January 2014

L'Oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

The beauty market seems to be inundated with eye makeup remover. This product comes in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a liquid/water, gel, milk, cream solution or even a packet of eye makeup remover wipes, there are tonnes of offerings from every brand you can think of. I often find that there are so many varieties and brands available to us it's hard to know where to start.

A while ago, I was in Boots looking for some L'Oreal Micellar water and this is when I noticed their eye makeup remover. Not only did the £1.99 (it was on offer) price tag appeal to me, the fact that is was a gentle remover was a huge bonus. I have very sensitive skin and I often find that eye makeup removers aggravate the outer corners of my eye as this is where my skin is extremely sensitive. 

awful photo - no natural light!

As well as being enriched with a Pro-Vitamin formula, this eye makeup remover is suitable for those who wear contact lens's and those with sensitive eyes. Although this is a gentle formula, it is fantastic at removing eye makeup. When I'm only wearing a light coat of mascara and nothing else, I find that this product removes all traces with a few wipes. On those days where I have opted for heavier eye makeup, I find it has removed all traces with the use of 1 or 2 cotton pads. It really is effective. 

Although this product has super simple packaging, I don't feel as though it looks cheap or tacky at all. The plastic bottle with the flip top lid is a great concept; the lid is secure so the product won't leak, the fact that it's made of plastic makes it perfect for travelling with (it won't smash everywhere and won't weigh too much in your case) and the lid provides easily application of the product onto a cotton pad with no waste. 

This product is colourless, odourless and is extremely affordable retailing at around £3.49 for 125ml. For the price, this is an amazing product and I would recommend it it for anyone - whether you're really into skincare or whether you're just testing the waters; this is wonderful. I find that this 125ml bottle lasts anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks and when you consider how little it cost it definitely will not break the bank. This is one L'Oreal product that should not be over looked. 

I love this stuff and I feel as though
L'Oreal have upped their game when it comes to their
makeup removal products. Have you tried this eye makeup remover?

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Witch Blemish Gel - Review

I have finally decided to admit defeat with the Origins Super Spot Remover. It turned out to be one of those products that cost a lot of money, claimed to do everything and did absolutely nothing. I found that when I first used it, it did help to reduce an angry breakout caused by Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish'. However, once the breakout calmed down it did nothing apart from burn a hole in my purse! Rather than splash out again on trying another expensive treatment, I thought I'd go into boots and pick up some old school skincare - Witch! This is one impulse purchase I'm glad I made...

Step forward Witch Blemish Gel, the bargainous £3.29 spot treatment that actually works. Unlike the Origins offering, this Witch gel doesn't cause the problematic area/spot to tingle because if does not contain Salysisic Acid. This gel claims to: dissolve excess oils, clear pores, deep cleanse and tackle breakouts. It is also oil free and has been dermatolically tested.

Witch say that the Blemish Gel treatment is suitable for all skin types but it is best suited to those who particularly have oily or combination skin. I have combination skin (I'm very sensitive and eczema prone with a slightly oily T Zone) and I can definitely say that this gel helps to absorb excess oil. I'm not overly oily but after applying a layer of this at night, I definitely feel a difference when I wake up the following morning. As with anything, those who have particularly sensitive skin need to be cautious when using something new. Spot treatments in particular can often be very harsh and aggravate sensitive skin but I'm pleased to report that after using this for a little under a month I am getting on great with it and my skin doesn't seem to be affected in any way which is great!

Witch advise that the gel is applied at night time just after you have washed your face. The gel works best on clean skin and that way it can get to work over night to help fight and reduce the look of spots. I definitely feel that this gel helps to reduce spots and I also think that it helps to prevent future breakouts which is amazing! Another plus about this Blemish Gel is that the gel is clear and absorbs into the skin quickly so you can apply this at night before bed or even apply some when you are having a makeup free day and no one will know!! It doesn't leave your skin feeling overly greasy and instead helps to balance the oils in your skin out.

This Blemish Gel is effective, won't break the bank, is kind to skin, is from a skincare brand that has been using Witch Hazel for over 40 years and is readily available in the UK. Sometimes spot treatments can smell really strong and harsh but this Blemish Gel doesn't really smell of much. There is a slight smell of Witch Hazel, because the product contains natural extracts of this but it isn't too offensive. I absolutely love this treatment so I will definitely be repurchasing some when this tube runs out and I'm also keen to try some more of Witch's products!

What do you think of Witch? Have you tried this Blemish Gel?

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What I got for Christmas 2013

I know that the majority of people don't get offended by this type of post but I still feel the need to begin with a little disclaimer. I would just like to say that by doing this post I am not bragging in anyway. Also I am in no way am I showing off or trying to be flashy with my Christmas gifts. I am ever thankful for my family and the lovely things they gifted me; I am over the moon with all of my presents. I actually did  a 'What I got for Christmas' in 2012 and that was really well received. I have had a few people ask me whether or not I will be doing one for 2013 and when I asked whether or not you wanted me to do one you said 'yes'.

I can't even apologise for this post being a 'little' late because it isn't - it's crazy late! Christmas was nearly 3 weeks ago and only now am I putting this post up. I'm a little late to the party! However, if you follow me on Twitter you're likely to know why this post is late. Over the Christmas period an extremely close family member passed away and now that I'm back at university I've had presentations and exams to revise and prepare for. Other things have had to take priority but still I hope you enjoy this post. Christmas posts are definitely my favourite; I love being nosey looking at what everyone else got for Christmas. 

Of course in typical Elysia fashion, I received a few bottles of perfume! Perfume in my house is a big thing - all of us love it. I know that some people consider perfume as being a little pointless and a waste of money but I think it's fabulous! Just as I did last year, I received some new UGG boots this year. Now I know that these are a total love it or hate it kind of shoe but I love them. Yes, they're probably the ugliest thing ever but they're just so god damn comfy! I also received some UGG slippers and wow they're so cosy - hello warm toasty feet! As well as receiving some random essential presents and some money, I also received some new beauty bits! The Urban Decay Naked 3 is beautiful and the pieces I received from the LancĂ´me Christmas collection are stunning. 

Anyway, enough of the rambling and onto the presents...


I received a few other bits and bobs but didn't manage to photograph everything.
I am exceptionally grateful for everything I received; I was truly spoilt this year. Although this
is a little late, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year -
lets hope that 2014 is an amazing year!

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Liz Earle Muslin Cloths - Review

I know, I know, I've been seriously MIA from blogging this for the past few weeks; sorry! With a university presentation and exam to prepare for as well as dealing with somewhat of a family crisis, my blog has unfortunately been put on the back burner. Don't worry though, although posts may be slow I'm not giving up or taking a break. Frequent posts shall resume shortly, I hope!
Anyway, before I get into the main content of this post I would like to wish all of my readers and social media followers a BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that you all had a great festive period and welcomed 2014 in with style. How did you celebrate? Despite living and studying in London, I opted to stay at home and welcome in the new year with my family. Given the bereavement we have all recently suffered, welcoming in 2014 brought mixed emotions: a sense of relief that this could be a 'new year, new start' and sadness that we will be facing this new year without someone who was an integral part of our family.

I'm sure you're all familiar with Liz Earle and as you know a muslin cloth comes as standard with many of their products. The brand first introduced the muslin cloth with their cult cleansing product 'Cleanse & Polish'. The concept of using the muslin cloth with this cream cleanser was that it would act as a hot cloth. The rich creamy cleanser would remove makeup and free the skin of any nasties whilst the hot muslin cloth would be used in circular motions to remove the cleanser/dirt - polishing the skin, during this process. 

It's fair to say that I own a few of these cloths and I use them all the time. To get the best results from them you need to make sure that they don't become too soft. The cloths are meant to be a little rough so that they remove and lightly exfoliate the skin but in no way at all are they scratchy or too abrasive. For hygiene reasons, I prefer ever use these cloths once. However, you are able to use them a few more times before washing them - maybe 4 maximum? If you use a cream cleanser morning and night, that's two days usage; I don't think that's too bad? 

These cloths are really well made, they last a good amount of time, they wash well and they effectively remove product and left over makeup from the skin. Not only can they be used to remove cream cleansers, they can also be used to remove face masks, face washes and gel cleansers. I don't know why, but I cannot put my face directly into water or under a shower so I use these to remove all of the above; I cannot splash product off my face, I panic and water goes up my nose and all over the bathroom - awkward!! 

You can either hand wash the cloths or pop them in the washing machine - it's completely up to you. I have washed them both ways and they have been absolutely fine. The only slight gripe I have with the muslin cloths is that because they're quite thin and white they stain easily! I have a few that have stained more than others and although they are perfectly clean the slight makeup stains could suggest otherwise! However, this isn't an issue because they are not overly expensive to replace and you can pick up a pack of 6 for just over £10.

I shall definitely continue to repurchase these as they're a staple in my skincare
routine - I don't know what I'd do without them!

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