Thursday, 30 January 2014

DHC Silky Cotton pads - Review

A few months ago, I was shopping in Topshop Oxford Circus and found myself a little too excited when I came across their Beauty Mart section. The first ever Beauty Mart (a selection of some of the best beauty products from around the world in one space) launched in Harvey Nichols London a little while ago but unfortunately the London store is located in Knightsbridge and isn't what you'd class as being particularly central! If you're in London and find yourself anywhere near Knightsbridge or the Topshop flagship, I recommend visiting the Beauty Mart - it's an amazing concept and because they stock awesome beauty products that otherwise aren't readily available in the UK; you know you're going to find something wonderful. Plus students can get 10% off with their student card which make it even more appealing!

DHC is a Japanese beauty brand and although they have a website for UK residents I have never seen any of their stuff in a shop here. The box of pads costs £4.50 and includes 80 so they're considerably more expensive than the average cotton pad but still they won't break the bank. These cotton pads have an outer layer of fine silk and therefore they feel super super soft. They're also a little more hefty and well made than the standard cotton wool pad so this means that they are perfect for using with liquid products - eye makeup remover, milk cleansers, toners, micellar waters and even nail varnish remover. Due to being thicker, they don't disintegrate when being used which means that you don't actually need to use as many which in turn saves money and probably justifies why they have a slightly higher price tag. They are amazing!

I absolutely love these Silky Cotton pads and they have become a staple in my beauty stash. They are an amazing addition to your skincare routine and make using a liquid product so much easier. They are very soft, don't drag along your skin and hold liquid well. On the back of the cotton pad there is a also a little pocket that you can put your fingers inside and this is really useful. One big plus point when it comes to these pads is that they don't feel like cotton wool traditionally does. Instead, they're smooth and squeak free. You know when you squeeze a cotton wool ball and it makes that noise and the texture of it is just awful? THAT! I have issues with cotton wool, it goes right through me; like nails down a blackboard!

Would you ever consider trying a slightly more luxurious cotton pad?

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  1. I switched to more luxurious cotton pads last year. I use the Shiseido Facial cottons and I love them! They are pretty pricey at around $9.50 but they are so worth it.

  2. I am so glad that you commented on my blog saying that you use these cotton pads! I remember watching a YouTube video and someone was talking about them but I haven't been able to remember the name of the cotton pads or find the video again - it was so long ago! I shall definitely check these out when I'm by a Shisedo counter; thank you! xx