Saturday, 1 February 2014

Marc Jacobs Sale Essentials

If there is one brand that consistently produces high quality and pretty gadget cases, it's Marc a Jacobs. Every season when they release their new offerings, I find myself wanting quite a bit of their stuff. Although Marc Jacobs produce phone/laptop/iPad cases aren't the cheapest ones on the market, I definitely think they're the nicest and of the best quality.

Given my love of the vast array of cases they offer for the various technology we find ourselves lugging around with us every day, you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across these amazing sale finds. I snapped them up quicker than you could say 'SALE'!

I came across this iPad case in Selfridges when I was in there searching for something completely different. That's so typical of me, going in for one thing and coming out with something else that's completely unassociated. I have wanted one of these iPad cases for such a long time but have never actually bought one. I would always go to the Marc Jacobs section, umm and ahh over it and leave empty handed. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't justify paying £50 for it? When I noticed this bright pink star embossed case, I snapped it up. At £25 this was half price and I definitely wasn't going to leave it behind. Are wanting one for all this time, I finally have one and I couldn't be happier. This iPad case is made of thick neoprene and looks effortlessly cool whilst protecting what is probably my must have games/blogging gadget. I may even have picked up a few more of these from the Harvey Nichols as presents for some people, but shhh it's a surprise! 

I already have one Marc Jacobs phone case so when I received an email from Harvey Nichols saying that all of their sale items were now at their final reduction, I couldn't resist having another look at their technology section. I noticed that the Marc Jacobs phone cases had been slashed down to 70% off. Was I going to pass up on that opportunity? Like hell I was!

I have wanted one of the animal cases for such a long time but have never found one in store and they've always been out of stock online when I have been looking. I was going to add this Owl case to my basket a few days earlier but I'm so glad that I waited. This case is super cute, is made from a really thick material and only cost me £14! I think this is an absolute steal, considering that this case usually retails for £45.
To be honest, it was the price and the colour that made me add this final case to my bag more than anything. I wasn't so sure about it and when I googled it I was still undecided. However, it was reduced from £30 to only £9 and at that price was definitely too good to resist! I'm glad I did take the risk and buy this because I really like it now. It looks great on my white iPhone.

I have never really been a big sale shopper and usually just find myself browsing them online. 
However, after getting £125 worth of cases for only £48 I will definitely
be looking out for some more super bargains next time!

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