Friday, 17 January 2014

Witch Blemish Gel - Review

I have finally decided to admit defeat with the Origins Super Spot Remover. It turned out to be one of those products that cost a lot of money, claimed to do everything and did absolutely nothing. I found that when I first used it, it did help to reduce an angry breakout caused by Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish'. However, once the breakout calmed down it did nothing apart from burn a hole in my purse! Rather than splash out again on trying another expensive treatment, I thought I'd go into boots and pick up some old school skincare - Witch! This is one impulse purchase I'm glad I made...

Step forward Witch Blemish Gel, the bargainous £3.29 spot treatment that actually works. Unlike the Origins offering, this Witch gel doesn't cause the problematic area/spot to tingle because if does not contain Salysisic Acid. This gel claims to: dissolve excess oils, clear pores, deep cleanse and tackle breakouts. It is also oil free and has been dermatolically tested.

Witch say that the Blemish Gel treatment is suitable for all skin types but it is best suited to those who particularly have oily or combination skin. I have combination skin (I'm very sensitive and eczema prone with a slightly oily T Zone) and I can definitely say that this gel helps to absorb excess oil. I'm not overly oily but after applying a layer of this at night, I definitely feel a difference when I wake up the following morning. As with anything, those who have particularly sensitive skin need to be cautious when using something new. Spot treatments in particular can often be very harsh and aggravate sensitive skin but I'm pleased to report that after using this for a little under a month I am getting on great with it and my skin doesn't seem to be affected in any way which is great!

Witch advise that the gel is applied at night time just after you have washed your face. The gel works best on clean skin and that way it can get to work over night to help fight and reduce the look of spots. I definitely feel that this gel helps to reduce spots and I also think that it helps to prevent future breakouts which is amazing! Another plus about this Blemish Gel is that the gel is clear and absorbs into the skin quickly so you can apply this at night before bed or even apply some when you are having a makeup free day and no one will know!! It doesn't leave your skin feeling overly greasy and instead helps to balance the oils in your skin out.

This Blemish Gel is effective, won't break the bank, is kind to skin, is from a skincare brand that has been using Witch Hazel for over 40 years and is readily available in the UK. Sometimes spot treatments can smell really strong and harsh but this Blemish Gel doesn't really smell of much. There is a slight smell of Witch Hazel, because the product contains natural extracts of this but it isn't too offensive. I absolutely love this treatment so I will definitely be repurchasing some when this tube runs out and I'm also keen to try some more of Witch's products!

What do you think of Witch? Have you tried this Blemish Gel?

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  1. Replies
    1. It's great! Effective and cheap - what more could you ask for! xx

  2. I recently bought the Origins Super Spot Remover and although so far I've had success with my spot that popped up on my shoulder the couple on my face I've tried it on it hasn't really done anything. I'll keep on trying with it (as it cost me a small fortune!) and hopefully they'll be a few more successes. I haven't tried anything by Witch for years!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I was exactly the same. I felt as though it worked a treat at first but after a while it just didn't do anything. It's as though this treatment is suited to particularly nasty spots and then once the spot has calmed down this isn't as effective! I hadn't tried anything from Witch before using this but I am so glad I picked it up. You can't beat it, for £3 something xx

  3. Hi, i just bought this product and i'm just wondering, do you moisturise after you apply it?

    1. Usually I do my cleansing, moisturise, leave the moisturiser to sink into my skin for a while and them apply a layer of this. I also like to sometimes just apply a liberal layer before goi to bed and then it can work it's magic over night :) I hope this helped xx