Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Body Shop 'Pink Grapefruit' Hand Gel

Today's post is probably going to seem a little bit random but I really want to share this hand gel with you all because it is amazing. I probably like hand gel a little too much. For example, I didn't actually need onto buy this one (nor did I need to buy the other one that I bought at the same time) but because it was hand gel that smelt nice I couldn't resist. However, no matter how many hand gels I buy I always use them; they're an essential.

The thing that attracted me to this particular gel was its smell. Usually hand gels either smell really alcoholic or the scented ones can smell a little off - either nothing like what they're supposed to or are way too over powering! This gel has a 'Pink Grapefruit' scent and it smells amazing!

This hand gel is perfect for your handbag. Although this 60ml bottle looks relatively small, I have found that it actually lasts a long time. A little really does go a long way. As for the Pink Grapefruit, well just like I said earlier it smells amazing. The gel in general doesn't smell really alcoholic and when it's rubbed into your hands the aroma really comes alive. One of my pet hates is having sticky hands and what makes me happy about this hand gel is that unlike may that are sticky this one is not! I find it makes my hands feel really soft and they smell of Grapefruit for a good time after application (depending upon what you're doing).

Something that I had to Google when it came to this hand gel was the fact that it obtains no Triclosan. I will admit it, I had no idea what this was. However, I have no learned that this is an antibacterial and anti fungal agent that is commonly used in antibacterial products. There are some fears that this chemical does in fact do more harm than good but it seems that this product is causing much more concern in the USA. Anyway, regardless of what this chemical is, it isn't in this hand gel so there is no need to panic!

If you love zesty fresh smells and are looking for a new hand gel to go in your handbag or school bag, I definitely recommend this one! It's long lasting, doesn't dry the hands out, smells wonderful, kind to the skin and can be picked up for as little as £2.50 but if you buy this when The Body Shop have one of their events it will be considerably less! I picked this one up during their 50% off day in December so this only cost me £1.25 - amazing!! I have since repurchased!

Have you tried one of The Body Shop's hand gels?

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Victoria's Secret - PINK Body Spray Set

Last weekend, I had one of my childhood best friends staying with me in London for what has become our annual shopping trip. Girls love shopping so what better than lots of amazing food, girly catch ups and spending money on Oxford Street?! The weekend was amazing, if not a little eventful. On the way back to my place, we seemed to find our self in the middle of what we both thought was an extremely angry storm: lightening, wind so strong it nearly knocked you off of your feet and rain like you have never seen before. We ran less than 50 metered and looked like drowned rats! With such weather conditions, I think we both suspected that something wasn't quite right. On Sunday evening we discovered that what we found ourselves caught in the middle was likely to have been a result of the extreme weather that hit London and some of the surrounding areas. A few miles away, there was a Tornado - neither of us expected that!!
Although neither of us went as crazy with the shopping as we usually do (we both view this as being a sign of us growing up and don't like it much - ha!), we both picked up some really nice things. I'm happy with the stuff I bought, I think I made some good decisions and retrained myself to only buying what I actually needed and a few little treats. I could have gone crazy, the temptation was there, trust me! However, with my 21st birthday coming up in just under three weeks, it's probably a good thing that I didn't buy everything under the sun.

If you know me, you're likely to know that one of my many weaknesses in life is perfume. I love it and Victoria's Secret PINK body sprays are so exception. They all smell absolutely amazing and the fact that they're two for £18 or three for £25 doesn't help. When they're priced at £15 each, this offer only makes them more appealing!! When we finally reached Victoria's Secret, it was around 3:30PM and it was crazy in there. Note to self: try and avoid Victoria's Secret late on a Saturday afternoon! 

I was taking a look at the PINK smelly section and noticed that there were some new body sprays that I did not own. Yes, I own them all! I couldn't decide which ones I wanted no was having a hard time choosing because I was torn between a few of them. Luckily I noticed this set of four sprays and I instantly picked it up!

This set was priced at £26 and includes four 75ml scents: Fresh & Clean, Total Flirt, Ready to Party and Warm & Cosy. They all smell absolutely amazing, are perfect for your handbag and come in such a nice box. The packaging makes me think of a summer sunset in Malibu and although it's a bit of cardboard - it's super cute.

All of these body sprays smell gorgeous and in general the PINK body spray range has fairly good longevity scent wise. Sometimes I prefer to use one of these body sprays, instead of using up perfume, on a day where I'm doing nothing much at all. If you know someone who has a birthday coming up soon and they're a fairly girly and into smelling sweet, fresh and warm fragrances; this gift set would make them very happy! I know I'd be over the moon to receive something like this.

Have you ever tried the PINK body sprays? If so, which is your favourite?

Monday, 10 February 2014

New Product Alert - L'Oreal Fibrology

If you suffer from limp and lifeless hair that needs an bit of added oomph or want to add a little extra thickness to your long locks, I'm sure that L'Oreal's latest hair offering is going to excite you! Whenever something claims to thicken, strengthen or make my hair grow; I'm all over it. When I was a lot younger, used to have crazy thick hair. I'm talking so thick my hairdresser (who at the time was a poor trainee and was always given the task or managing my mane) used to spend a good hour trying to blow dry it ready for cutting and straightening. However, as I've got older my hair has definitely thinned down. I'm not talking thinning hair in bad way but by way of natural changes, my hair is no where near as thick as it used to be. My hair isn't what most would describe as being 'thin' but a little extra thickness and volume didn't hurt anyone did it?

L'Oreal Fibrology is the product of 17 years of research and 8 years of testing (according to the official L'Oreal website) so this product has been in the pipeline for a long time! Queue the science-y bit, throughout all their years of research, L'Oreal have been working with the specifically formulated Filloxane Molecule. Filloxane is designed to thicken the hair and L'Oreal claim that after just one wash (using the shampoo, conditioner and other products in the range) you will be able to see a visible difference in the hair. Whilst other thickening treatments just coat the hair in a layer of whatever (often just leaving hair feeling heavy and weighed down - not thicker), this product actually penetrates the individual hair fibre and thickens them this way. The awesome thing about L'Oreal Fibrology is that after 8 consecutive uses of the shampoo and conditioner, the Filloxane remains in the hair fibre for the next 10 washes; regardless of what shampoo you use.

Within the Fibrology range, there are 5 products:

- L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo
- L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Conditioner
- L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Masque
- L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickness Booser (designed to be mixed with conditioner or hair masque and contains the highest concentration of Filloxane within the whole Fibrology range) 
- L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickness Creation Double Serum

I think it's safe to say that this new range of hair goodies sounds amazing and given the fact that the products start from as little as £2.99 L'Oreal have provided us with an effective thickening hair care range that is suitable for everyone's budget. I have very high hopes for this range and if it's as good as their Triple Resist range I will be a very happy girl.

The L'Oreal Fibrology range is currently on a 3 for £10 offer in Boots stores - 
this offer includes everything pictured above and the small shampoo/conditioners
which are not pictured. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hair Care Haul

If there is one thing that I have been pampering lately, it's my hair. In fact, I'm very into my hair routine and I am probably what some people would describe as being 'intense' with it. I sounds a little OTT to say that you have a very strict hair care routine doesn't it? I have my reasons.

Every year when it, my hair goes through a phase where it drops more than it would throughout the rest if the year. It's always around Christmas time and I know that this isn't an uncommon thing; it's a well documented thing that hair is more prone to dropping in the winter. However, something extremely sad happened over the Christmas period and despite not feeling stressed in a way that I could recognise myself it was evident that something was going on; internally.

Now without droning on about something that doesn't even relate to this haul at all; stress does affect your hair quite significantly. Talk about stating the obvious - but if you didn't know or have ever experienced any hair issues you probably won't know. Recently I have picked up some amazing hair products that are all designed to pamper and leave the hair feeling soft, bouncy and most importantly looking happy and healthy.

The L'Oreal Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner are an absolute god send and are staples in my hair care routine. Whilst there are more products in the Triple Resist range, I only picked up the essentials because they were all I needed. This whole range is designed to help strengthen and reinforce the hair fibre helping it to drop less. The 400ml shampoo and conditioner is currently on offer in Boots at 1/2 price and if you have hair that falls out a lot you need this; trust me!

The Ojon Damage Reverse Thickening shampoo was a bit of a naughty splurge. For me, having a
nice pamper session for my hair cheers me up and this is what inspired this purchase. I have wanted to try Ojon for a while and was mainly drawn to the thickening shampoo because it contains no
Sulphates. This shampoo smells amazing and is perfect for that at home just been to the salon feeling.

Last but not least, we have the infamous Moroccan Oil. This is a product that I have previously purchased in a small 25ml bottle (here) and vowed to repurchase in full size as soon as it ran out. Whilst browsing the typical beauty sites, I came across this large bottle. It's a 100ml bottle with 25% extra free and is basically a 125ml bottle for exactly the same price as a 100ml one. I bought it immediately. I wasn't going it leave it because this stuff is like good dust. Plus this bottle will last me ages because it has a pump.

A pretty long and explanatory haul post but I always find these kind of 
posts of interesting so I hope you did too! 

Monday, 3 February 2014

BLOG SALE - Liz Earle, Ted Baker, Katy Perry & Lady Gaga

A blog sale is something I have never done before so I have no idea whether or not this is even going to be successful. The reason I have decided to hold this small blog sale is because I have a number of products that have just been shoved to the back of my cupboards and haven't been getting any love what so ever. A lot of these products are brand new and therefore have never ever been used! I couldn't help that is was such a shame to have them stashed away when I know a lot of people out there would love them - especially the Liz Earle stuff!

I know that I don't need to include a disclaimer as this is just a small and simple blog sale but I would like to make it clear that none of the products are freebies. None of them are PR samples and nor are they unwanted presents. These products are all things that I have bought myself and either don't like anymore or simply cannot use.

Some simple steps:

- If you would like anything, please leave a comment down below stating what you would like and your email address.
- After commenting below, I will email you and provide with a full total and payment details.
- Unfortunately, I cannot accept any returns.
- Items will only be held for 24 hours and if payment isn't received within this time period, I will have to sell to another person.
- Purchases work on a first come first served basis. Please note, I do have to approve comments but I can see when they were posted; the first come first served basis shall be maintained. 
- Postage will be £2.50 and then an additional 30p per item. Postage will be via Royal Mails 2nd class service. I'm sorry postage is this amount, the Royal Mail service is extortionate now! 
- Please let me know if you would prefer 1st class or even recorded delivery and I can let you know how much postage will cost.
- If you live outside of the UK and would like something, please contact me (comment below, email or tweet me) and I can give you an estimation of how much the postage will be.
- Items are all sold as pictured. 
- If you have any questions about a specific item, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions.

- 100ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish RRP £14.75 - Never Used - £9.00

- 150ml Limited Editon Grapefruit & Patchouli Cleanse & Polish RRP £19.75 
(currently out of stock online) - Never Used - £12.00

- 30ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish RRP £5.50 - Never Used (bottom still sealed) - £2.50 EACH

- 50ml Liz Earle EyeBright Soothing Eye Lotion RRP £5.50 (currently out of stock online) - 
Never Used - £3.00 SOLD!!

- 50ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish RRP £8.50 for just this pump - Used around 4 times - £5.00 SOLD!!

- 50ml Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic RRP £5.50 - Used 3/4 full - £2.50 SOLD!!

- 150ml Ted Baker Origami Body Spray RRP £5.50 - Never Used - £2.50 EACH

- 75ml Katy Perry Killer Queen Body Lotion - Never Used - £3.00

- 75ml Katy Perry Killer Queen Shower Gel - Never Used - £3.00

- 200ml Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Shower Gel RRP £15.00 - Never Used - £5.00

Although this is only a small blog sale, I still hope that you found some bits you like beauty lovers! I have tried to show the RRP for everything but unfortunately couldn't find one anywhere for the Katy Perry body bits. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything. I have tried 
to price things as fairly as possible. Happy shopping!!
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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Marc Jacobs Sale Essentials

If there is one brand that consistently produces high quality and pretty gadget cases, it's Marc a Jacobs. Every season when they release their new offerings, I find myself wanting quite a bit of their stuff. Although Marc Jacobs produce phone/laptop/iPad cases aren't the cheapest ones on the market, I definitely think they're the nicest and of the best quality.

Given my love of the vast array of cases they offer for the various technology we find ourselves lugging around with us every day, you can imagine my joy when I stumbled across these amazing sale finds. I snapped them up quicker than you could say 'SALE'!

I came across this iPad case in Selfridges when I was in there searching for something completely different. That's so typical of me, going in for one thing and coming out with something else that's completely unassociated. I have wanted one of these iPad cases for such a long time but have never actually bought one. I would always go to the Marc Jacobs section, umm and ahh over it and leave empty handed. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't justify paying £50 for it? When I noticed this bright pink star embossed case, I snapped it up. At £25 this was half price and I definitely wasn't going to leave it behind. Are wanting one for all this time, I finally have one and I couldn't be happier. This iPad case is made of thick neoprene and looks effortlessly cool whilst protecting what is probably my must have games/blogging gadget. I may even have picked up a few more of these from the Harvey Nichols as presents for some people, but shhh it's a surprise! 

I already have one Marc Jacobs phone case so when I received an email from Harvey Nichols saying that all of their sale items were now at their final reduction, I couldn't resist having another look at their technology section. I noticed that the Marc Jacobs phone cases had been slashed down to 70% off. Was I going to pass up on that opportunity? Like hell I was!

I have wanted one of the animal cases for such a long time but have never found one in store and they've always been out of stock online when I have been looking. I was going to add this Owl case to my basket a few days earlier but I'm so glad that I waited. This case is super cute, is made from a really thick material and only cost me £14! I think this is an absolute steal, considering that this case usually retails for £45.
To be honest, it was the price and the colour that made me add this final case to my bag more than anything. I wasn't so sure about it and when I googled it I was still undecided. However, it was reduced from £30 to only £9 and at that price was definitely too good to resist! I'm glad I did take the risk and buy this because I really like it now. It looks great on my white iPhone.

I have never really been a big sale shopper and usually just find myself browsing them online. 
However, after getting £125 worth of cases for only £48 I will definitely
be looking out for some more super bargains next time!

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