Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Body Shop 'Pink Grapefruit' Hand Gel

Today's post is probably going to seem a little bit random but I really want to share this hand gel with you all because it is amazing. I probably like hand gel a little too much. For example, I didn't actually need onto buy this one (nor did I need to buy the other one that I bought at the same time) but because it was hand gel that smelt nice I couldn't resist. However, no matter how many hand gels I buy I always use them; they're an essential.

The thing that attracted me to this particular gel was its smell. Usually hand gels either smell really alcoholic or the scented ones can smell a little off - either nothing like what they're supposed to or are way too over powering! This gel has a 'Pink Grapefruit' scent and it smells amazing!

This hand gel is perfect for your handbag. Although this 60ml bottle looks relatively small, I have found that it actually lasts a long time. A little really does go a long way. As for the Pink Grapefruit, well just like I said earlier it smells amazing. The gel in general doesn't smell really alcoholic and when it's rubbed into your hands the aroma really comes alive. One of my pet hates is having sticky hands and what makes me happy about this hand gel is that unlike may that are sticky this one is not! I find it makes my hands feel really soft and they smell of Grapefruit for a good time after application (depending upon what you're doing).

Something that I had to Google when it came to this hand gel was the fact that it obtains no Triclosan. I will admit it, I had no idea what this was. However, I have no learned that this is an antibacterial and anti fungal agent that is commonly used in antibacterial products. There are some fears that this chemical does in fact do more harm than good but it seems that this product is causing much more concern in the USA. Anyway, regardless of what this chemical is, it isn't in this hand gel so there is no need to panic!

If you love zesty fresh smells and are looking for a new hand gel to go in your handbag or school bag, I definitely recommend this one! It's long lasting, doesn't dry the hands out, smells wonderful, kind to the skin and can be picked up for as little as £2.50 but if you buy this when The Body Shop have one of their events it will be considerably less! I picked this one up during their 50% off day in December so this only cost me £1.25 - amazing!! I have since repurchased!

Have you tried one of The Body Shop's hand gels?

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  1. Hmm, sounds lovely - just my type of fragrance so I'll probably be picking one up next time I'm in town :-)
    Mel xx

  2. I didn't actually know The Body Shop did hand gels...I know where I am off to at the weekend!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. I love The Body Shop gels!
    My fave is the Sweet Lemon :)