Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Victoria's Secret - PINK Body Spray Set

Last weekend, I had one of my childhood best friends staying with me in London for what has become our annual shopping trip. Girls love shopping so what better than lots of amazing food, girly catch ups and spending money on Oxford Street?! The weekend was amazing, if not a little eventful. On the way back to my place, we seemed to find our self in the middle of what we both thought was an extremely angry storm: lightening, wind so strong it nearly knocked you off of your feet and rain like you have never seen before. We ran less than 50 metered and looked like drowned rats! With such weather conditions, I think we both suspected that something wasn't quite right. On Sunday evening we discovered that what we found ourselves caught in the middle was likely to have been a result of the extreme weather that hit London and some of the surrounding areas. A few miles away, there was a Tornado - neither of us expected that!!
Although neither of us went as crazy with the shopping as we usually do (we both view this as being a sign of us growing up and don't like it much - ha!), we both picked up some really nice things. I'm happy with the stuff I bought, I think I made some good decisions and retrained myself to only buying what I actually needed and a few little treats. I could have gone crazy, the temptation was there, trust me! However, with my 21st birthday coming up in just under three weeks, it's probably a good thing that I didn't buy everything under the sun.

If you know me, you're likely to know that one of my many weaknesses in life is perfume. I love it and Victoria's Secret PINK body sprays are so exception. They all smell absolutely amazing and the fact that they're two for £18 or three for £25 doesn't help. When they're priced at £15 each, this offer only makes them more appealing!! When we finally reached Victoria's Secret, it was around 3:30PM and it was crazy in there. Note to self: try and avoid Victoria's Secret late on a Saturday afternoon! 

I was taking a look at the PINK smelly section and noticed that there were some new body sprays that I did not own. Yes, I own them all! I couldn't decide which ones I wanted no was having a hard time choosing because I was torn between a few of them. Luckily I noticed this set of four sprays and I instantly picked it up!

This set was priced at £26 and includes four 75ml scents: Fresh & Clean, Total Flirt, Ready to Party and Warm & Cosy. They all smell absolutely amazing, are perfect for your handbag and come in such a nice box. The packaging makes me think of a summer sunset in Malibu and although it's a bit of cardboard - it's super cute.

All of these body sprays smell gorgeous and in general the PINK body spray range has fairly good longevity scent wise. Sometimes I prefer to use one of these body sprays, instead of using up perfume, on a day where I'm doing nothing much at all. If you know someone who has a birthday coming up soon and they're a fairly girly and into smelling sweet, fresh and warm fragrances; this gift set would make them very happy! I know I'd be over the moon to receive something like this.

Have you ever tried the PINK body sprays? If so, which is your favourite?


  1. I have heard so many good things about the VS body mists etc but I have never actually smelt them for myself! Need to get myself to my nearest store in Leeds and smell them, no doubt that will be bad for my bank balance :(
    Becka | This Is My World

  2. I have never tried VS body sprays but now I think I might take a look at them! As you said, they seem like a great option for when you want to smell nice on a chill day xo