Friday, 21 March 2014 - French Pharmacy Savings!

It feels like I haven't blogged in a really long time (and that's probably because I haven't) but don't worry I plan to resume my normal blogging schedule as soon as possible. It's around this time of year where blogging kind of takes a back seat. Not because I want it to but because it has to. University deadlines are due and the exam season is fast approaching (my main exam season is in May, for those of you who are wondering but I do have two in mid April!!) so blogging has to take place when I have a spare moment; something I tried to do the other day but Blogger wouldn't work so that failed.

Plus this weekend I am having a girls weekend in London with two of my childhood friends; one of which I haven't seen for a while. I know it shouldn't and a friendship should never have to require effort (they should be effortless) but when you have friends all over the country studying all different subjects and you're all working on different timetables and term dates - it's hard! I'm really looking forward to it and just hanging out with them again so apologies if this post is seeming to be a little rushed - it kind of is! I have to re straighten my hair, do my makeup, take a #nomakeupselfie for Cancer Research as I have been nominated (thanks girls!!) and then get to the station! This is one major case of #girlproblems! Oh and for those thinking 'but I thought she lived in London?', you're correct - I do. I'm just having fun playing tourist for the weekend because there's so much to see and do down here you can never get bored; even if you have lived here for 3 years! 

So anyway as a little, 'I'm sorry' for not being around much lately, I'm going to let you all know about an amazing beauty offer that is currently taking place over on I believe that this offer has been on for a little while now so I am somewhat late to the party (but even if you do show up late, you still actually showed up - right!?) but I still thought I would let you all know because there might be someone out there who like me didn't know this was taking place.

Basically, are holding a 1/3 off of French Pharmacy skin care brands offer. La Roche-Posay? Yes. Caudalie? Yes. Avene? Yes. Nuxe? Yes. Vichy? Yes.... You catch my drift, the awesome brands are included! I was over the moon when I noticed this offer was on because I have wanted to try everything that I bought for a long time now. I mean Effaclar Duo+ for just over £10 instead of being £15 something - hell yes!

If you haven't had a look on, I recommend you do because the French Pharmacy offer is really good and you do make a saving. Plus, if you're a fan of Bioderma (although it doesn't have 1/3 off), if you buy 1 250ml bottle for £9.99 you get another one free. That's 500ml of Bioderma for £9.99!! A pretty good deal right? You can all thank me later!! 

I look forward to reading all your blog posts about the French skincare goodies you picked up from
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