Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My New Venture - 'The No-Bump Bobble'

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram have probably seen myself and some other beauty bloggers talking about my new little online creative venture . I haven't really had the opportunity to explain everything this new venture entails so I thought that I would write this quick blog post to bring you all up to speed; let you know what's happening, provide you with some social media links and let you ask any questions you may have! If there are a lot of questions and people would like a little bit more of an explanation, I will quite happily provide a FAQ post. 

To explain my new venture in a nut shell, I am going to be offering Pick 'n' Mix hair bobbles that I have called 'The No-Bump Bobble'. Basically, for £3* (plus postage) you can get 5 kind to hair bobbles. That works out at just 60p per standard bobble! The best part is that you choose the colours YOU want; hence the Pick 'n' Mix element. These bobbles come in a vast variety of different colours, textures, patterns and designs so they are perfect for everyone. They look super cute in children's hair and the best thing is because they are snag free they will not pull at fine delicate hair!

Whether you use 'The No-Bump Bobble' for working out in the gym, for popping your long locks up into a sleek pony tail to get your hair out of your face or just to add a fun pop of colour to your hairstyle; you're going to love them. 'The No-Bump Bobble' uses no metal and is made of a fabric that holds the hair tight enough to maintain the style but in a way that does not suffocate or hold the hair too tight.

Every one of the bobbles is handmade by myself out of a stretchy good quality material that leaves virtually no bump in the hair and each order comes packaged in its own little organza pouch. It's all about attention to detail and packaging is no exception! We have tonnes of different fabric options available. For children we have; Minnie Mouse, One Direction, Princess, Stars and many other cute and colourful options. Then for adults and older teenagers we have; Neon fabrics, Summer Pastels, Glitter fabrics, Animal Prints and many other colour combinations!

If you're wondering where you can view what bobbles we have to offer, you can find them all on our website which is directly liked below. We have new stock arriving all of the time so don't worry if you're looking for a colour or pattern that isn't yet listed; I'm sure it will be available soon! The website is easy to use, calculates the cost of shipping (we can ship to anywhere within the EU, although the cost of postage is considerably more than it would be for UK shipping), enables you to buy as many bobbles as you want and has PayPal integration - supposedly one of the safest ways to shop on the internet!

* Please note, glitter bobbles incur an additional charge and are therefore not a part of the 5 for £3. 

Contact, Follow and Purchase 'The No-Bump Bobble':

- Website: The No-Bump Bobble Store
- Facebook: @The No-Bump Bobble
- Twitter: @NoBumpBobble
- Instagram: @nobumpbobble
- Email:

A big thank you to everyone who has given their support on my new venture
and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! They really
are a super useful hair accessory!

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