Friday, 30 May 2014

Beautiful Burberry

If you follow me on Instagram, you are likely to know that I seem to spend quite a bit of time in Covent Garden and that I really enjoy shopping there. The area is gorgeous and the shops are beautiful. In the main plaza area, there are Dior, Chanel and Burberry beauty stores right next door to one and other - what more could a beauty obsessive ask for?

The Burberry Beauty Box is absolutely gorgeous! The layout of the store is immaculate and it smells beautiful inside. Not only do they have a stunning store, they also sell wonderful beauty products, stock some accessories and have genuinely lovely staff. On numerous occasions, me and my friend have wandered into the store and have chatted to the girls as though they are friends. The conversation is always very pleasant, the staff are approachable, informative and will to provide any information about the products. Plus, their packaging is amazing!

I absolutely love Burberry makeup and picked up a new blusher and highlighting powder from the brand as some post exam treats. Whenever I feel stressed, shopping provides the perfect cure! The sales assistant who served me was kind enough to provide me with an exceptionally generous sample of their Brit Rhythm perfume and it smells amazing! She was also kind enough to package the two palettes in separate bags which I was very happy about because they are so pretty and I keep all of the designer ribbon I receive! Kind of sad, I know! 

One of the things that me and my friend both commented on was the impeccable service we receive every time we go to the Beauty Box. Shopping in the Burberry makeup store never feels as intimidating as it does when you enter somewhere such as MAC and the Burberry staff are so much nicer! The girl who served us also emailed us a little while after we left the store thanking us for shopping with them which was a very nice surprise. I have never had that before so kudos to you Burberry! 

If you are ever in Covent Garden and want to have a look at some of the Burberry makeup,
don't worry about shopping in a 'designer' makeup store! I recommend everyone to go!

Finally onto the final brand in this 'haul' series, Lancome! 

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Crazy at the Clinique Counter - Skincare

I had a little bit of a naughty moment at the Clinique counter in Selfridges and I am not even sorry! I had to go to Louis Vuitton in Selfridges to get something as a present for someone's birthday a few weeks ago and when they didn't have what I wanted I found myself wandering around my favourite department store having a look. I headed for the Clinique counter and the rest is history...

Clinique Take The Day Off £21.00 | Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel-Creme £32.00

I have heard a lot about the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm and I have always wanted to try an oily balm cleanser. I think like many people, I worried that putting oil on your skin would give the undesired effect of making your face turn into something that resembled a chip pan but I was far from wrong! I am so glad that I picked this up and despite it being widely reported that this product is like to gold dust to get hold of I managed to get the number of tubs that I needed. In fact, on the day that I went in Selfridges had 6 tubs in stock!!
In addition to picking up the Clinique cleanser, I spoke to the sales assistant and asked her about a moisturiser. I felt as though the Lancome Hydra Zen one that I was using just was not doing anything to help my skin. I had used this for a while and unfortunately it just seemed to stop working for me. My skincare needs had changed. I was suffering from a slightly oily t zone with an extremely dry nose - it was dry and flaky which just wasn't attractive. I was recommended the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief cream which made me happy because this is something my mum uses and I have always really loved the effects it gives when I have stolen some of hers! My skin was dehydrated and this moisturiser sorted it out within one night - it is amazing and I will continue to use it for sure! 

Contained within the free gift - Left: Facial Soap, Moisturiser, Foundation, Eye Cream & Mascara.
Selfridges free samples with 2 or more purchases: Chubby Stick Intense, Hand & Cuticle Cream and 2 brushes. 

The lady who served me we lovely and she was very helpful. When I went to the counter they were having one of the Clinique promotions and if you bought 3 things you got a little makeup bag with trial size skincare and makeup goodies inside. In addition to receiving this free gift, I also received some extras. One of Selfridges permanent offers is that when you buy 2 or more things from Clinique you qualify to receive 2 mini samples ranging from skincare, body care products and makeup.

As well as receiving the Bonus Time free gift and more of the free samples than I was entitled to (the lady who served me was very generous!), I was also invited to join the Clinique by invitation promotion that Selfridges hold. This is a rewards system and every time you buy something from a Clinique counter in Selfridges (the rewards card can be used in ANY of the Selfridges that are located within the UK - no where else!) you get a stamp. When you have collected 3 stamps you receive a Lash Essential set, at 5 stamps you receive a serum of your choice and at 7 stamps you receive a Luxury Clinique Iconic hamper that sounds absolutely awesome! The card lasts for 1 year and I know where I will be buying my Clinique from in the future...

I have been loving my new skincare goodies ... Onto Burberry next!

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Monday, 19 May 2014 - Ole Henriksen skincare

If you're familiar with the super hyped up beauty products that every beauty blogger either loves or has tried out, then I'm sure you will have heard of Ole Henriksen skincare - especially his makeup wipes! Now I know some people look upon face wipes as though they are the work of the devil but I for one quite enjoy using them. There is something about a makeup wipe that is extremely handy and useful for when you're, on the go, travelling or just want quick and easy makeup removal. I like to use a makeup wipe to remove my makeup before cleansing on those days where I can't be bothered faffing around with a Micellar water or doing a double cleanse.

I have heard a lot about the Ole Henriksen wipes so I have always harbored the intention of trying them out. The Truth To Go wipes are probably the ones that I have heard the most about because people such as FleurdeForce and TalkBeckyTalk are always saying how much they love them so I definitely wanted to try those ones in particular. When I was having a look on Look Fantastic, a while back, I noticed that they were having an Ole Henriksen promotion that consisted of a free gift when you purchased 2 or more items of his skincare. Of course, being the sucker that I am for a good beauty freebie I instantly started looking at his much coveted makeup wipes and what they could offer me and my skin. Did I really need them? Probably not but I got them anyway...

Ole Henriksen Truth To Go wipes 10 pack £6.00 | Ole Henriksen Makeup Removing wipes 25 pack £12.00 |
Ole Heriksen Oil-free Pore Refining wipes 25 pack £12.00 | Ole Henriksen Face Sponge 2 pack £3.00

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know about this makeup wipe splurge and would be forgiven for thinking I went a little bit crazy because quite frankly I did! To make the most of the buy 2 things and get a free gift offer, I placed 2 separate orders - something which I was quite proud of, a brief  moment of feeling like a genius and a super satisfied shopper! I purchased all 3 kinds of  the makeup wipes because I didn't know which one to go for. I liked the fact that there was one designed to remove makeup, one for helping pores and another that was gentle, moisturising and had anti ageing properties. 

The first order I placed was for the Makeup Removing and Truth To Go wipes and I received another packet of them free. It might seem silly spending money on something that I would have got free anyway but I bought them for someone and I couldn't knowingly give someone a freebie present! 
The second order I placed was for the Oil-free Pore Refining wipes and the Face Sponges. I thought I would try the oil free wipes and I knew that the face sponges would have come in super handy! The sponges remind me of super skinny Snack a Jacks because they're really flat but once they come into contact with water they puff up into a spongy sponge. I liked the the idea of using these with a face mask such as the Origins Clear Improvement one because that can sometimes be a little tricky. Again, because I had bought 2 things, I qualified for the free gift which meant I received another 10 pack of the Truth To Go wipes. 

I wouldn't normally spend an awful lot of money on face wipes because I love my Simple Kind to Skin ones but I fancied trying something new and I did get a really good deal on these. On top of receiving the 2 free packets of the Truth To Go wipes (which cost £6 each to buy), I also received 20% off both of my orders. Plus free delivery. 

I know that I will use all of these face wipes! The 2 free packets of the Truth To Go ones will be perfect for travelling with and I know that the person who receives the packet I bought  as a present will love them. As always I shall review off of these products on here in the near future and I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Up next: Feeling spendy at Clinique

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fragrance Direct - Beauty Bargains

Although I have been away from blogging for a while, I still haven't curbed my shopping habit. Therefore, the next few posts on this blog are going to be a series of 'hauls'. I'm not necessarily a fan of the word 'haul' but it seems that you cannot get away with not using it when you are a beauty blogger! I did consider doing one big post showing everything I have bought lately but because I have bought a number of things from different brands I thought that it would be quite cool to mix things up a bit and dedicate a post to each brand. I thought that this new style would be more interesting, quicker to read, informative and kind of like my 'top picks'.

First up, we have Fragrance Direct. What beauty lover doesn't know about this gem of a website! All your favorite beauty products in one place at bargain prices, sounds like heaven right?  I am forever browsing having a mooch at their latest offerings and my latest splurge left me feeling very happy!

Simple Kind to Eyes Makeup Corrector Pen £1.99 RRP £4.99 | Ciate Mini Mani Month £16.99 RRP £25.00 but sold for £49.99 originally | Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Nior EDP Roller Ball Duo 5ml £9.99 RRP £20.00 | Becca Double Ended Brush SOLD OUT | Becca Extra Small Polishing Brush 55 £4.99 RRP £21.50 

I love Fragrance Direct and I am so happy with the things I picked up! My favourite definitely has to be the Ciate Mini Mani Month I have always wanted one of the Ciate advert calendars but always wondered whether or not they would actually be worth the price. I can confirm that there are some absolutely lovely shades contained within this box and they're going to be perfect for the summer months and taking away on travels - all the bottles in the set are travel size apart from one full sized shade which is a Mini Mani Month exclusive! Considering these usually sell for £49.99 during the Christmas period, I think picking this up for £16.99 was an absolute bargain.

I also love the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy dual ended roller ball! For £9.99 I think this was an amazing find and I am debating whether or not to order another one for my handbag this summer as I have few things planned and this would be perfect for freshening up on the go. I love the original Viva La Juicy and have wanted to try the new Viva La Juicy Noir for a while now so when I found this online I just had to snap it up! 

The Becca Extra Small Polishing Brush looks as though it will be perfect for blending in concealer and the Simple pen is designed to remove makeup mistakes. It has a super fine point so I think this will be perfect for clearing up eye makeup mistakes! 

If you want any of these bargains - go and get them quick because I don't think they'll
be around for much longer! 

Next Up: LookFantastic Ole Henriksen ...
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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Where Have I Been & I'M BACK!

Hello everybody, hello Internet; I'm finally back, you're not seeing things, it is me!! It goes without saying that throughout the latter part of March, the whole of April and for the beginning of this month I have been rubbish  extremely flakey when it comes to blogging. Although I know I don't, I do feel as though I owe you an apology for not being around for way over a month. I have a lot of loyal readers and I really don't want to let any of you down.

Usually when I sit down to write a blog post, the words flow easily and I have a pretty good idea of what I want to say but today I'm finding it hard; not because I've lost my passion for writing but because I feel as though this post is going to be a little bit more personal...

The main cause of my blogging absence is that I just haven't been 'feeling it'. In December, right after I returned home for Christmas, my Great Auntie (who I called Auntie - so that's what I shall call her now) passed away. I don't want to divulge too much information for personal/family reasons but to say things have been hard is an understatement. Possibly the understatement of the century.

When you add university into the mix, it may become clear why I haven't been around. I'm that you're all aware of that fact that I am a student. I study law and it's hard. Really hard, in all aspects; work, intensity and pressure. I'm also a third year so everything is pretty crazy right now. Although I was silly enough to choose a 4 year course. WHY?! Basically throughout April and for a few days this month, I have been a slave to my studying; coursework, revision and exams. Instead of 'eat, sleep, rave, repeat', as the song goes (an awful song, by the way), for me it has been 'eat, study, stress, repeat'.

On a few occasions where I have had a few moments to myself, I have tried to sit down and blog but it just wasn't happening. When your mind is full of all sorts, it's hard to sit down and write something beauty related. What I wanted to say just wasn't coming out correctly, it was frustrating because blogging is a great passion of mine but I knew that my degree had to take priority!

I guess you could say that my absence from blogging has been a break that I have subconsciously taken. To be honest, I think this is the best thing that could happened. Looking back, it would either have been me writing awful reviews and features or not being around for a while and coming back with a vengeance and full of passion. Of course, the second option sounds much more appealing and this is what has happened! I am back, full of ideas and here to stay!

As well as being thankful for everyone else I have in my life at the moment, I would like to thank all of you who come here to read the Little Beauty Blogg for not deserting this page. To anyone that has been reading my blog whilst I have been away, may have been coming back to see if I have published a new post, has wished me well for my exams, spoken to my on Twitter or on any other social media you are awesome!

Here is a little hint of what is to come on my blog for the next few posts -

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PS. you have no idea how hard is to try and write a blog post whilst singing along to Eurovision and watching all of their crazy stage antics!!