Friday, 23 May 2014

Crazy at the Clinique Counter - Skincare

I had a little bit of a naughty moment at the Clinique counter in Selfridges and I am not even sorry! I had to go to Louis Vuitton in Selfridges to get something as a present for someone's birthday a few weeks ago and when they didn't have what I wanted I found myself wandering around my favourite department store having a look. I headed for the Clinique counter and the rest is history...

Clinique Take The Day Off £21.00 | Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Gel-Creme £32.00

I have heard a lot about the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm and I have always wanted to try an oily balm cleanser. I think like many people, I worried that putting oil on your skin would give the undesired effect of making your face turn into something that resembled a chip pan but I was far from wrong! I am so glad that I picked this up and despite it being widely reported that this product is like to gold dust to get hold of I managed to get the number of tubs that I needed. In fact, on the day that I went in Selfridges had 6 tubs in stock!!
In addition to picking up the Clinique cleanser, I spoke to the sales assistant and asked her about a moisturiser. I felt as though the Lancome Hydra Zen one that I was using just was not doing anything to help my skin. I had used this for a while and unfortunately it just seemed to stop working for me. My skincare needs had changed. I was suffering from a slightly oily t zone with an extremely dry nose - it was dry and flaky which just wasn't attractive. I was recommended the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief cream which made me happy because this is something my mum uses and I have always really loved the effects it gives when I have stolen some of hers! My skin was dehydrated and this moisturiser sorted it out within one night - it is amazing and I will continue to use it for sure! 

Contained within the free gift - Left: Facial Soap, Moisturiser, Foundation, Eye Cream & Mascara.
Selfridges free samples with 2 or more purchases: Chubby Stick Intense, Hand & Cuticle Cream and 2 brushes. 

The lady who served me we lovely and she was very helpful. When I went to the counter they were having one of the Clinique promotions and if you bought 3 things you got a little makeup bag with trial size skincare and makeup goodies inside. In addition to receiving this free gift, I also received some extras. One of Selfridges permanent offers is that when you buy 2 or more things from Clinique you qualify to receive 2 mini samples ranging from skincare, body care products and makeup.

As well as receiving the Bonus Time free gift and more of the free samples than I was entitled to (the lady who served me was very generous!), I was also invited to join the Clinique by invitation promotion that Selfridges hold. This is a rewards system and every time you buy something from a Clinique counter in Selfridges (the rewards card can be used in ANY of the Selfridges that are located within the UK - no where else!) you get a stamp. When you have collected 3 stamps you receive a Lash Essential set, at 5 stamps you receive a serum of your choice and at 7 stamps you receive a Luxury Clinique Iconic hamper that sounds absolutely awesome! The card lasts for 1 year and I know where I will be buying my Clinique from in the future...

I have been loving my new skincare goodies ... Onto Burberry next!

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  1. That a great free gift, I often pick up the no7 deals wen they do the free gift lol x