Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fragrance Direct - Beauty Bargains

Although I have been away from blogging for a while, I still haven't curbed my shopping habit. Therefore, the next few posts on this blog are going to be a series of 'hauls'. I'm not necessarily a fan of the word 'haul' but it seems that you cannot get away with not using it when you are a beauty blogger! I did consider doing one big post showing everything I have bought lately but because I have bought a number of things from different brands I thought that it would be quite cool to mix things up a bit and dedicate a post to each brand. I thought that this new style would be more interesting, quicker to read, informative and kind of like my 'top picks'.

First up, we have Fragrance Direct. What beauty lover doesn't know about this gem of a website! All your favorite beauty products in one place at bargain prices, sounds like heaven right?  I am forever browsing having a mooch at their latest offerings and my latest splurge left me feeling very happy!

Simple Kind to Eyes Makeup Corrector Pen £1.99 RRP £4.99 | Ciate Mini Mani Month £16.99 RRP £25.00 but sold for £49.99 originally | Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Nior EDP Roller Ball Duo 5ml £9.99 RRP £20.00 | Becca Double Ended Brush SOLD OUT | Becca Extra Small Polishing Brush 55 £4.99 RRP £21.50 

I love Fragrance Direct and I am so happy with the things I picked up! My favourite definitely has to be the Ciate Mini Mani Month I have always wanted one of the Ciate advert calendars but always wondered whether or not they would actually be worth the price. I can confirm that there are some absolutely lovely shades contained within this box and they're going to be perfect for the summer months and taking away on travels - all the bottles in the set are travel size apart from one full sized shade which is a Mini Mani Month exclusive! Considering these usually sell for £49.99 during the Christmas period, I think picking this up for £16.99 was an absolute bargain.

I also love the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy dual ended roller ball! For £9.99 I think this was an amazing find and I am debating whether or not to order another one for my handbag this summer as I have few things planned and this would be perfect for freshening up on the go. I love the original Viva La Juicy and have wanted to try the new Viva La Juicy Noir for a while now so when I found this online I just had to snap it up! 

The Becca Extra Small Polishing Brush looks as though it will be perfect for blending in concealer and the Simple pen is designed to remove makeup mistakes. It has a super fine point so I think this will be perfect for clearing up eye makeup mistakes! 

If you want any of these bargains - go and get them quick because I don't think they'll
be around for much longer! 

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