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If you're familiar with the super hyped up beauty products that every beauty blogger either loves or has tried out, then I'm sure you will have heard of Ole Henriksen skincare - especially his makeup wipes! Now I know some people look upon face wipes as though they are the work of the devil but I for one quite enjoy using them. There is something about a makeup wipe that is extremely handy and useful for when you're, on the go, travelling or just want quick and easy makeup removal. I like to use a makeup wipe to remove my makeup before cleansing on those days where I can't be bothered faffing around with a Micellar water or doing a double cleanse.

I have heard a lot about the Ole Henriksen wipes so I have always harbored the intention of trying them out. The Truth To Go wipes are probably the ones that I have heard the most about because people such as FleurdeForce and TalkBeckyTalk are always saying how much they love them so I definitely wanted to try those ones in particular. When I was having a look on Look Fantastic, a while back, I noticed that they were having an Ole Henriksen promotion that consisted of a free gift when you purchased 2 or more items of his skincare. Of course, being the sucker that I am for a good beauty freebie I instantly started looking at his much coveted makeup wipes and what they could offer me and my skin. Did I really need them? Probably not but I got them anyway...

Ole Henriksen Truth To Go wipes 10 pack £6.00 | Ole Henriksen Makeup Removing wipes 25 pack £12.00 |
Ole Heriksen Oil-free Pore Refining wipes 25 pack £12.00 | Ole Henriksen Face Sponge 2 pack £3.00

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know about this makeup wipe splurge and would be forgiven for thinking I went a little bit crazy because quite frankly I did! To make the most of the buy 2 things and get a free gift offer, I placed 2 separate orders - something which I was quite proud of, a brief  moment of feeling like a genius and a super satisfied shopper! I purchased all 3 kinds of  the makeup wipes because I didn't know which one to go for. I liked the fact that there was one designed to remove makeup, one for helping pores and another that was gentle, moisturising and had anti ageing properties. 

The first order I placed was for the Makeup Removing and Truth To Go wipes and I received another packet of them free. It might seem silly spending money on something that I would have got free anyway but I bought them for someone and I couldn't knowingly give someone a freebie present! 
The second order I placed was for the Oil-free Pore Refining wipes and the Face Sponges. I thought I would try the oil free wipes and I knew that the face sponges would have come in super handy! The sponges remind me of super skinny Snack a Jacks because they're really flat but once they come into contact with water they puff up into a spongy sponge. I liked the the idea of using these with a face mask such as the Origins Clear Improvement one because that can sometimes be a little tricky. Again, because I had bought 2 things, I qualified for the free gift which meant I received another 10 pack of the Truth To Go wipes. 

I wouldn't normally spend an awful lot of money on face wipes because I love my Simple Kind to Skin ones but I fancied trying something new and I did get a really good deal on these. On top of receiving the 2 free packets of the Truth To Go wipes (which cost £6 each to buy), I also received 20% off both of my orders. Plus free delivery. 

I know that I will use all of these face wipes! The 2 free packets of the Truth To Go ones will be perfect for travelling with and I know that the person who receives the packet I bought  as a present will love them. As always I shall review off of these products on here in the near future and I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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