Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lancome Splurge!

There is no better time to buy makeup than when a brand is offering a free gift with purchase and Lancome sure do know how to offer a wonderful freebie! I picked this little lot up around a month ago when I was home for a few days - I'm home from uni for summer now and it's AWESOME - I went into Debenhams to 'have a look', as I always do and ended up making a purchase. Aside from Superdrug and Boots, Debenhams is the only place to buy 'high end' makeup in my hometown so the range is somewhat sparse. Even in a town where makeup offerings are limited, it seems I can still scope something out!

The free gift I picked up was really good and in general I only ever buy Lancome when they are offering a GWP - the same now goes for Clinique - both brands, in my opinion offer the best freebies!  The one I received this time was worth over £96 and you qualified for it when you bought 2 or more items. With a third purchase, you received a free cleanser and toner but I was able to exercise some self control and resist. I really didn't need anything else they had to offer and the past 3 posts probably demonstrate this point perfectly!

Free Gift: 4ml La Vie Est Belle, Juicy Tube, Hydra Zen, Hydra Zen Nuit, 7ml Genefique, FULL size Bi Facial, Hypnose mascara and Blusher.
Powder Brush 01 £28.00 | Poudre Majure Excellence 01 £30.00

Since I got my Dior Birds of Paradise brush last year, I have used it every day and have been wanting to add another nice brush to my collection for a while. Before I went shopping I was doing my makeup and commented that I would like another one so when I noticed this Lancome one and fell in love with it I made the spur of the moment to buy it; especially when I found out how much it was! The price of this Lancome powder brush actually surprised me and my mum because it is a rather large brush, is made by Lancome and is also made of natural bristles. I was expecting it to be between £38 and £48, within the same price range as my Dior one! 
I picked up this face powder because I have used a Lancome one in the past and have been forever meaning to get another one but just haven't got round to doing so. I decided on this powder because the colour was perfect for me, the formula felt like applying silk onto your skin and it isn't to mattifying. The powder allows some natural dewiness to shine through and I thought this would be the perfect setting powder for my NARS Sheer Glow foundation. 

We are finally at the end of this series of mini 'hauls' and I have really enjoyed writing them in this way!
                  If you have enjoyed this new style, please let me know and I will write them in this way in future

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  1. Wow what luck you had! Really nice stuff you got! A bit jealous now ^^
    Have been thinking about testing out their products but have not had the courage to buy something because of their prices. Wondering about face powder can it be used on dry skin?
    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! :D You can check it out in my blog :)
    Z ♥