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PradaSphere at Harrods - May 2014

If you have read my last post or follow me on Instagram, I am sure that you're more than aware of the fact that I recently went to the PradaSphere exhibition that Harrods were having throughout May. The exhibition was absolutely stunning and gave a real insight into the brand not only in terms of the way the brand is created/owned and the ways in which they have helped evolve style over the years but there was also the opportunity to look at some stunning clothes, shoes and handbags. I know this this post is coming to you super late and I do apologise for this but I have been having a girly 2 weeks with my mum and auntie and we have been having so much fun flitting to and fro; I've seriously lost track of time! If you're interested and people want to see a post about the things I have bought or detailing the things we did and the fun we have been getting up to, I am happy to do that! We have just got back from a shopping trip to Manchester this evening and we so tired and currently waiting for our Pizza to be delivered - we literally did shop until we dropped! I know that I've kind of missed the boat with this post but for those who are interested here it is nonetheless...

The exhibition was free to attend and absolutely anybody was welcome to go. It wasn't an invitation only type of thing, it was free, I have no loyalties to Prada. I have already posted a lot of the pictures from the exhibition on my Instagram account and it seems that not everybody appreciated me doing so. I think people often get a bit huffy when someone posts something designer or designer related on their social media account. In no way shape of form does doing so make someone a bad person or a big head - yet I think that this is often the assumption people make. For example, I did not post the Prada pictures and I am not writing this blog post to brag - because what is there to brag about? It was a free exhibition - I am instead posting these pictures for fashion bloggers, fashion fans, Prada lovers or anybody else who may be reading this blog and wanted to attend the exhibition but was not able to get to London to see it.

The exhibition itself was absolutely stunning and comprised of miniature models of buildings, shoes, accessories, handbags, fashion and even cinema. I believe that all of the clothes displayed at the exhibition were designed by Prada exclusively for Harrods and were inspired by the brands collections from the past 100 years. The exhibition was named PradaSphere, was housed on the 4th floor of Harrods and included a cafe - the first ever Prada cafe! Unfortunately we didn't get to go in as it was very busy but it was extremely pretty inside. 

The exhibition was a mixture of glass cabinets housing beautiful pieces of clothing, handbags and shoes as well as an 'Observatory' where you could walk into and sit down to watch a short Prada film. The exhibition was also interactive and there were large Prada books you could look through with stunning fashion illustrations inside. I particularly liked the fact that the whole of the left hand side wall had been turned into a timeline of the brand and showed their past creations and advertising campaigns from the very beginning right up until the present day in 2014. 

You were free to take as many pictures as you wished and as well as being able to walk around the exhibition at your own leisure there were also staff on hand to give a guided your if you wished. They were all extremely polite and kindly provided me and my friend with a programme of the exhibition. The booklet is gorgeous and is something I shall keep forever - it really was a not to be missed event! 

Although there were many items on display, none of them were available to buy and instead it was just simply something to admire. One thing that I have to mention is the carpet - if any of you attended this event, did you comment on how amazing the carpet felt? I wish I could have asked them where they bought it and have some laid in my bedroom because it really was like walking on a cloud. The pile must have been so thick!! Okay so that was a little bit weird right? I bet you never thought you'd be reading my blog and me chatting about how amazing I thought a carpet was!

I apologise for how picture heavy this post was but as you can see the exhibition was gorgeous - too pretty to not photograph. Although the exhibition would have been extremely interesting for Prada enthusiasts, you didn't have to be into your designers to appreciate what was on show. If Harrods ever do something like this again, I will most definitely be attending!

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