Friday, 13 June 2014

Shopping at Harrods

I feel like this is a boring opening to a blog post and I know I always say 'before I get into things' but I just wanted to briefly apologise for the lack of blog posts that I have put up recently. For this past week, I have been away on a mini break with my mum and auntie so blogging hasn't been my main priority. I have had so much fun with them and it was great to escape for a few days...even if it was only to the UK where I live anyway! It's amazing how chipper and refreshed you can feel after going and staying in a different area for a while; the sunshine also made an appearance which was glorious as we were staying by the sea! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few photos that I have posted - there weren't many because I was relying on 3G and I wasn't getting the best reception so anything Internet related was quite difficult at times - but I am sure I will mention more about things as time goes on because we have a few more exciting things planned. I am going away shopping next week and I cannot wait!!

When you live in a small town and there are not many shops to choose from, moving to somewhere like London is a whole new world (in more ways than one!) - especially when you come from a family of women who love to shop and it would seem like you have the shopaholic gene running through your veins! Although I guess I shouldn't complain because I am going to be saving a hell of a lot of money haha!!

On the Friday before the last bank holiday weekend we had in May and me moving back home, I celebrated my friends early birthday with her by doing a bit of shopping on Oxford Street, in Louis Vuitton and Harrods. I will be the first person to admit that Harrods is not my favourite place on earth. In the designer sections - those glorious accessories and handbag halls you have to walk through to get into the building - I feel as though you're instantly judged by members of staff looking at you sussing you and your financial situation out as if to say 'can you afford to be here?'. No thank you; I much more prefer the friendlier more laid back ambiance that Selfridges has to offer but regardless of this I can never stop myself falling in love with and photographing just how beautiful Harrods is. 

I don't really know what kind of post this is, because it's not a 'haul'. I guess this is more of a lifestyle post letting you all know what I have been getting up to in my spare time and showing you a few photographs. Personally, I love posts like this because you get to see some lovely photographs of somewhere you may never have been before and of somewhere you cannot visit because you don't live there. If these type of posts are something you would like me to do more often, whenever I have been doing something interesting, then I am more than happy to do so. I seem to be forever documenting things, so if no one appreciates reading this at least when I look back over 2014 in the future I look back on the memories I made - bit of a soppy moment there Elysia?

Those two rings on the left - BEAUTIFUL!

He is so cute!

Delicious cakes - I definitely recommend buying a slice!

 Harrods all decked out in Prada. Even in the rain, this iconic
building looks stunning. 

Someone was a little bit naughty - although they were
presents for someone. 

How can a cake be so pretty?

One word - YUM!

Where is your favourite place to shop in London?

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