Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Body Shop 'Facial Brush'

Although I am into my skincare, a facial brush is something that I never really considered using. I always though that they would be too harsh and provide too much of an exfoliation for my extremely sensitive skin. To me, they looked like they were a disaster waiting to happen with only one outcome - a sore red face! I have to admit though that for the most part I was wrong. A facial brush can actually be a great companion to use alongside your favorite cleanser or face wash; especially if it is a foaming one.

I always find myself browsing The Body Shop website - but that's probably because they always email me with amazing money off codes and I can't resist having a look to see if anything takes my fancy - and on one occasion I found myself looking at and reading the reviews for a face brush. I resisted the urge of adding a load of stuff to my basket and making an online order and instead popped in store whilst out gallivanting (such a funny word isn't it!?). 

On average, this little face brush had a 5 star rating on The Body Shop website and the reviews that I looked at were all mainly positive. One of the things that I liked about this face brush was the fact that it has a lid. It's perfect for travelling with and for storing in your bathroom. The lid means that you can protect the brushes bristles from excess water and any other nasties that might be floating around in the air that could potentially irritate your skin - think the perfume from air fresheners!

Although the brush is much smaller than it looks on the website and considerably smaller than you imagine it to be, the size isn't really an issue. The fact that the brush is smaller means that it's great for travelling with and it's compact size means it's perfect for using around the nose and chin areas which are most the common areas for spots and blackheads. 

I found that this face brush worked really well with my Lancome foaming cleanser but unfortunately left my skin feeling really sensitive. I didn't use this brush in a heavy handed manner and instead lightly buffed it around my face using circular motions to work the cleanser into my skin. After using this brush, my skin felt amazing and very clean - although the Lancome cleanser is amazing anyway and leaves your skin feeling 'baby bum' soft and glowing - but the following evening my skin felt sore and I wasn't able to use the brush all over my face. I decided that I would only use this brush in the evening and I'm glad that I did because there is no way my face would have been able to handle this twice a day.To the touch, the bristles are not overly hard or scratchy and they have a nice amount of movement which means you can work with it easily around your face but unfortunately they just did not agree with my skin.

I bought my face brush for a little over £2 during one of The Body Shop's promotions but even at full price this will only cost you £4. If you have normal skin and are thinking of trying out a face brush, I definitely recommend giving this one a go! Not only does it work work a number of different products, this would also be amazing for people who suffer with black heads around their nose and chin because with this small brush you really can buff into small areas and give them a thorough clean.

Have you ever tried a face brush? Which is your favourite one? 


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  1. I did buy this several years ago and still have it but I think it's too harsh for sensitive skin. I attempted to use it once but it really didn't feel comfortable over my cheeks, where I'm most sensitive, so I stopped almost immediately. I'm not sure why I've still got it to be honest. I think if I wanted to use something like this I'd try the Soap & Glory version x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty