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Irresistible Me - Hair Extensions Review

Hair extensions are one of those things that people either love or they hate. You can look at someone wearing them and have virtually no idea that their super voluminous and perfectly styled hair has been achieved with the use of hair extensions or you can see clips galore, mismatched extensions and someone trying to use hair significantly longer than their own. I've always been afraid of the latter; the hair extension disaster!

Up until this summer I had never owned or even tried a set of hair extensions in my hair and to be completely honest I was absolutely clueless about colour matching. Getting a pair that matched perfectly with my natural hair colour was top of my priorities, as I have one of those funny shades of hair that has a few different undertones in different lights. Thankfully when it came to choosing my extensions off of the Irresistible Me website, there was an extremely helpful video showing the different colour options they have available and the difference between each of them.  

Irresistible Me* are an American hair extensions company that specialise in two different types of hair. Their 'Silky Touch' hair extensions are available in 13 different shades, comes in three different weight options and ranges in length from 14 to 24 inches. The 'Silky Touch' hair made from natural human Remy Hair and with prices starting at $69 this is Irresistible Me's more affordable range of hair extensions. 

The hair extensions that I chose were from the second range of hair extensions that the brand specialises in - 'Royal Remy Hair'. This range of hair extensions is Irresistible Me's 'premium' range of extensions and is again available in 13 different shades, comes with three different weight options and is ranges in length from 14 to 24 inches. In order to feel like European hair, the extensions in this range are of the highest quality and are made from 100% natural, extra soft and fine hair. These hair extensions are also the most versatile 'hair' offered by Irresistible Me as you can straighten, curl and even set these extensions in rollers. Starting at $129 and increasing upwards to $299 depending upon which length and weight you choose means they're pricier than the other range but this is definitely reflected in the quality! 

The way in which these hair extensions come packaged really impressed me. Their sleek black presentation box with silver writing embossed on the front was really stylish. The box is also nice and substantial as it even survived the postal journey from America to the UK - and we all know how little care couriers can take with our parcels! 

The hair extensions themselves come packaged in a long rectangular pouch that is divided into two sections. One of the sections contains most of the hair and the other section is a much smaller square and contains 2 wefts of hair. The great thing about this little right hand section is that Irresistible Me actually allow you to be able to check the length, weight and colour of the extensions against your own hair and as long as you have only opened this section (and not the larger one) you can send your them back if they're not suitable. When you are happy with your 'new hair' you can then open the larger section on the left. 

I opted to go for the colour 'Royal Medium Brown' #4 in 20 inches with 200g of hair in the Royal Remy Hair. I absolutely love my extensions and they are the perfect colour match for me. #4 Medium Brown is a mid tone brown shade and has slightly more of a red undertone to it when compared to 'Royal Chocolate Brown #2' which is a little darker. I was actually surprised how well the extensions matched with my natural hair as when they arrived I thought that they were possibly going to be a little off colour. However, the fact that I went for hair extensions that were only around 4 inches longer than my natural hair is when it is straight means that I was able to achieve a much more blended and natural look. My hair is long and of medium thickness but it is no where near as thick as it used to be so these extensions added so much more volume and 'oomph' to my hair. The volume and length they provide makes them are perfect for a night out, a special occasion or for when you need a little more hair in order to create a glamorous ponytail or a voluminous bun. They really are versatile, due to the type of hair they are made from. 

Although I have never tried hair extensions before, I did have a rough idea of how you apply them to your hair so I wasn't completely dumbfounded; although I was still a total novice. I have seen a few friends on Facebook over the years talking (or should I say moaning?) about hair extensions and the fact that the clips are either completely useless and just break or are not already attached to the extensions when you purchase them. However, I had no such issues with the Irresistible Me clips. The extensions come with the clips already attached to the wefts of hair and they are sewn on really well. Plus you also receive 3 spares in your box just in case you ever need them. The clips themselves snap close and are stiff in a way that enables them to be able to grip to your hair and hold the extension securely in place without being impossible to get out again. In order for the extensions to stay in my hair, I simply placed the extension where I wanted it, teased my hair a little bit with the clip and snapped it shut. Taking the extensions out was also super easy because the teeth of the clip are just like a comb so when they are undone/unpopped it just slides out of your hair. I have always been worried about hair extensions causing your own hair to fall out or pulling chunks of your own hair out when you remove them but thankfully I didn't experience this as these hair extensions are extremely good quality!

Due to choosing my hair extensions to be 20inches, I received 200g of hair which is a lot and extremely good value for money! Within my pack, I received 10 wefts of hair ranging in size and included a large 4 clip piece, two 3 clip pieces, five 2 clip pieces and two 1 clip pieces, The 4 piece clip is really thick and if you are using the hair extensions purely to add some thickness to your hair rather than length and have chosen a set that's virtually the same length as your natural hair; this piece on it's own would amazing results!

As you can see from my before (left) and after (right) pictures, the hair extensions look natural, match my hair perfectly and are adding a nice amount of length without looking too 'fake' and obvious. The hair extensions in the Royal Remy Hair range from Irresistible Me are amazing quality and I would definitely recommend them to someone who is either thinking about trying some hair extensions for the first time or for someone who is looking for a new pair; I couldn't be happier with mine. 
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