If you are a PR company or a brand who is looking to work with bloggers regarding products and features on this website, then I am available via the email address listed below to happily answer any questions that you may have. 

Contact email: littlebeautyblogg@live.co.uk


As of December 2013, any items or products that have been gifted to me in consideration for a review or feature on this blog will clearly be labelled with an asterix (*) at the bottom of the post. As applicable, the product will be labelled along with the name of the company/PR firm who provided the item. For example, '* c/o 'name of company/PR firm* in consideration for review' or quite simply 'PR Sample'.

I would just like to reassure my readers by stating that just because I have been gifted something this does not mean I will take a one sided view of it. No element of bias shall feature in any review and as always I shall remain true to my genuine opinion. I am a beauty blogger who honestly reviews and features beauty products in an informative manner. Additionally, I will not accept any gifted items that I feel are not appropriate or fitting to the content of my blog.

If you have any issues or questions regarding my disclaimer policy,
please feel free to contact me on the above email.   

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